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February 13, 2013

New Hampshire Fight League 2/15/2012 Teaser

New Hampshire Fight League has put together a nice card for the fans in New Hampshire to enjoy.  It will be held this Friday at the Sportzone in Derry New Hampshire.  Not too far of a trek for people in Western  Mass.  The event as of right now has 10 fights with 4 pro fights on the card.  Dave Spero and Sportzone have been working hard on their inaugural show so lets all go out and give them a warm mma welcome.  Tickets start at just $40 bux for general admission and the doors open at 6:30 with fights starting around 8pm.  Tickets are available here and at the door. That gives you plenty of time to share some adult beverages and schmooze with the fighters.  Dave has told me that the weigh ins will be Thursday and it is going to be like a UFC Weigh Ins.  They will be at 5:30 at the venue and there will be ticket giveaways along with autograph signing by Colton Smith (TUF winner).  Also for commentating will be a great friend of the site Jay Pagliaro from Pull No Punches Radio along with Colton Smith.  Let me break down the card for you.

170lbs John Frances (LRVT 0-0) vs. Dominic Cofone (BGMMA 0-0)

First fight is between John Frances and Dominic Cofone at 170lbs.  This is an amateur bout.  John trains with Lake's Region Valley Tudo and will be making his pro debut.  Dominic is from Balanced Ground MMA and will also be making his amateur debut.  This should be a great opening battle of two amateurs willing to put it all on the line and show off how hard they have been training.

265lbs Phil Kelly (Tri-Fecta) 0-0 vs. Terrance Jean Jaque (Ind 0-0)

Phil Kelly is ready to take on Terrance Jean Jaque at 265lbs.  These heavyweights are ready to put it all on the line and this is CityBoy's favorite division.  Phil is from Tri-Fecta who always brings their guys ready for a war.  Terrance is an independent fighter and looks from his picture that he has a wrestling background.  Both fighters will be making their amateur debut and this fight could very well end in a knockout!

185lbs Tim Field (Link) 0-0 vs. John Parker(Kaze) 0-0

At 185lbs Tim Field will be facing John Parker.  Tim trains with Team Link and I am assuming it is the one in New Hampshire so Vaca will have his boys ready for sure.  John Parker trains wit Team Kaze which is also out of New Hampshire.  Both fighters will be making their amateur debut.  Two great schools so should be a great amateur showdown.

145lbs John Santos( 4-4 fury) 4-4 vs. Ken Kersch 3-6

At 145lbs John Santos will face off against Ken Kersch.  John fights out of Team Fury and comes into this fight with a 4-4 record.  John has two decision victories, one ref stoppage and one submission in his amateur career.  Out of his four losses 2 were decision and the other two were from submissions. Ken comes into this fight with a 3-6 record.  Ken has a decision and a submission victory.  I couldn't find the other win and he is a very entertaining fighter to watch.  Out of his losses, he lost the majority of them to decisions.  I expect this to be a fast paced fight and is sure to keep the crowd on their feet.

170lbs Paul Gaffney (0-0 Link  vs. Tollison Lewis(BGMMA) 2-4

At 170lbs Paul Gaffney is set to take on Tollison Lewis.  Paul trains out of Team Link and will be making his amateur debut.  Tollison trains with BGMMA and has a 2-4 record.  Tollison has a ref stoppage and a submission victory in his career.  His last fight was at NEF where he lost to John Healey to a decision.  Two more of his losses were to submissions and the other was a ref stoppage.  Even though it seems on paper that Paul is the underdog with no fights in his repertoire, being from Link I know he will be ready.  I expect this to be a ground battle.

155 lbs Jamie Courtney (Sity 2-5) vs. Dan Ward (Pitbull) 0-1

At 155lbs Jamie Courtney will face off against Dan Ward.  Jamie is from Sityodtong and comes into this fight with a 2-5 record.  I have seen just about all of Jamie's fights and he is a tough fighter.  His last fight was against Dan Lopez at Cage Titans and lost a split decision which I thought he won.  In fact all of his losses came from a decision I believe.  His opponent Dan trains out of Team Pitbull and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  Dan fought his only fight against John Stearns at Coliseum to the Cage where he lost to a decision.  This fight might very well go to a decision again if you are a gambling man.  I give the slight edge to Jamie due to his experience in the cage but we will find out this Friday.  Now onto the four pro fights.

170lbs Dave Marfone (MVMMA 1-0) vs. James Jordan (DCMMA 0-0)

First pro fight of the evening is between Dave Marfone and James Jordan at 170lbs.  Dave trains out of Mohawk Valley MMa and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  Warrior Nation fans will remember Dave's pro debut against Damon Malon that he won with a first round knockout.  He is looking to improve 2-0.  James trains out of DCMMA and will be making his pro debut.  If I found the right name, I believe he has some submission victories in his amateur career.  This should be a great fight and could very well result in a knockout from Dave Marfone.  I won't give any fighter the edge because I have never seen James fight before.  

Heavy Weight Adam Rivera (Kaos 0-2) vs. Artie Mullen (MMASM 0-11)

Next up is the heavyweight showdown between Adam River and Artie Mullen.  On paper this is not the most exciting of fights but the crowd may be surprised.  This fight was supposed to happen at a Cage Titans in Dover but didn't and is now happening this Friday.  Adam trains with team Kaos and comes into this fight with an 0-2 record.  I believe he stated earlier this will be his last fight of his career and he hasn't fought since 2002.  Artie trains with MMASM and comes into this fight with 0-11 record.  All of Artie's fights were first round stoppages.  I think that record is wrong and he has a victory but I could be mistaken.  

155lbs Anthony Loycano (Pitbull 0-3) vs. Keegan Hornstra (Shop 0-5)

Then Anthony Loycano will take on Keegan Hornstra at 155lbs.  Anthony comes into this fight with an 0-3 record and trains with Team Pitbull.  He has lost two decisions and a ref stoppage to strikes.  NH fans will remember his last fight against Yann Oliveira for Coliseum to the Cage which happened in that very venue.  Keegan comes into this fight with an 0-5 record and is now training with the Shop.  He has rededicated himself to training hard the past 6 months so lets see how the results will unfold.  This fight is really closely matched and either fighter has the chance to win.  Great fight if you ask me.

155lbs Lewis Corapi (3-0) vs.  Kevin Tjaden (Shark Tail MMA 4-12)

At 155lbs Lewis Corapi will take on Kevin Tjaden.  Lewis has a 3-0 record and trains with Team Sityodtong.  Lewis has two decision victories including one from a GFL against Aniss.  His other victory came from a ref stoppage at an AFO against Joe Powers.  Kevin trains with Shark Tail MMA and comes into this fight with a 4-12 record.  He took the fight on short notice and is looking to impress the fans of New Hampshire.  He won the majority of his fights from submission.  Many of his losses were from submission to strikes and to submissions.  We will see if Kevin's experience will get him the victory but if I were a betting man I would bet on Lewis Corapi winning via submission.  

Well there you have the fight card and our first teaser edition for New Hampshire Fight League.  It should be a great night of fights for New Hampshire so come along and don't miss out.  I want to thank Dave Spero and the SportsZone for putting this on and for keeping us up to date with it all.  The Artist and I look forward in covering this show for you all.  Again, tickets are still available so get them here or at the door on Friday.  Good luck to all the fighters and I look forward to seeing you all do work in the cage.

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