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January 31, 2013

CES Undisputed II 2/1/2013 Teaser

[Written By Guest Writer Michael Strazzere]

This card is once again as solid as can be, excellent job by matchmaker, Pat Sullivan and the CES crew!  There are solid 10 pro fights and many of them could be headlines.  Tickets are still available at the door and also on their website here.  Well onto the fights!

185lbs Adam Quitt (1-2 Asian American Arts) vs. Terell Clark (Pro Debut Dragon's Lair)

Adam Quitt 1-2 vs Terrell Clark will be a test for both guys to see who can move up to some bigger fights at 185 as CES is loaded with guys in that class!

170lbs Toby Oden ( Pro Debut Rivera) vs. Joshua Key (4-8 Ind)

Highly touted Toby Oden out of Rivera's will make his long awaited debut against 4-8 indy fighter Joshua Key. Toby is a BAD DUDE, look for big things from him in the future at 170!

170lbs Eric Spicely (Pro Debut Burrill's BJJ) vs. Kemran Lachinov (Pro Debut Link)

170 lbs: Kemran Lachinov (0-0 Link) will take on fellow debuter Eric Spicely form Burrills BJJ and Triforce. I have heard a lot about both these guys and this is going to be a BATTLE. Very tough debut for both guys!

185lbs Bret Oteri (11-3 Connors MMA) vs. Shederick Goodridge

185: Brett Oteri (11-3 Connors MMA) has finally got a fighter to commit and fight and it is Shederick Goodridge who after a rough start has joined Bombsquad and looks to pull off a career changing upset! Brett has to be hungry though as he has had a real hard time getting fights and he has lots of talent and strength everywhere!

170lbs Wilfredo Santiago ( 3-1 ATT) vs. Darius Heyliger (4-1 Bombsquad)

185: Wilfredo "Brown Bomber" Santiago jr (3-2) will return to the cage to take on Bombsquad's Darius Heyliger. This fight will not go the distance, mark my words. Either guy could win. Bomber's power vs Heyliger's technique and super tough training partners. This will be a war.

145lbs Joe Pingitore (2-0 Rukus) vs. Sergio Cabrera (2-0 Wai Kru)

Yet another dead even war on paper. These guys both have a few pro wins, Sergio's definitely were the better ones but that doesn't mean too too much when the cage doors close. Joey Lights Out can knock your lights out in one punch. He has a wrestling background if needed but usually chooses to get down standing and see who drops first. The hometown boy will be looking to move towards the rankings here with what some would call a mild upset.

Sergio has all the tools to be great. He beat Joe's coach and teammate Ruben Rey last fight so I am sure this fight has a little more meaning. Sergio seems to get better everywhere every time he steps in the cage. This fight could go anywhere at anytime. I would give a slight edge to Sergio in having a few more tools in his box but not be surprised if Joe ends this early either. GREAT pick for fight of the night!

135lbs Andre Soukhamthath (3-1 Triforce) vs. Kurt Chase-Patrick (1-0 ATT CT)

This fight here embodies what CES is all about. Andre is a CES fighter, we all know that. They have protected him a bit to start his career, rightly so. Then he and CES decide to fight a 1-0 ground machine in Kurt Chase Patrick. This goes to show there are NO easy fights for anyone if you want to survive at CES.

Andre comes in with dynamic yet technical striking from all limbs from boxing to Muay Lao. The kid has every tool in the book including a training camp full of straight killers and a ground attack that is fierce!! He has a ton of hype and a ton of fans and is very exciting to watch. To know Andre is to like Andre and he has gotten everything he deserves, through hard work. There is no way KCP can strike with him IMO but I don't think that is what KCP is there to do.

With all this said about Andre and his future being so bright, Kurt Chase Patrick still may be a slight favorite in the general mma community. This kid is nothing short of scary on the ground and has cardio for days. Andre has lost on the ground before but by all accounts has improved. This will be a HUGE test because no one has survived the vicious assault that is KCP's takedowns and submissions in quite a while. KCP is a high level wrestler and grappler from a great camp as well. This fight will tell us a lot about both guys and props to both guys for stepping up!!! IMO the winner here is the best prospect at 135 in New England.

265lbs Pat Walsh (2-0 Wai Kru) vs. Nick Audett (1-0 Team Audett)

The "Beast From the East" Pat Walsh is coming in here after dominating the very game, Eric Bedard last fight. He has a lot of buzz around him and Wai Kru has been on quite a tear since the beginning of last year at CES. Pat is a GREAT wrestler and submission artist with an in your face attitude. There has been talk of Pat and Tyler King, just talk. So lets hope Pat does his part and takes care of business here because that would be a GREAT fight.

I am not sure who Nick Audette is but I am sure he will give it his best effort!

145lbs Saul Almeida(12-3 Dragons Lair) vs. Rob Font (4-1 Sityodtong)

This is another potential barn burner between two top ranked guys in the FW class. The young but very experienced Almeida is coming off two tough grinding losses to stiff competition and looks to rebound Friday night. Saul's ground game is high class and he has underrated striking with a lot of length and a smooth flow to it. He is super tall at 145 and could present a multitude of problems for his opponent, wherever the fight goes.

However, his opponent is very battle tested himself and only takes the toughest of fights, and more importantly, WINS! Cool Rob has won 3 tough fights in a row on big stages and seems to be ready to come in to CES with seemingly not much to lose and lots to gain. He is very well rounded as well with great striking and more than adequate ground.

Is this the beginning of the changing of the guard at FW or is Saul Almeida beginning his push back to the top. We will find out Friday!

155lbs LWT Title Fight Mike Campbell (12-4 Triforce) vs. Abner Lloveras (15-6 Link)

What can you say about this fight, short of absolutely amazing for New England MMA fans. Mike comes in off a few good wins, with vicious striking, cardio for days and an ever improving and highly underrated ground game. He has KO power in all his limbs and his technique seems as sharp as ever in recent fights.
Abner is coming in from Team Link, one of the most respected schools in the country. He is a black belt on the ground and a Spanish national boxing champion. His last fight he put on a striking clinic and looks to do the same here I am sure. Team Link seems very happy with his camp and chance of going in and knocking off the hometown kid and taking the title. 

This is truly anyone's fight and a great match-up that will be HUGE in the winner's career. Props to both guys and CES for getting this fight done!

Thanks for letting me be a part of the show. I am also proud to announce that one of my fighters will be in the cage and announced as the newest member of Team CES and I couldn't be more proud of him. See you all there Friday night!!!

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