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May 28, 2013

Continuing with Premier FC 13: Undercard Bout Reid Vs Rivera and Title Bout Reipold Vs Maldonado

It's nearly all been posted, but with a few bouts left to see we can't help and start to wonder what the next card will look like.  I'm sure Jason Franklin and Karyn Wesch will cook something up that smells a lot like MMA greatness.  Until then we'll feast upon two great bouts featuring the best in Western Mass fighters.  Here we have the return of Myles Reid after spending some time in the clink and his opponent Rick Rivera out of GladiatorBJJ.  Rick and I have rolled several times and I can honestly say I was glad that he never looked at me the way he looked at Reid.  I think he smells blood.  Then we look at the first title bout of PFC 13.  Jeremy Reipold looks to secure a strap for all his efforts during his third title attempt and the opposition, Marvin Maldonado isn't in the cage to bake cookies so we know its going to hurt one way or another.