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January 22, 2013

CES February 1st Full Fight Card

The title pretty much says it all but we just received the full fight card for the next CES show which is happening at the Twin River Casino on February 1st, 2013.  This card is stacked with top locals and really has several fights that can be fight of the night on them.  It is headlined by the title fight between Abner Lloveras against Mike Campbell.  This fight is going to worth the admission right there!  I am predicting a big stand up battle but we shall see.  The rest of the card is complete except for Brett Oteri's opponent is missing.  Come on fighters, someone fight Brett!  Poor guy can't catch a break.  Then there is Saul Almeida against Rob Font.  Tough fight for both opponents and Rob is stepping up once again for a tough challenge.  One other great battle I can't wait for is Andre Soukhamthath against Kurt Chase-Patrick.  KCP is as dangerous as they come on the ground and Andre is going to want to keep this standing in my opinion.  One last fight I want to mention which is going to be insane is Joe Pingitore againt Sergio Cabrera.  I see this fight being a stand up war!  Not a battle, a war and someone is getting knocked out! The rest of the card is found after the break.  Let us know what fight you are most excited about by writing us a friendly comment.

155lbs LWT Title Fight Mike Campbell (12-4 Triforce) vs. Abner Lloveras (15-6 Link)
145lbs Saul Almeida(12-3 Dragons Lair) vs. Rob Font (4-1 Sityodtong)
265lbs Pat Walsh (2-0 Wai Kru) vs. Nick Audett (1-0 Team Audett)
135lbs Andre Soukhamthath (3-1 Triforce) vs. Kurt Chase-Patrick (1-0 ATT CT)
145lbs Joe Pingitore (2-0 Rukus) vs. Sergio Cabrera (2-0 Wai Kru)
170lbs Eric Spicely (Pro Debut Burrill's BJJ) vs. Kemran Lachinov (Pro Debut Link)
170lbs Wilfredo Santiago ( 3-1 ATT) vs. Darius Heyliger (4-1 Bombsquad)
185lbs Bret Oteri (11-3 Connors MMA) vs. TBA
170lbs Toby Oden ( Pro Debut Rivera) vs. Joshua Key (4-8 Ind)
185lbs Adam Quitt (1-2 Asian American Arts) vs. Terell Clark (Pro Debut Dragon's Lair)

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