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March 4, 2013

AFO Updates Card and Announces 145Lb $10K Tournament

AFO has announced earlier this week about a 145lb pro fighter tournament.  It will take place during three of their shows after Night of Champions in April.  The first round will be June 29th (Summer Brawl), round 2 Oct 5th (Halloween Havoc) and the final will be in November (Thanksgiving Massacre).  The fighters get paid their normal money per fight but in the end the tournament winner is awarded with $10,000.  Each fighter who is entered will sign a 3 fight deal and the goal is to have them all their for their April 27th show to announced and for photo opportunities.  This is huge news for 145lbers to show everyone what you are made of and to get an awesome bonus at the end.  Pete tells me "This will be a real test to the fighters who want or say they wanna be the best. We put up the largest payout , now its up to them."  Make sure to contact Pete DiLorenzo to get in this awesome tournament. AFO has also updated their fight card and newest additions are Dan Cormier against Darren Mima and a few others.  Fight card as it stands now has 20 fights and is found below.  Tickets are available at the link here or by the fighters.

145lb Title Andres Jeudi, Sit vs. Chris Foster
170lb Title Jarrid Heon vs. Tommy Vent, United
155lb Title Danny Alexis, Redline vs. Billy Lechiner, Dexter
145lb Franklin Isabel, Wai Kru vs. Billy Figueroa, Allair
150lb Lee Metcalf, Sssf vs. Carlos Hernandez, Sit
125lb Dan Cormier vs. Darren Mima, TNT MMA
125lb Kris Moutinho, Rivera vs. Marques Brewster, NEC
205lb Paul Baker, Triboro vs. Anthony Soto, Wai Kru
HW Ray Mitlett, Allair vs. Juan Canelm Untied
145lb Bryan Rossi, Graci vs. Jake Laughlin, Doomsday
135lb Fabio Lima, Boston vs. Yeison Berdugo, Untied
145lb Jose Rustrain, Boston vs. Chris Violette, Burgess
205lb Dan Burke, Burgess vs. Leo Powers, Dexter
130lb Doug Sampson, Xcel vs. Paul Evans, TNT MMA
135lb Richard Santiago, RIvera vs. Marco Ferrera
145lb Mark Costa, Rukus vs. Jamie Courtney
185lb Jermaine Neufville, Rukus vs. Tim Carson, Burgess
170Lb Connor Barry, Doomsday vs. Nick Larancko, Rukus
145lb Shannon Soares, Clinch vs. Kevin Rey, Rukus
165lb James Manning, Xcel vs. Blaine Waterman, Rukus

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