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February 25, 2013

Upcoming Local Fight Cards For March

With only two local shows in the works for April minus the Maine Bellator, I figured I would give you all a heads up of how they are shaping up.  I will save April for a later time which will include AFO, CES, Cage Titans, Premier FC and Warrior Nation.  I am not going to break down all the fights for you as I will do that in the teaser but I figured this is a great way to see how they are sizing up.  For those of you who don't know in the menu at the top, we update the local cards fairly regularly after we hear about new fight announcements so please check there often as fights get added. In fact, many of you check often so thank you for that!

The first show coming up is March 1st in New Hampshire and that is Combat Zone.  We haven't been to a Combat Zone yet and if things ever slow down in local MMA we would love to add it into the mix but in the meantime we will try to bring you the live updates.  The big fight on the card is their main event Cody Anderson vs. Ryan Hodge.  After seeing both of them fight before, Ryan you better get your conditioning up and not gas out if you want to beat Cody Anderson.  The next big fight on it is Cody Lightfoot and Dirlei Broenstrup from Team Link.  I have never seen Dirlei fight but from being from Link we know he will be ready for a battle.  There are many other good match ups on their that are sure to please the fans so check out their full card below.  You can get your tickets from the fighters and also here starting at just $40.

March 1st Combat Zone 

Cody Anderson 1-0 (Triumph BJJ) vs Ryan Hodge 4-7 (Paragon MMA)
Cody Lightfoot 6-4 (The Shop) vs Dirlei Broenstrup 5-3 (Team Link)
Rodrigo Almeida 9-2 (Intenze MMA) vs Josh Parker 4-5 (IND)
Smith Cotito1-1 (Triumph BJJ) vs Ray Wood 1-0 (Youngs MMA)
John Santos 0-0 (Fury) vs Joey Gomez 0-0 (Triumph) 145
Ernesto Ornelas 0-2 (Choi’s) vs Jimmy Alexander 0-3 (F2 Arena) 145
Crowsneck Boutin 2-2 (IND) vs Brandon Gibbs 1-0 (CMBJJ) 195
Cheyenne Vazquez 1-1 (Intenze MMA) vs Jacob Cameron 1-1 (IND) 185
JT Harold 1-1 (Pitbull/BTT) vs Tollison Lewis 2-3 (Balanced Ground Game) 170
Dan Dinan 0-0 ( Pitbull/BTT) vs TBA 170
Dominic Cofone 0-0 (Balanced Ground Game) vs Matt Denning 0-0 (CMBJJ) 155
CJ Ziogas 0-0 (the shop) vs Steve Bang 0-0 (CMBJJ) 155
Cody Sargeant 1-1 (Balanced Ground Game) vs Jordan Pope 1-1 (Gracie Fighter NH) 135

Next up is Coliseum to the Cage's second event on March 30th in Derry New Hampshire at the Sportzone.  They have been announcing fights this week and I have been adding them all to get you what they have so far.  Their main event is between Matt Smith and Dave LaChappell.  I haven't personally seen either of them fight so I am anxious to see them battle it out.  Dave last fought for WCMMA where he won a decision and we have not heard from WCMMA since.  Next on the card is Tom Eagan against Lowell Zangri.  This is a great match up and a good test for Lowell who always puts on a show.  Just announced yesterday is one of my favorite up and coming fighters Allan Josselyn against Isaiah Queen.  This is going to get the crowd on their feet and cheering, I guarantee it.  Tickets are now on sale for this event and are available here for just $30 for general admission.  The fight card so far is found below.

Coliseum to the Cage March 30th Derry NH

145lbs Matt Smith (3-1 ) vs. Dave LaChappell (2-0)
145lbs Tom Eagan (5-3 SBGMMA) vs. Lowell Zangri (2-0 Valor)
145lbs Josh Baker (2-2 601 Boxing)  vs. Asa Zorn (0-2 Freelance)
145lbs Jamie Courtney ( 3-5 Sityodtong)  vs. Billy Keenan (1-2 Luke)
170 lbs Dan Dinan vs. Tim Loughran
185lbs Allan Josselyn(3-1) vs. Isaiah Queen (1-1)
More to come..

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