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January 31, 2013

New England Fights VI 2/2/2013 Teaser

New England Fight's Fight Night VI is just days away from their return to Lewiston Maine.  Their card is full with 17 fights and 6 of them are professional fights.  I wouldn't exactly say the fight card is stacked with top fighters but that doesn't mean they aren't great match ups.  They had some big fights on the card but due to injuries, they fell out.  Regardless, there are many great fights on the card and even one female bout that has caught a lot of attention.  Nick DiSalvo and Matt Peterson have been working around the clock to make sure all the fights stay intact.  Let me break down the card for you and give you my insight.  Keep in mind this most likely won't be the fight order.

205 Jason Gilbert 0-0 (Balanced Ground MMA) vs Brandon Gibbs 0-0 (CMBJJ)

First fight of the night is between Jason Gilbert and Brandon Gibbs at 205lbs.  Jason is from Balanced Ground MMA and Brandon is from Central Maine BJJ.  Both fighters are making their amateur debut which should make for an exciting first bout.  The beauty of two fresh amateurs is that you really don't know what to expect!!  Both of those schools do a great job preparing their fighters for the cage so I am sure it will be an exciting one.

195 Crowsneck Boutin 1-2 (Independent) vs Ben Raven 0-1 (Sipayik Boxing Club)

Next up is Crowsneck Boutin against Ben Rave at 195lbs.  Crow is an independent fighter and has a 1-2 record.  He lost his first two fights, one from submission and one from ref stoppage to strikes but he then bounced back last NEF against Tony Wells.  He won that fight from a ref stoppage in round 2 and the crowd went nuts.  He is a very entertaining fighter and I am sure will be ready to put on a show.  Ben trains with Sipayik Boxing Club and has a record of 0-1.  Ben Raven fought Frosty Brent Dilliingham at the last NEF and lost in just 44 seconds in round 1 tko to strikes.  Both fighters have lost to a common opponent (Frosty).  This is a real great match up for both fighters and I really can't predict what will happen!  We will all have to wait and see.

165 Tollison Lewis 2-3 (Balanced Ground MMA) vs John Healey 3-3 (Team Iron Jaw)

Next up is Tollison Lewis against John Healey at 165lbs.  Tollison comes into this fight with a 2-3 record and trains out of Balanced Ground MMA.  Tollison has lost two fights to submission and one to ref stoppage to strikes. His two wins he won from a submission and also a ref stoppage to strikes.  His opponent John has a 3-3 record and trains with Team Iron Jaw.  He is very well rounded as a fighter.  He has won most of his fights from submission.  His three losses, he lost one ko, one submission and decision.  His last fight was for Cage Titans in Dover against Ruso where he lost with a brutal KO.  Thankfully he was alright and is ready to bounce back.  This fight here is another real close match up.  I think it is going to be a ground battle and is going to come down to which fighter can get their takedowns and control the fight.

155 Jesse Erickson 3-2 (CMBJJ) vs Aubrey Rion 3-2 (Fitness Edge MMA)

Jesse Erickson is ready to fight Aubrey Rion at 155lbs.  Jesse trains with CMBJJ and comes into this fight with a 3-2 record.  He has lost to a decision and to a ref stoppage to strikes.  His wins he dominated in his performances.  He has great transition from the takedown and always seems to go right into full mount.  He has great ground and pound and no doubt he will be looking to do some damage with hammerfists this Saturday.  Aubrey trains with Fitness Edge MMA and has a record of 3-2.  If the info is correct he is from South Carolina has lost his last two fights, one to ref stoppage and other to submission.  He won his first 3 fights, two by submission and one by decision.  This is a great fight for both fighters.  I am expecting some blood and mayhem to occur during this battle.

155 Steven Bang 0-1 (CMBJJ) vs Drew Waltz 1-2 (Young’s)

Then they have Steven Bang against Drew Waltz at 155lbs.  Steven trains with CMBJJ and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  His first fight he fought Damon Owens and ended up losing to a rear naked choke in the first round.  He will be looking for his first ammy win.  Drew trains with Young's MMA and has a record of 1-2.  He won a decision over John Healey and then lost his last two fights.  He lost a decision to Jason Libby and then a ref stoppage to strikes against Jesse Erickson.  I know I sound like a broken record but this is a real close match up once again.  Two great schools and both fighters will be ready.  I really can't give a prediction on this one.

