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January 23, 2013

'The DayWalker 'Peggy Morgan Gets Ready For Her CFA Debut

If you all haven't heard, Peggy Morgan has been busy getting ready for her upcoming fight in the Championship Fighting Alliance tournament in March.  For the new fans here who are not familiar with Peggy Morgan here is her fight history.  She trains with Triumph MMA in New Hampshire and had two amateur fights.  She first fought at Combat Zone against Fernanda Aurajo and won in Round 2 with an arm-bar.  She then fought for a title with CFX against Jenn Rivera where she won when Jenn couldn't answer the bell at the start of Round 3.  With the amateur opponents in New England being slim she went pro.  She had her first pro fight for Reality Fighting where she fought a very tough Kaline Medeiros who at the time was 1-2.  Peggy won that fight with a majority decision.  Reality and everybody else in attendance were impressed by Peggy's performance.  Now that you are all up to date, here is my latest interview with Miss Peggy Morgan!

Can you explain to our readers how this CFA fight came about??

I had already agreed to fight for Reality on January 5th when the deal with CFA came through. I was originally planning to do the Reality fight and then move on to CFA, but my opponent for the Reality card fell through. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it sounded as though she basically just fell off the map. I was a little bummed because I was looking forward to fighting in New England one more time before heading down to Miami, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Who will your next opponent be??

I’ve signed a five fight/two year contract with CFA. I’m also entered in a tournament for the CFA women’s featherweight title. It’s an eight woman tournament, and the first round will be on March 2nd in Miami. I am fighting Ashley Evans-Smith. She is 3-3 as an ammy and will be making her pro debut. She’s a strong wrestler and has good ground and pound. She’s 5’8”, so I have a significant height advantage. It should be a good fight.

Now that you are fighting in a tournament, do you continue training the way you have been or are you doing anything different??

 I think the biggest difference with training for a tournament is the duration of my fight camp. As long as I keep winning, I’ll pretty much be in camp for the length of the tournament. So basically, lots of training, limited peanut butter, and no margaritas and chocolate cake. Because I’m going up a weight class, I've changed my routine in that I’m doing a lot more strength training. Otherwise, though, it’s pretty much business as usual. I train hard year round, so when I start getting ready for a fight I just step up the intensity.

Is there anyone in the local scene that you see yourself fighting in the future?? I for one would love to see you fight Marianna Kheyfets.

There’s really no one on the local scene in my weight class. I agree that Marianna Kheyfets would be a good fight, but there’s no way I’m making 125. There’s also been chatter about me fighting Katie Merrill, but again, the size difference is an issue. 135 is a huge challenge for me, and at this point I’d really prefer to stay at 145. I’ll cut to 135 if a really good opportunity opens up for me at that weight, but I’m not going to do it just to get a fight in. It’s just too hard on my body.

I can’t do an interview with Peggy without giving a shoutout to your new fanpage Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. How did that all come about??

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is my and Cody Anderson’s fan page. Honestly, though, the origin of KKBB is kinda lame. Cody and I are teammates at Triumph BJJ. We both love cats. Like we spend an embarrassing amount of time texting cute kitty pics to each other. So one day Cody was like, “Hey, you know that movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? We should be Kitty Kitty Bang Bang.” Obviously I agreed because it was a brilliant idea. So Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, the baddest co-ed MMA team with the cutest name, was born. We’re all about kitty cats, extreme violence, and being sexy as fack. Also pickup trucks and tattoos. Everyone should follow us on Facebook.

How do you feel about UFC finally signing some female fighters?? How do you see the female division enfolding??

Obviously I’m pumped that the UFC is signing females. To be honest, though, I don’t watch a lot of MMA because I get bored. Like even at live events, unless someone I know and care about is fighting, I invariably end up wandering away from the cage or socializing and completely ignoring the fights. I’m really not much of a fight fan, so I’m not all that familiar with who’s doing what and can’t make credible predictions. I know I’d like to end up fighting in the UFC. Beyond that, I've got nothing.

What is your favorite quote to fight by and why??

I don’t really live by a particular fight quote. What I have is more like a fight attitude: There’s nothing anyone can throw at me that I don’t have an answer for. Every time I've gotten into the cage, I've really believed this. As far as I’m concerned, getting to that place where I have absolute confidence in myself is like half the purpose of my fight camp. I usually enter a camp with doubts. If you ask me six weeks before a fight what I think my chances of winning are, if I were being honest I’d probably say something like sixty percent. Every day into the camp, though, I get more and more confident. At two weeks out, I’d give myself like eighty percent. After the weight cut, I’m like ninety-five percent confident. By the time I’m walking to the cage, I know I can handle anything that comes my way. At that point, it’s time to stop worrying and have fun.

Tell our readers what we can expect in your upcoming CFA fight??

My goal for my next fight is to let my hands go. I haven’t yet shown what I’m capable of as a striker. I’d like a knock out.

I understand that CFA flew you down to Florida last weekend to announce your upcoming fight.  Can you please share the experience with us?

CFA flew me and four of the other girls who are in the tournament down to Miami so that they could bring us into the cage during the Jan 19th event and announce the Women's Featherweight Tournament. It was a great experience and I have nothing but positive things to say about CFA. It's an extremely well-run promotion. I flew in on Thursday and they took me straight from the airport to shoot photos and video to promote my fight and the tournament. After that, I pretty much just hung out. I went to weigh-ins and then to the fight. I'm glad I got a chance to meet the girls I'll be fighting and see how the event is run. I do a lot of visualization when I'm preparing for a fight, so it's nice to know what to expect. I think walking in March 2nd unprepared might have been overwhelming. There's definitely more hype than I'm used to with local promotions. Like there are fog machines and lights and cameras in the fighters' faces while they're walking to the cage and then big cameras actually in the cage with you while you're fighting. I don't think any of that will bother me during my fight - I'm pretty good at blocking things out - but it's still good to know what to expect. Overall, it was a lot of fun and made me even more excited to get back in the cage.

Thank you Peggy for taking the time outside out of your busy training to share your news with us.  Make sure you all like Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and Triumph MMA to keep up with the news.  Also please like CFA's fanpage to keep up with all their action. Of course like our fanpage as well to keep up with all the local MMA action.  Good luck to you Peggy, we know you will make New England proud!!

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