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May 26, 2013

Victory Combat Sports Dorchester MA 5/18/2013 Review


After all the U-Turns and the city driving. We made it to Dorchester Armory. After finding our way in, and our names not on the list. We finally got to cage side.  With a new promotion in New England must be tough with a lot of pressure. So many great promoters out there that have succeded. Yet so many have tried and failed. With their first show happening the night before in New York. They really got there stuff together to put together a show with a good card. Few flaws with lighting and where to put media. Camera guys could have used better stands so they weren’t on there tippy toes leaning over the cage. Wouldn't want to see a camera fall into cage during a fight.  Positives with a Great card. With exciting fights. HD cameras showing nice clear video, and replays. Fights went quick. No stalling in between. Twice in between fights ring card girls would step into cage throw some free t-shirts out to the crowd. I would say a few small things to work on. Other than that a good show. I see big things for Victory. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the future.

Amateur Bouts
 Alfredo Nunez (Debut) vs. Michael Castill (Debut) 

Round 1
Nunez comes out. Clearly has the reach. Throws a couple jabs. 1 2 combo. Followed by a kick. They circle and Castill clinchs up and rush’s Nunez to the cage. Few body shots and goes for the TD. Nunez reverses in a scrabble, and ends up in full mount. Starts ground & pound  from full mount, they scrabble Nunez takes back. Fights for choke throws few punches. Gets arm under neck last 20 sec of round. Castill throws a few punches trying not to get subbed, round ends.

Rd. 2
 Castill clinchs first thing. Push right to cage. Dirty boxes. Knees back and forth. Castill gets him with a good knee to body. A drops head. Castill throws a few good body shots. Failed a single leg. Kept fight on the cage till end of round.

Rd 3
 Nunez comes out with a solid jab kick combo. Castill doesn’t like to stand with this guy clinchs up once again to the cage. Castill keeps pressure on cage. Knees back and forth.

Alfredo Nunez wins via majority decision 29-27. strange

Yelson Berdugo ( 1-3 ) vs Dennis Gutierrez (Debut)

Round 1
They come out circle. Berdugo throws a head kick, gets blocked. Gutierrez throws a 2 punch combo clinchs up and gets a big TD, Gutierrez  ground and pounds. Head body shots for about 2 min. Berdugo kicks him off and there both standing, The both bang last 15 sec of round.

Rd 2
Gutierrez comes out quick jab to clinch. Goes for a double leg. Picks Berdugo up runs him across hole cage with a BIG slam. Berdugo pulls guard. Gutierrez ground & pound rest of round. Berdugo try’s a couple sweeps. Gutierrez stopped them all.

Rd 3
Berdugo comes out with a big flying knee to the body. Gutierrez turns it into a Take down. Berdugo pulls half guard. Ground & pound till the bell blows at the end of round.

 Dennis Gutierrez wins via unanimous decision. wins his Debut

Gabriel Ellis Ferarra (1-0) vs Luis Irizarry (Debut)

Irizarry throws a nice body kick. Ellis turns into a Take Down. Both right Back up, both start throwing. Ellis connects with a big hook. Gets Take Down, Irizarry pulls full guard, Ellis throws big hammer fists, they scramble and stand right to Clinch. Ellis gets take down to full mount. Drops bombs till end of round.

Rd. 2
  Ellis comes out with a 4 punch combo kick, and gets takedown. Irizarry pulls full guard. Ellis ground and pounds till end of round.

Rd. 3
Ellis comes out with a punch that buckles Irizarry. Ellis follows up with a teep kick to the face knocks Irizarry to his back. Ellis jumps  to side control ground and pound to finish the fight.

Gabriel Ellis Ferarra via. TKO 15 sec in round 3

Welly Sanchez (Debut) vs  Nalton MacLaughlin (Debut)

Both men circle feel each other out. Both throw some good hooks. Both start throwing head kicks. All blocked. Sanchez throws a superman jab right kick. Clinchs gets takedown. Both men right back to feet. Sanchez clinchs. Gets takedown at the end of round.

Rd. 2
Both standing exchanging kicks and punches. Sanchez clinchs up into cage works on takedown. Gets it puts in a mounted guillotine Mac sweeps. Guillotine still in. lets go and Mac is on top. They stand. Sanchez gets  a Big takedown, Mac right back to his feet. Roundd ends with both men standing.

Rd 3
First half both men exchanging kicks and combos. Mac throws a big jab kick gets Sanchez off balance. They clinch up against cage. Mac grabs a stand up guillotine. Round ends

Wally Sanchez wins via unanimous decision.

Joe Pingitore (3-0-1) vs Sean Nichols (1-0)

Joe starts round out with a big flying knee. These 2 guys stand and bang the hole first round. back and forth kicks, hooks. Combos. Joe finishes round with a takedown.

