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March 6, 2013

Jimmy Quinlan Shows He Belongs On Ultimate Fighter

Jimmy Quinlan fought on the Ultimate Fighter last night for Team Sonnen against a very tough opponent in Clint Hester.  Jimmy was coming into this fight with a 3-0 record with two submission victories in his pro career.  His opponent Clint Hester had a 7-3 record with 5 KO/TKO, 1 SUB and 1 decision in his career.  Basically it is a classic striker vs grappler match up which is always a pleasure to watch.  Jimmy said on the last show he needs to get in close and get his takedowns.  Well, he did just that.  In the first round he went in and got a few takedowns.  It was not easy with Clint making him pay with some strikes and elbows.  It was a close round but Jimmy in my opinion secured it with his takedowns and control.  In the second round Hester goes for a takedown and Jimmy tries to submit him with a guillotine but in the end lets it go because it wasn't deep enough.  Jimmy then takes the fight to the ground and gets in some ground and pound.  He gets his opportunity and takes the back and in the end wins via rear naked choke.  Jimmy shows that jiu jitsu wins fights.  You can stand in there with powerful strikers but with a strong jiu jitsu pedigree and wrestling, you can win the battle.  Great job Jimmy, we are all rooting for you to win the entire show!!  Time will tell if that is the case but one thing is for sure, Jimmy proved he belongs on the show and can fight with the best of them.  We already knew that though in New England, didn't we fight fans??  If you haven't yet, please like Jimmy's facebook fanpage here.  He promises to post often with vlogs and he has been doing just that throughout the season!

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