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February 1, 2013

CES Undisputed II 2/1/2013 Review

Warchild and I arrived at CES MMA and found our spot.  The show starts around 7:30pm or so and CES has 11 pro fights.  They added Chris Dudley vs. Josh Lange during the week.  Another change is Pat Walsh's opponent couldn't make it and Eric Bedard stepped in last minute for a revenge fight.  For vendors I see BadAss Incorporated and SKS Fight Gear but no SuckerPunch Athletics.  I go inside and see the cage and there to my left is SuckerPunch Athletics!!  I feel like I was just hit with a suckerpunch!  The place is filling up. So far I have seen Mike Strazzere the greatest words with friends player, Jimmy Quinlan, Chuck O'Neil, Nick Newell, Gabe Gonzaga, Todd Chattelle, George Nassar, Dinis The Playboy Paiva, Doomsday Vaca and Dany Lauzon.  Kelly MacDonald from CrossFace Productions is the head photographer. Kevin the ref is running the show. The fights are about to begin....

135lbs. Chris Dudley (Kage Kombat 0-0) vs Josh Lange (Bombsquad 1-1)

Josh gets the takedown and and passes to full mount.  Chris bucks him off and Josh sinks in a triangle.

Josh Lange defeats Chris Dudley via tapout to triangle choke in Rd 1.

170lbs Toby Oden ( Pro Debut Rivera) vs. Sylvester Murataj (Ultimate MMA 0-0)

Sylvester throws some right leg kicks.  Toby eats it and throws a kick of his own and takes his back and slams him down hard.  He then throws in some hammerfirsts and Sylvester moves to avoid them.  Toby then takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Toby Oden defeats Sylvester Murataj via tapout to rear naked choke 1:03 in round 1.

170lbs Eric Spicely (Pro Debut Burrill's BJJ) vs. Kemran Lachinov (Pro Debut Link)

They are standing and banging!  Not what I was expecting to happen at all!  The exchanges are pretty even. Kemran backs Eric into a corner and gets in a big uppercut.  Eric takes him down and rolls into a heel hook. Kemran gets out and is now in half guard.  Both fighters get their own heel hooks but it is a stalemate so they both let the subs go.  They get to their feet and Kemran gets hit with an illegal kick to the head while he was down.

Real close round but Kemran had the better standup so I give it him the round 10-9

Rd 2: They clinch and Eric gets the takedown and takes has Kemran's back .  He has both legs hooked.  He is getting in some shots to the head.  Kemran gets to his feet with Eric on his back.  Kemran throws himself back trying to shake Eric but to no avail.  Eric is fighting for the rear naked choke but can't get it.

Eric 10-9

Rd 3:  Kemran gets in a good shot and Eric goes to the ground and tries to bate him down.  Kemran backs off and they are back to their feet.  Kemran gets the takedown and Eric threatens with a heel hook but nothing too serious.  They scramble and Eric takes Kemran's back.  Eric flattens him out and lays in some hammerfists.  Kemran eats a few but then turns and they are on their side now.  Kemran turns and escapes and was about to stand but Eric takes him back down with a heel hook.

Eric Spicely defeats Kemran Lachinov via unanimous decision. Great fight!!

185lbs Adam Quitt (1-2 Asian American Arts) vs. Terell Clark (Pro Debut Dragon's Lair)

Terrel comes out swinging right from the bat.  He catches Adam with some big shots.  Adam goes down halfway and gets back up.  He eats some more shots as he is coming forward.  Adam gets the takedown but Terell goes to full mount and lays down some big ground and pound.  He mixes in some elbows and Adam turns and then he on Adam's back mounted with some more ground and pound.  He then turns again and is now on top full mount and gets the tko stoppage.

Terell Clark defeats Adam Quitt via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:30 in Rd 1.  Terell looked great!!

265lbs Pat Walsh (2-0 Wai Kru) vs. Eric Bedard (4-2)

Pat gets the takedown and is working for a kimura.  Eric bucks him off and gets to his feet.  Pat takes him right down again.  Pat takes his back and lays down the ground and pound for the stoppage.

Pat Walsh defeats Eric Bedard via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:56 in Rd 1.  Please CES can we see Tyler King vs Pat Walsh!!

185lbs Brett Oteri (11-3 Connors MMA) vs. Shederick Goodridge (Camp Sao Lak 3-4)

They come out swinging! Brett misses with a looping right.  Shederick looks to connect with something. Brett is fighting for a takedown but Shederick sprawls nicely. Brett is bleeding near his right eye.  Brett gets the takedown but Shederick gets right back to his feet with Brett still on his back.  They are back to their feet.  Brett gets another takedown and is trying to get the hooks in but he is too high up.  Shederick is now on top in half butterfly.  Brett is threatening with a guillotine but to no avail.  Brett sinks in a triangle which looks deep but Shederick gets saved by the bell.

