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March 7, 2013

Preview of Fallon Fox Documentary

By now I am sure you all have heard of Fallon Fox.  She is a transgendered mma fighter who is in the CFA tournament.  She won the first round knockout from knee to the head in just a mere 39 seconds.  From what I read online there seems to be some issue with her licensing in Florida so CFA has cancelled their April 20th, show.  Now during the licensing process they ask you what surgeries you have had so either she hid it or didn't.  People will always have their own opinion in it all but in my thoughts are that everyone deserves the right to fight.  My only issue is that this the fighters in the women's tournament had no clue about her being a transgender and neither did CFA.  That is my issue as it should have been disclosed, not in the semi finals.  Not that CFA would listen to me but I say replace her in the tournament with one of the girls who lost and move on.  Sign her up for another fight and it is fair since her opponent knows about it.  With testosterone replacement she has been taking, she says her level is the same of women.  The obvious issue would be her bone structure but Fallon does have a point.  Her opponent that she beat in the first round was a monster and looked bigger than her, she won it all with technique.  Time will tell how this issue will be handled.  I commend Fallon for coming out and handling all the negativity with grace.

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