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February 13, 2013

Reality Fighting Fight Video: Dan Cormier Vs. Kody Nordby

Here is the 125lb showdown between Dan Cormier and Kody Nordby.  Kody in the first round keeps his hands down and not taking Dan's striking seriously.  It was a real close round and Dan made him pay in the standup.  Even though Kody did get the takedown at the end of the round I feel Dan took the first round with the more strikes and damage done.  Kody then did what Billy Giovanella couldn't do and that was finish the rear naked choke on Cormier.  Promoters, please let's see a rematch of Kody Nordby and Matt Doherty!!  Both fighters fought as amateur and have both improved tremendously and plus it is pro now.  Elbows and knees can make this an exciting fight!

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