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March 20, 2013

Bellator 93 Maine Teaser 3/21/2013

Bellator is days away of having its first show ever in Maine and they are looking to make it a memorable one. They have put together card packed with Maine fighters. If that wasn't enough excitement, that is just the undercard. The four fight main card features some top Bellator fighters including the lightweight tourney final. The show will be this Thursday on March 21st 2013 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston Maine. We normally don't do teasers for Bellator but I have some time and this fight card is just too good to not break down. For those of you who aren't familiar with Bellator is they believe that the fighters have to win in tournaments to make it to the top and fight the champ. They have built their promotion around this concept and it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Bellator has the prelims on or and then the main(e) card is on Spike TV. Now onto the fight card...

Jesse Erickson (0-0) vs. Jon Lemke (1-0)

Jesse Erickson will be making his pro debut against a very tough Jon Lemke. Jesse I believe was 4-2 in his amateur career. I have seen many of his fights up in Maine and he has real good control in his takedowns and transitions. If he mounts you then watch out because he has some major ground and pound. Now being pro, he will add in the elbows which could spell trouble for Jon. Jon comes into this fight with a 1-0 record. Jon fought against Nate Oses at NEF IV and put on a stand up show in which he won the unanimous decision. I feel this is a real close match up and is anybody's fight to take.

Jesse Peterson(7-2) vs. Dave Vitkay (11-12-1)

Next up is Jesse Peterson against Dave Vitkay. Everyone up in Maine knows and loves Jesse Peterson. He has a 7-2 record and won the title up at NEF against Cody Lightfoot. He was dominated for round and half and came back with the sweep and won the title with a rear naked choke. His last fight he fought Greg Rebello up in a weight class for the title and ended up losing in the second round due to tko strikes. He is a very well rounded fighter and comes with a great wrestling background. His opponent Dave comes into this fight with a 11-12 record. Dave has 3 KO/TKO and 7 submission victories in his career. Out of his losses he lost 8 of them to tko/ko. Both fighters are tough as nails and we will have to wait and see to who brings home the W.

Jason Butcher( 5-0) vs. Jack Hermansson (5-1)

Then Jason Butcher will face Jack Hermansson. Jason has an undefeated record of 5-0. He has 1 KO/TKO and 4 submission victories. His opponent Jack is 5-1 with 4 KO/TKO and 1 sub victory. On paper this is a striker versus jiu jitsu guy. Jack is going to want to keep the fight standing and use his heavy hands and Jason will want to get this fight to the ground and work his submission game.

Pierre Pierry(3-2) vs. Joe Pacheco (5-0)

Pierre Pierry stepped in last minute to take the place of Luc Bondole. He comes into this fight with a 3-2 record. He last fought for Cage Titans against Josh Mellen where the ref stopped the fight and ruled it a no contest due to too many hits to the back of the head. Everyone who I heard from said they were clean and maybe one might have hit in the back. Let's just say Pierre is more than angry and ready for a victory. His opponent Joe Pacheco has an undefeated record of 5-0. The juggernaut has 1 KO/TKO, 3 SUBs and 1 DEC victory in his professional career. This is going to be a real tough fight for Pierre so bring your A game!

Brent Dillingham (0-0) vs. Mike Mucitelli (4-0)

Frosty Brent Dillingham is making his pro debut against Mike Mucitelli. Brent was 4-0 in his amateur career and has never been in the 3rd round. His opponent Mike comes into this fight with a 4-0 record. Mike has never been into the 2nd round and has is a two time Bellator veteran. He has one KO, 3 TKO victories and no doubt will be ready for a battle. This is going to be a great fight and I feel could be fight of the night for the undercard and maybe even the entire card. This is Frosty's toughest opponent to date and I can't wait to see him in his pro debut.

Michael Page(3-0) vs. Ryan Sanders (4-3)

Michael Page will take on Ryan Sanders. Michael comes into this fight with a 3-0 record. He has two tko/KO and 1 submission victory in his career. One of his wins was a nice head kick knockout. Ryan comes into this fight with a 4-3 record. All of Ryan's wins came from submission. He has struggled his last two fights with two straight losses. He lost to Gil de Freitas where he was taken down after take down for a grueling 5 rounds. He then fought a great fight against Jared Lawton where he could have been winning the fight in the judges eyes and with just a few seconds left was forced to submit to a nasty kneebar. Ryan now faces another tough battle and will be hungry for the victory.

