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July 28, 2013

Boss's Cage Titans XV 7/26/2013 Review

The New England MMA scene has been pretty busy this summer, with plenty of great match ups and exciting shows. We as a team have been pretty busy, covering the action to bring you all "closer to the cage"! On this occasion, all of my WMMMA partners, and even the fill ins were booked up, and I had to make the 2hr 20min drive to beautiful, historic Plymouth Ma all by my lonesome.
I woke at my normal 4:30 am and put in a full days work before punching the clock at 2:00pm. I rushed home cleaned myself up, (mostly) gassed up the car, and put air in the tires.I plugged in the address to Memorial Hall, and set off on my solo 2 hr 20 min least that's what I was to initially believe. I made it all the way to I 95 until I hit THE TRAFFIC!! I kept seeing my arrival time on the GPS get later...and later!

Over an hour in traffic, and several tension breaking F- Bombs later, I made it to Plymouth, (albeit an hour past the posted start time)....only to find a hell of a parking situation. The lots were full, and the side roads lined with vehicles from all over New England. I felt the need to use a few more tension breakers, but don't worry, the windows were rolled up, because it was also raining. I finally found a spot about a mile from the hall, and rushed over ready to finally see some action!

I was happy to find out the show was delayed and I was just in time to watch the first fight!! I found my seat cage side next to our good friend Old School from Northeastmma. My friend told me that I missed a beautiful and touching tribute to the late Shayne Stephenson, who passed earlier this year. There were banners with Shayne's pictures, and "Blessed" was written on the cage floor. A video, was also put together, and several members of Shayne's family were in attendance. It's a very sad tragedy, and Shayne is surely missed by many in our tight MMA community.It was clear he touched many in his short life...
No better way to pay tribute to a fighter, than by a great night of fights!! That's just what Mike Polvere had in mind with this stacked card. I will say, I prefer about a 9-12 fight, fight card, but we were in for 17 on this night. On to the fights!!

Fight 1: Charlie Clark vs David Espino - 150lbs ammy
rd1 - Charlie and Dave take center cage. Charlie is pawing an awkward soft hook from way too far away, and Dave sees the opportunity. He comes forward with some heavy hooking shots, and as usual Charlie is like a deer in headlights. He seems to get stunned when hit, and freezes up. We see he's in big trouble and a hard shot by Dave connects, and Charlie is down and out!! I'm honestly scared this kid is going to get hurt, I hope he can find a team, and some guidance, and hopefully make some changes to be somewhat competitive. winner rd1 18 sec KO David Espino

Fight 2: Kyle Bochniak vs Micheal Robertson - 155lbs ammy
rd1 - Mike shoots right out of the gate, Kyle grabs his neck while sprawling and tries for the guillotine.He pulls guard, and threatens for about 30 sec before Mike pops out and they stand.Kyle rushes mike into the cage, and throws a knee that accidentally hits Mike in the head. Time is halted for a few, and they are back at it. Kyle gets a take down, takes the back as they scramble, and starts to land some shots. He sees the opening and sinks in the fight ending rear naked choke! winner Kyle Bochniak rd1 sub rear naked choke.

Fight 3: Floran Kacaku vs Corey Silva - Heavyweight ammy
rd1 - Flo looks good on his feet as he starts out with some sweet high/spinning kicks that miss their mark. They clinch up and Flo shows to be the stronger of the two as he gets an underhook, and tosses Corey to the mat, ending the round in half guard on top.
rd2 - Flo comes out and connects with a leg to body double-kick! They clinch up again, and yet again Flo gets the same toss into half guard. He spends the rest of the round here trying to lay down some ground and pound as the round ends.
rd3 - Flo comes out and misses with another high kick, but you can def tell he has some good striking ability. Corey presses in for the clinch, but is again overpowered. Flo grabs the neck looking for a choke, and Corey lowers to the mat. From here Flo looks to land some big shots, but Corey is tough and lasts till the bell.
winner Floran Kacaku rd3 unanimous decision.

