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May 21, 2013

CES New Blood June 7th, 2013 Fight Card

CES's newest installment on June 7th, 2013 is quickly approaching and we were desperate to see the fight card.  Pat Sullivan, the matchmaker of CES was kind enough to share it with us to release to you all.  As usual, there are some excellent match ups on it.  John Howard will be on it against an opponent to be named soon.  Greg Rebello will be facing Lewis Rumsey and both fighters are Bellator veterans.  Nate Andrews is fighting Jeff Anderson which should be another awesome fight.  Soap Am makes his pro debut and he is anxious to use elbows!  Get your tickets here and hang tight and we will provide you with the full preview the week of.  For the rest of the fight just look below....

John Howard (19-7, UFC veteran) vs. TBA soon
Greg Rebello (15-4, Bellator veteran) vs. Lewis Rumsey (9-8, Bellator veteran)
Pedro Gonzalez (7-5) vs. Sidemar Honario (8-3)
Andre Soukhamthath (4-1) vs. Blair Tugman (5-4, Bellator veteran)
Nate Andrews (4-0) vs. Jeff Anderson (11-7)
Eric Spicely (1-0) vs. Tundee Oduyingho (0-0)
Soap Am (0-0) vs. Carlos Hernandez (1-0)
Joe Reverdes (1-2) vs TBA
Brian Sparrow (0-0) vs. Silvester Murataj (0-1)
Ruben Ortiz (0-0) vs. Kemran Lachinov (0-1)