Vince Murdock(1-0) vs. John Raio (0-2)

Next battle will be between Vince Murdock and John Raio. Vince comes into this fight with a 1-0 record. He won his first pro fight with a head kick in just 16 seconds into the first round. John comes into this fight with an 0-2 record. He was undefeated in his amateur fights with a nice 4-0 record. He then went pro and fought Ray Wood. He ended up losing that battle to a ref stoppage to strikes in round 2. Next he fought Tony Woodman at the last NEF show and also lost that battle to a ref stoppage to strikes. Now once again he is facing who appears to be another tough striker. We will find out in a few days how this fight fares out but I know one thing for sure. The Maine fans will be going nuts for John Raio as will we!

Marcus Davis(21-9) vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf (9-11-1)

Now for the first fight of the main card starts with Marcus Davis against Waachiim Spiritwolf. Marcus, the face of Team Irish comes into this fight with a 21-9 record. Marcus has fought for UFC several times and this will be his first battle for Bellator. He has 6 KO/TKO, 9 SUBS and 6 decision victories in his career. The Maine native will be ready to put on a show, no doubt. Marcus's losses are evenly spread out. Waachiim comes into this fight with a 9-11-1 record. He has 6 KO/TKO, 1 SUB and 2 decision victories. The majority of his losses have come from decision. As you can see this is a real close battle and if I had to bet I would bet it is going to come down to decision.

Eric Prindle(9-3) vs. Brett Rogers(12-5) *Rumor Confirmed*

I am hearing rumors that this fight has been cancelled. I did not hear why and I am hoping that the rumor isn't true. If it is then two lucky fighters will most likely get their fight from the undercard moved up to the main card like the Marcus Davis fight did.

Ryan Martinez(8-2) vs. Travis Wiuff(68-15)

Then there is Ryan Martinez against Travis Wiuff for the heavyweight showdown. Ryan comes into this fight with an 8-2 record. He has 3 KO, 2 SUB and 3 DEC victories. He has fought for Bellator twice in his career and has heavy hands with the ability to sub if needed. He has 3 decision victories so he can go the distance if needed as well. His opponent, Travis comes into this fight with a whopping 68 career victories in his professional career. He has 22 KO/TKO, 23 SUBS and 23 decision victories. One more KO/TKO victory and he will have an even 23 across the board. He has fought for Bellator 5 times so far in career. I wouldn't blink on this fight or go to a bathroom break.

Marcin Held(15-2) vs. Dave Jansen(18-2) - lightweight tourney final

Now for the lightweight tournament finalists. This battle will be between Marcin Held and Dave Jansen. Marcin, the Poland native comes into this fight with a 15-2 record. He has fought for Bellator 5 times and has 8 submissions in his career. His opponent Dave comes into this fight with an 18-2 record. He has 10 submission victories and 7 decision victories in his career. He has fought for Bellator 5 times and WEC before that. As you can see both fighters have outstanding records and finish the majority of their fights on the ground. I would say this is going to be a ground battle and I can't wait to see who will win the lightweight tournament. Thanks for Bellator for putting on this fight on the Maine card. Much appreciated!  Good luck to all the Maine fighters on this card.  Show the world how its done!!

There you have the entire fight card for the Bellator 93 event for Lewiston Maine. Bellator did a great job packing it with Maine fighters. They must have heard CityBoy was coming because they threw two heavyweight fights on the card. I was really excited about the Brett Rogers/Eric Prindle fight but as I wrote above I am hearing that fight is off the card. The Artist and I will be there reporting for you all. If you look closely through the crowd you might even spot Warchild in the wild!If You Enjoyed This Article Please Comment. Support us by following our twitter and our facebook fan page. It is the best way to stay up to date on local MMA!Any news you would like us to share email us at Thanks!