145 Vovka Clay 3-2 (Team Triumph) vs Damon Owens 3-4 (Young’s)

Next up is Vovka Clay against Damon Owens at 145lbs.  Vovka trains with Team Triumph from New Hampshire and has a record of 3-2.  He has won all three of his fights from submission.  He lost one loss via submission and the other a decision.  Damon comes into this fight with a 3-4 record and trains with Young's MMA.  He lost his three fights by the hat trick, one sub, one ko and one decision.  I couldn't find all his info but he won one fight against Stephen Bang via submission at the last NEF.  This is a real close match up but I give the slight edge to Vovka Clay.  He is hungry for a win and I think he will control this fight on the ground.

135 Steve Sobel 1-1 (Young’s MMA) vs James Dougherty 0-0 (Choi’s)

Steve Sobel is ready to fight James Dougherty at 135lbs.  Steve comes into this fight with a 1-1 record and is now training with Young's MMA.  His first fight he won from a sub and his second fight he lost a tough battle against Eric Austin.  He was independent then and had some great skills, he just needed to hone them a bit.  Being with Young's MMA should do just that and I am ready to see how he has improved.  His opponent James trains out of Choi's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Choi's always gets their fighters ready but I gotta give the edge to Sobel in this fight due to his experience.

135 Nick Spencer 2-2 (Choi’s) vs Jay Perrin 1-1 (Team Triumph)

Nick Spencer will be fighting Jay Perrin at 135lbs.  Nick trains with Choi's MMA and has a record of 2-2.  He lost a decision and one to submission.  His two wins he won via submission and a ref stoppage to strikes.  Jay trains out of Team Triumph and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He won a decision and lost a decision so far in his amateur career.  This one is going to be a great battle I predict.  I am totally going out on a limb here and giving the slight edge to Spencer.  I have seen him fight many times and he is always ready.  I have not seen Jay Perrin fight so I am anxious to see this one.

135 Brandon Bushaw 4-2 (Fitness Edge MMA) vs Cody Sargent 1-1 (Balanced Ground MMA)

Brandon Bushaw will be taking on Cody Sargent at 135lbs.  Brandon comes into this fight with a 4-2 record and trains with Fitness Edge MMA.  He is a well rounded fighter from what I have seen and he fought a great fight against Nick Spencer to get the decision victory.  Cody trains with BGMMA and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight from a ref stoppage to strikes against Nick Spencer and won his last fight from a guillotine against Derek Shorey very quickly in round 1.  I think this fight with a be a stand up battle and we very well might see a knockout.  I really think this fight could be a potential for fight of the night and I expect a big battle.

125 John Parker 0-1 (Team Nitemare) vs Conner Murphy 0-0 (CMBJJ)

Next up is John Parker against Conner Murphy at 125lbs.  I believe this fight was set to happen last fight but due to injury was bumped off.  Now it is back on and I am excited to see the 125ers, especially after the last battle at Cage Titans last Saturday.  John trains with Team Nitemare and has a record of 0-1.  He lost his ammy debut to Caleb Hall via submission in round 1.  I believe this is his first fight at 125lbs and I think it is a great fit for him.  Conner trains with CMBJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  I think this fight with be a very fast paced battle.

115 Erin Cooney 0-0 (SSSF) vs Angela Theriault 0-0 (Oxford Hills Karate)

For the last amateur fight of the night they have the women's battle!  Erin Cooney from SSSF will be fighting Angela Theriault from Oxford Hills Karate at 115lbs.  Both fighters will be making their amateur debut.  I don't much about Angela but I do know that Erin has battled in Naga's and looks very ready for her amateur debut.  She promises a war and I predict a quick win for Ms. Erin Cooney!  Now onto the pro fights.

150 Josh Parker 3-5 (Independent) vs Amos Collins 1-2 (Fitness Edge MMA)

Josh Parker will fight Amos Collins at a catch weight of 150lbs.  Josh is an independent fighter and comes into this fight with a 3-5 record.  He has lost 3 submissions and two decisions.  I have seen his last two fight and he had a big war with Chris Ramos which he won the decision.  He then fought Jamie Harrison and lost that to a submission.  He has the cardio and the skills to sub.  His opponent Amos trains with Fitness Edge MMA and has a record of 1-2.  If his info is correct he fights out of South Carolina.  He lost his first two fights from a guillotine and the second loss he couldn't answer the bell in round 2.  He won his last fight from a decision so I guess his cardio improved since then.  He is going to need it if he is going to go toe to toe with Josh.  I think this will be a stand up battle and I am hoping for a knockout!!