Fight 4: Derek Peterson vs Kevin Schneider - 160lbs ammy
rd1 - They both come out guns a blazing, looking to hurt their opponent!! Kev shoots, and Derek grabs a guillotine. Looks deep for a bit, but Kevin gets across the body, and works his way out. He throws down some ground and pound, and they scramble up. Kevin gets another take down off the cage, and stays on top to finish the round.
rd 2 - Kevin gets the take down right away. He works some more ground and pound against the cage. Derek scrambles up and grabs the cage. The ref deducts a point. The fight continues, and Kevin looks for a take down. Derek tries another guillotine, but Kevin defends, and works ground and pound to end the round. Derek is looking a bit beat up.
rd 3 - Kevin rushes right in and gets yet another take down. Derek scrambles but Kevin takes the back. He keeps the position, throwing hard punches until the round ends.
winner Kevin Schneider rd3 unanimous decision

Fight 5: Scott Decistoforo vs Jimmy Macdonald - 140lbs ammy
rd1 - Jimmy comes out kicking, and Scott wants to box some hands.Jimmy catches Scott with a flush kick across the face, and he drops to the floor. He instantly pops up, but jimmy swarms and finishes him with a barrage of punches and the ref steps in. winner Jimmy Macdonald 18sec rd1 TKO ref stoppage.
*As the winner was announced, one of his JACKASS friends thought it would be cool to toss a full beer into the cage from the top tier. Beer was all over the cage floor, and several people including myself, commissioners, judges, and anyone under or ringside. The announcer quickly called him out, and police grabbed the idiot, and we were later told he'd spend the night in jail, and face charges for his stupid little act!! No need for crap like that!!

Fight 6: Johnny Melo vs Jesse Pires - 125lb ammy
rd1 - Fighters circle and trade some punches and kicks.Johnny shoots and Jesse pulls a guillotine.It's deep for a bit but Johnny escapes and they are back to the feet. Johnny shoots again, and gets the take down. He starts some nice ground and pound then lets him up. Johnny shoots again, showing some nice wrestling. Ends the round on top in full guard.
rd2 - Start the round trading punches and kicks again. Johnny hits Jesse with a hard punch, then gets another nice take down. He stands over Jesse landing some huge shots. Jesse has heart!! The round ends with more of the same.
rd3 - Johnny comes out hard throwing knees and kicks. He gets another take down, and lays down some more vicious ground and pound. Jesse has a huge hematoma under his eye, and its completely shut. The ref and doc look at the eye, and the fight is called. winner Johnny Melo rd3 stoppage.* This kid is going to be a real player in the 125lb ammys!!!

Fight 7: Edwin Flores vs Shane Mulligan - 185lb ammy
rd1 - The place is going nuts for the hometown boy, "The Future"!!! He looks ready, as the round starts, but Ed rushes in hard, picks Shane up and gets a big slam! He grabs a guillotine as they scramble, but Shane pops out. They stand up, and ed throws a kick that gets caught by Shane. Shane turns it into a take down, but Ed scrambles up, only to be taken down again. Shane gets to mount and starts some nice ground and pound. Ed turtles and Shane takes the back as the round ends.
rd2 - Ed rushes in, gets the take down into side control. Shane pivots, and gets his guard in between them. He throws up a triangle, and uses it to sweep to the top. Ed is trapped perfectly and Shane lays down the ground and pound for the ref stoppage.
winner Shane Mulligan rd 2 TKO ref stoppage. *The Future had alot of expectation, with his years of training, and success. I thought he handled himself very well, with a very strong tough opponent. The "Future" is bright for this young beast!!

Fight 8: Chris Suarez vs JP White - 135lb ammy
rd1 - Chris circles and throws two nice hard, and quick leg kicks. JP clinches up and gets a take down into Chris's full guard. JP works to pass to side control. He rolls off for the arm bar and the ref stops the fight before the tap, and Chris is rubbing his eye complaining?? Not sure if he tapped or not, but i heard he said he had Vaseline in his eye? winner JP White rd 1 ???

