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March 20, 2013

Ammo Fighting League Announces 2nd Event For May 11th

[Ammo Press Release]

2nd AMMO Grappling Championship Battle to the Octagon Tournament continues!

Come and Participate in AMMOs series 2 of 6 grappling championship tournaments to determine the grand winners of each division that will have the privilege to enter the octagon in December to be crowned AMMO’s 2013 GRAND CHAMPION and will be eligible to receive a cash prize!  The event will be on May 11th, 2013.

All returning champions from the 1st event will come to participate with their registration fees waived and will be entitled to defend their title and belts(Win or Lose you keep your belts, no new belts will be presented if you defend your belt successfully but will receive a Gold Medal) but there will be some incentives to all returning champions I will reach out to you via email with this information. New champions will be awarded 1st place championship belts and be entitled to some incentives to defend their title.

Kids No Gi and GI will take place first starting at 10am, followed by Females, Teens and Adults in that sequence.

Order of divisions: No Gi and GI. Absolute will occur last.

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