150 John Raio 0-1 (Cugno Boxing Club) vs Antony Woodman 2-6 (Havoc)

 The Postman John Raio is fighting Antony Woodman at 150lbs.  John trains with Cugno Boxing Club and took his first pro fight against Ray Wood.  It was a very gutsy move and unfortunately didn't fare too well with him and his record.  Ray won that with a ref stoppage in round 2.  John had a great amateur career and will be looking for his first pro victory!  Antony comes into this fight with a 2-6 record and fights with Team Havoc.  He lost a slew of fights and most of them were from ref stoppages and submissions.  He won a submission to strikes and a ref stoppage to strikes.  I think this will be a stand up battle and if John gets in trouble he will take it to the ground and submit.  I give the edge to John Raio.

170 Josh Bellows 1-1 (Littlefield’s Hardcore Gym) vs Mike Sullivan 0-0 (Team Triumph)

At 170lbs Josh Bellows will be taking on Mike Sullivan.  Josh trains with Littlefield's Hardcore Gym and has a 1-1 record.  Josh beat Ryan Cowette with a ko in round 1.  He then lost to Darrius Heyliger in round 3 to ref stoppage to strikes.  Mike trains with Team Triumph and will be making his pro debut.  According to he was 4-4 as an amateur.  This one is a close fight and if I had to predict I would go with Josh with the slight edge from his pro experience.

195 Ryan Cowette 0-1 (MMA Athletix) vs Josh Mellen 2-11-1 (Maximum Fitness)

Ryan Cowette is ready to face Josh Mellen at 195lbs.  Ryan is 0-1 and trains/runs MMA Athletix.  He has his one loss to Josh Bellows as mentioned above.  He is ready for his first pro win.  Josh Mellen trains with Maximum Fitness and has a record of 2-11-1.  He lost the majority of his fights from ref stoppage to strikes.  He is fresh off a No Contest at the last Cage Titans where after 20-30 punches to the head the ref stopped the fight for illegal blows to the head.  Josh was given some time and was unable to continue.  I have heard he has some good striking but no one seems to stand with him for long.  I edge this one to Ryan Cowette and I expect it to end in the first round.

185 Ryan Hodge 4-6 (F2 Arena) vs Luc Bondole 1-0 (Team Fink)

Ryan Hodge will take on Luc Bondole at 185lbs.  Ryan comes into this fight with a 4-6 record and trains with F2 Arena.  Ryan is a ground guy and has all four of his wins coming from submission, if you include the submission to strikes!  His losses were mostly ref stoppages and he is coming all the way to Maine from Florida.  His opponent Luc trans out of Team Fink and has a record of 1-0.  Luc won his first pro fight early in the first round with a arm triangle submission.  It seems like this fight is going to be a ground battle so we will have to wait to see who comes out on top.

205 Jesse Peterson 7-2 (CMBJJ/SSSF) vs Greg Rebello 14-5 (SYT) [LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE]

For the main event they have Jesse Peterson against Greg Rebello for the Light Heavyweight title at 205lbs.  Jesse is the 185lb title holder and now he wants the 205lbs belt.  His record is 7-2 and can win in all aspects of the cage.  He has some sub victories, ref stoppages and some decision victories.  He trains hard with SSSF and CMBJJ and it is paying off!  NEF fans will remember his last battle with Cody Lightfoot where he was losing 1.5 rounds and got the sweep and sunk in the rear naked choke.  His opponent Greg Rebello is heading up north from Boston with team Sityodtong to fight for this title.  Greg has a 14-5 record and is also very well rounded.  He has 7KO and 1 Sub along with 6 decision victories in his career.  This fight is really closely matched and if I had to give the edge, I would have to give it to Ribz Rebello with the more experience in his career.  Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse wins either!

That wraps up this edition of the teaser.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I had fun writing it.  Ed, Joe and I will be there taking photos and writing the live play by play for you all.  NEF is teasing some big announcements and I can't wait to hear what they are!!  Hope to see you all there!

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