Brett 10-9

Rd 2:  Brett gets hit with a jab and goes down for a takedown.  Shederick defends and slams Brett down.  Shederick is getting in some hammerfists but the seasoned vet Brett is defending well.  Brett gets in a tight guillotine.  The ref intervenes and and touches Shederick like the fight was stopped.  The fight still resumes and Shederick gets out and then lands a few punches to Brett's head and the ref stops it.  Brett lays on the ground for a bit but is back to his feet.

Shederick Goodridge defeats Brett Oteri via verbal submission to strikes in Rd 2 at 2:42.  I did not see that coming!!  Wow!!

145lbs Joe Pingitore (2-0 Rukus) vs. Sergio Cabrera (2-0 Wai Kru)

They come out swinging.  They clinch briefly but Ping defends and punches his way out.  Sergio gets a takedown but Ping gets right back up.  Ping is getting the better of the stand up.  Ping is throwing some great combos.  Sergio gets in a combo of his own.  Sergio gets in some leg kicks throughout the round.  We will see if that will make a difference as the round goes.

Ping 10-9, he got in more strikes and pushed the pace

Rd 2:  Sergio gets in a high lick.  They are standing and banging.  Both fighters seems to be tired but they still have strong punches left in their arsenal.  Sergio gets in a front kick.  Ping gets in a combo and Sergio gets in a combo of his own.  Sergio gets in some big shots.

Real close round, I give the edge to Sergio 10-9.

Rd 3:  Sergio gets the takedown.  Not much action and Ping gets back to his feet.  Ping throws a knee to the head that connects.  He then throws a combo that hits but Sergio gets poked in the eye.  He takes his time but cannot continue.  They go to the scorecards.

Joe Pingitore against Sergio Cabrera is a draw!!  Accidental eyepoke which is tough to see if it was or not so they go to the scorecards!  Thanks to Evan Aubrey and Gorgeous George Nassar for helping me with the commentating!

170lbs Wilfredo Santiago ( 3-1 ATT) vs. Darius Heyliger (4-1 Bombsquad)

Wilfredo clinches and slams Darius down.  Darrius gets back to his feet and Wilfredo slams him down again.  Wilfredo gets in some head shots.  Darrius gets some room and gets back to his feet.  Darrius is getting in some good leg kicks.

Wilfredo 10-9 due to the takedowns and ground and pound, Darrius def had the better stand up towards the end of the round.

Rd 2: Darrius is picking Wilfredo apart with leg kicks and his striking.  Wilfredo needs to close the gap to get in his strikes and Darrius is doing a great job with his kicks to keep him back.  Wilfredo blocks most of the upper leg kicks but his thigh is starting to turn red.

Darrius 10-9

Rd 3: Darrius controlled that round with his striking and kicks.  Wilfredo threw some looping rights but none of them connected cleanly.

Darrius 10-9

Darrius Heyliger defeats Wilfredo Santiago via unanimous decision.

Pat Sullivan enters the cage and is announcing a fight for April CES show.  Todd Chattelle against Dennis Olson for a rematch! Next fight they announce is Matt Doherty against Cupcakes Campbell for their April show.

135lbs Andre Soukhamthath (3-1 Triforce) vs. Kurt Chase-Patrick (1-0 ATT CT)

 Kurt goes right for the takedown and can't finish it.  Dre gets in knee and is now pinning Kurt up against the cage.  Kurt goes for another takedown but can't get it.  Dre is doing a great job defending.  Dre gets in a big uppercut and Kurt takes him down.  Dre uses the cage and gets back to his feet and lays some bombs.  Dre tries to finish but Kurt gets back to his feet.  Dre slips and Kurt takes the guard.  Dre gets back to his feet and Kurt slams him down again and ends the round in guard.

Kurt got the takedowns and controlled in guard 10-9.  Dre had the better stand up but I don't think enough to win the round.

Rd 2: They clinch and Dre tries for a takedown.  Kurt defends and they break.  Dre rocks Kurt with a body shot and he goes down.  Dre finishes the fight with ground and pound.

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Kurt Chase-Patrick via tko stoppage to strikes at 45 seconds in Rd 2.  Great fight!!  Dre improves to 4-1!

145lbs Saul Almeida(12-3 Dragons Lair) vs. Rob Font (4-1 Sityodtong)

Saul is using his length to keep the distance.  Saul is getting in a few leg kicks.  Saul goes for a takedown but Rob defends.  Rob gets the double leg takedown.  Saul uses the cage to get back to his feet but eats a few shots.  Rob shoots for another takedown but is stuffed as the round ends.