Rd 2
Sean throws a kick Joe catches and gets the takedown. Sean pulls half guard. scramble and Joe takes his back looks for the sub. Fights for a min. Sean turns out, but Joe gets to side control, they scramble and back to their feet, big right by Sean. they clinch up into cage. Joe looking for the take down. Gets a single leg. Sean pulls full guard, scramble Joe takes back again. Scram to feet. Axe kick by Sean. Both stood and bang. Joe big body kick. Back and forth to the buzzer,

Rd 3
Great fight so far. Sean superman punch. to a takedown. Scramble back to feet. Stand and bang. Joe clinches on cage. Gets takedown. Takes Seans back. Sean gets to his feet. Both start throwing. Crowds going crazy for their home town boy. Great battle. Joe goes and gets the takedown. Sean too his feet. Back to smashing back and forth hooks kicks. . Sean finishes round with a clean 1-2 combo. Crowd goes wild. Great fight.

Joe (Lights Out) Pingitore wins by unanimous decision.

Lionel Young (6-12) vs Brendan Rooney (3-1)

Two start feeling each other out. Young with some good combos and kicks. Back and forth standing.  Rooney with a nice hook. Clinch up. Scrabble standing. Young gets the takedown. Rooney pulls full guard. Young corner yelling for him to standup. Rooney with elbows from the bottom. Ref stands them up. They go back at it. Young throws a big body kick. They clinch to cage Rooney gets the takedown and takes the back. Starts working for the choke. Young turns. Rooney pulls full mountt. Ground and pound. scrambles. Rooney takes back again. Starts throwing fists and elbow’s. round ends with Rooney on top.

Rd 2
Young starts round with a leg kick. Rooney with a 3 punch combo. Clinch up against cage. Rooney with the pressure looking for takedown. Gets it. Looks for his hooks. Gets his back. Young turns into him gets top position. Fists and Elbows from both men. Young on top. Rooney looking for a sweep. Tossing elbows’s from the bottom. Ref stands em back up.  Few jabs from both men. Rooney goes and gets the takedown. Looking for a choke. Rooney ends roundd with a few elbows from side control.

Rd 3
Young changes it up. Gets a nice double leg takedown. Rooney pulls full guard. Ground and pound from Young. Young gets up wants to fight from his feet. Back and forth kicks and jabs. Rooney gets a nice single leg. Right to side control. Knees to the body. Not much going on. Rooney takes back throws a few bombs. Looking for choke. Hammer fist from back.  Hooks are in. into a body triangle. Rooney still looking for the choke. Round ends.

Brendan (The Badger) Rooney wins via. unanimous decision.

Patrick Walsh (3-0) vs Keith Berish (2-0)

Walsh quick with the clinch to the cage. Little dirt boxing.  Back and forth knees. Walsh gets a takedown. Right back to feet clinch. Walsh controlling fight on cage. Looking for the TakeDown. Some more dirty boxing from both men.  Berish turns Walsh into cage. They break back to back straight punches. Walsh goes for takedown. They scramble Berish takes the back. Scramble. Berish retains gets his hooks in. Walsh dumps him gets to the top. Few bombs back to feet. Dirty boxing on cage. They stand toe to toe. Berish throws a nice body kick. Roundd ends.

Rd 2
Berish comes out with a body kick. Walsh catches. Berish jumps and takes his back from standing. They fall Berish sinks in the choke. Walsh taps to a rear naked.

Keith Berish wins via. Submission 33 sec in the 2nd Rd.

Jon Manley (7-2) vs Mike Winters (7-2)

Manley picking apart Winters with jabs and kicks. Winters starts to fire back with some combos. Both men back and forth on there feet. Superman jab by Winters. Winters not liking Manley’s  jab kick combos. These 2 just start throwing bombs.  reset in the middle. Manley with a BIG straight 2. Knocks Winters to his back. Jumps on him up and scramble. Winters trying to take Manley’s back from standing. Round ends,

Rd 2
 Both start banging. Winters gets a takedown. Scramble back to feet. Toe to toe. Winters taunts Manley. few jabs thrown. Winters  gets a big take down,.. Manley starts tossing Elbow’s from the bottom. Manley scrambles back to his feet.  2 start back at it. Jabs. And kicks. Manley finds his range. Winters goes for takedown. Manley with a nice sprawl.  Back to feet. Fist are flying. Manley’s jab 2 combo all day. Clinch up and break. Again toe to toe. Manley with clinch knees.  Manley with a Big right hook. They clinch. Horn blows end of round

Rd 3
Manley lets his hands go. Landed his combos. Winters very tired. His punches aren’t doing much. Manley with a nice solid hook. Circling. Manley with a great 4 punch combo. Winters with more taunts. Manley answers each time with a stiff jab. Back and forth. Manleys dominating the standup. Looks very good. Crowd goes crazy for Manley. The two men to bang it out last 10 sec.

Jon Manley wins via. unanimous decision.