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April 1, 2013

Warrior Nation VI Postponed

[Warrior Nation XFA Press Release]

On Monday, March 18th, 2013, Warrior Nation X.F.A. President, Jesse Camp, officially made the decision to postpone the Pro-Am MMA event scheduled for Friday April 5th, 2013.  Set to run out of the promotion’s home base venue, the Hu Ke Lau Showroom, Camp cited card-fallout issues being the main factor with fighter injuries, schedule conflicts, and basic licensing hang-ups.  While matchmaking is understood to be the most difficult task in planning any mma event, Camp states that “this card in particular proved to be consistently problematic.”

With all respective notifications complete, Camp offered this statement as explanation for his decision:
“While mma promotions continue to expand here in the state of Massachusetts as well as bordering states, it becomes a challenging task to fill cards and more importantly, maintain them as they routinely adjust.  The goal of Warrior Nation has always been and will continue to be one of maintaining a reputation of excellence in organization, presentation, and overall quality of fights.  Clearly this is not the biggest mma promotion nor are we claiming to be the best, but Warrior Nation teams, fighters, and fans have been groomed here in Western Massachusetts to a standard of quality and an expectation to receive same as a participant or attendee of any one of our events.  In no way will the overall integrity of a Warrior Nation Event be compromised as a means to making the show happen.  I will only offer a product that is representative of what we planned and put together with purpose and logic versus what was left and held together through scrambled repair and hasty matchmaking.  Those who know my ethics and standards, which serve as the backbone to Warrior Nation, know that the right decision has been made.  Warrior Nation will make necessary adjustments, regroup with concentrated goals and objectives, and be back very soon with an announcement of upcoming plans that we are eager to announce.  Thank you all for your patience and continued support.”


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