Real close round, I give Rob the round 10-9 for the takedown.  Saul had the better stand up and I would not be surprised if they give the round to Saul either.

Rd 2: Saul starts us out with some leg kicks.  Rob gets in a great outside leg kick.  Rob gets in a jab.  Rob is getting in the combos this round.  Saul is bleeding from the nose it appears.  They clinch with no action and break.  Saul misses and Rob counters with an uppercut.  Saul is working for a double leg takedown but is in a guillotine as well.

Great round for Rob, I feel Rob took that round for his better striking.  Rob 10-9

Rd 3: They are going at it.  Both fighters know the fight is close.  Saul works for the takedown and gets it but Rob has a guillotine.  Rob uses the cage and gets back to his feet.  Saul takes Rob down again and is working the side.  Rob bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Rob catches Saul's leg and slams him down.  Saul bucks him off and they are back to their feet again.  Saul gets in a high kick and Rob gets in a great combo.  Rob goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  They fall to the ground and Saul takes the back.

I give this round 10-9 to Saul...real close again...let's go to the judges.

Rob Font defeats Saul Almeida via unanimous decision.  Great fight Rob!!  Rob improves to 5-1.  He continues to fight top ranked guys and is winning them!!

155lbs LWT Title Fight Mike Campbell (12-4 Triforce) vs. Abner Lloveras (15-6 Link)

Both fighters are feeling each other out.  Mike gets in a good body kick.  Mike is pushing the pace and gets in some jabs.  Abner gets hit in the cub and takes 30 seconds and the fight resumes.  Mike gets in an outside leg kick.  Abner gets in a body shot.  Abner gets in a good combo.

Mike 10-9

Rd 2: Great exchange by both fighters right off the bat.  Another big exchange that Abner moving back.  They go the ground and Mike tries to take the back but Abner gets right back up to their feet.  Abner gets the takedown.  Mike uses the cage and gets right back up.  Abner is controlling the clinch for a solid minute. Abner works for a takedown but Mike defends it.  They are back to their feet.

Abner 10-9

Rd 3: Mike gets in a good combo with a body shot.  Abner gets in a high kick.  Mike catches  a kick and throws a jab.  Abner says he got poked in the eye, tough to see in the replay.  Mike closes in for a takedown but Abner reverses is clinching.  They fall to the ground and Mike can't capitalize.  Abner is clinching Mike up against the cage.  The rest of the round is like this.

Abner 10-9, he clinched and controlled the fight.

Rd 4: Mike gets in some good strikes.  Abner gets a slamming takedown and is now in half butterfly guard.  Mike creeps over to the cage and walks his way back to his feet.  Abner takes him down again and Mike get right back to his feet.  Abner is working for a takedown and the ref stands them up with only 5 seconds left.

Abner 10-9

Rd 5: Here is the championship round.  Crowd is chanting Beast, Beast!!  Mike gets the takedown but Abner gets right back up.  Abner reverses and gets a takedown of his own.  Mike tries to get back to his feet and he does.  Abner is working for another takedown and trying to soften him up with some knees.  Mike gets the underhooks briefly and tries to reverse out of it but can't.  Abner is just laying there trying for a takedown.  Kevin the ref has seen enough.  He breaks it and stands them up.  The round ends.

Abner 10-9

Mike Campbell defeats Abner Lloveras via unanimous decision.  One judge had 50-44??  I found out later that the judge counted wrong.  I feel Abner won at least 3 rounds.  Many people thought Campbell won.  Guess you all can decide yourself when you see the video.


Fight of the Night:
Joe Pingitore vs. Sergio Moran.  What a battle!!
Submission of the Night:  Toby Oden sinks in the rear naked choke for his first pro victory!
KO/TKO of the Night: Andre Soukhamthath tko stoppage over Kurt Chase-Patrick
Blunder of the Night:  Nothing.  Everything went smooth.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5 awesome fights all around.
Star Quality: 5 so many stars, I couldn't even mention them all!
Sound: 5 bass was pumping
Refs: 4.5  I feel the Brett fight was a little odd but the rest was great.
Announcer: 5 The announcer is great.
Ring Girls: 5 very hot ring girls.
Vendors: 4.5  Badass Inc, SKS Fight Gear and Suckerpunch!
Overall:  4.86

Warchild and I had a great time at the fights.  Thanks to all the fighters that put in the hard work and fought their asses off in the cage.  Thanks to CES MMA for allowing us to cover the show and sharing it with everyone.  They already have a few big fights announced for the next show in April and I am sure it will be stacked with top ranked fighters.  All of our photos will be uploaded to our facebook fanpage so make sure you like it so you can see when we upload it.  Thanks fans for your support.

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