Fight 9: Max Barrett vs Ken Bailey - 145lb ammy
rd1 - They come out trading straight punches into a clinch. Max separates and starts to land several hard one two combos straight down the pipe! Ken is bloodied, but keeps coming. Max turns it on again, Ken is hurt against the cage. Max throws one more hard straight right, and ken is down and the ref jumps in to stop it!
winner Max Barrett rd 1 1:40 TKO ref stoppage.

Fight 10: Dan Phelps vs Rich Hunter - 170lb ammy
rd1 - Richard comes out throwing hard and clinches up.Dan powers him to the mat, but they quickly scramble up.On the way up Dan catches an inadvertent knee to the groin. Back at it and they start to bang. Rich gets a take down into half guard, and lays down some punches until the round ends.
rd2 - Rich comes out the aggressor again, landing some nice punches on the feet. Dan shoots and takes it to the ground, but they scramble up.Rich grabs for a guillotine and Dan is defending. The ref stops the fight as Dan complains he didn't tap?? winner rd 2 ref stoppage? Richard Hunter *This was another weird stoppage by Gary Elban....

Fight 11: Jim Manning vs Felix Gomez - 170lb ammy
rd1 - Both guy take center cage and trade strikes. It's a busy round on the feet with alot of striking and moving, but no big shots connect. This continues until the round ends, both guys look good.
rd2 - They come out trading yet again, but this time Felix gets one through that hurts Jim. Felix turns on the pressure and he drops Jim, and finishes with ground and pound as the ref is forced to step in.
winner Felix Gomez rd2 47 sec TKO ref stoppage.

At this point in the show, we had a grappling match between Cage titans promoter Mike Polvere, and the Pro 135lb Champ Tateki Matsuda. Tek's opponent fell through, and he had a film crew there from Japan to film the fight. Since it didn't happen Mike figured a grappling match would at least give them some footage. It was a good close match, no one was in danger of being submitted, but Tek won by points.

Fight 12: Jesse Gutierrez vs Kenny Murphy - 125lb ammy title
rd1 - Both guys come out looking great. Exchanging quick punch and kick combos. Jesse is connecting with some hard shots, and he is setting them up great! Ken is bleeding, as Jesse's straights and uppercuts keep finding a home.
rd2 - More of the same to start the second. Jesse is throwing hard combos looking to hurt Kenny, and it is keeping him on his heels. This continues until Ken shoots in and gets a take down into guard. Jesse is busy from the bottom, and Kenny seems content to stay in guard.
rd3 - Kenny comes out and intelligently pushes for and gets a take down. He spends the whole round on top in  full guard controlling but rarely punching, doing no damage.
rd4 - They circle and exchange on the feet. Kenny pushes to the cage and powers through to get another take down. He is again in full guard making sure Jesse's sub attempts don't get too far, and trying for some ground and pound. Jesse is busy from the bottom, mixing short punches in while looking to get out from bottom.
rd5 - Jesse is pressing in throwing hard combos with his hands, then connects with a couple nice head kicks that put Kenny on the defensive. Ken shoots and gets another take down. He looks to ride out the round on top doing little in the way of striking, and Jesse is doing all he can to stay busy from the bottom as the round ends. winner Kenny Murphy rd5 split decision. * This was a great fight between two awesome fighters!! I thought Jesse won, doing more damage, and trying to win the fight throughout.

Fight 13: Mario Gonzalez vs Ed Gillis - Heavyweight ammy title
rd1 - Ed rushes out as is his norm. He powers Mario into the cage, and uses his patented belly/hip toss top top side control. I've seen most of Ed's fights, and no one has been able to stop that throw yet. Mario quickly sweeps to the top, they scramble, and are getting up on the cage. On the way up Mario sees the opportunity and grabs Ed's neck for a guillotine. It's deep, and Ed has no defense, and taps!
winner and new Heavyweight ammy Champ Mario Gonzalez rd1 59sec submission guillotine choke.

Fight 14: Peter Barrett vs Ruso Khubejashvili - 145lb ammy title
rd1 - Both guys look in great shape, and ready for war. They come out swinging hard, and a few kicks are thrown as well. A few close misses by both, and Pete throws a huge right that connects perfectly and Russo drops like a ton of bricks! He's out cold, but Pete wants to make sure, and rushes in for one more before the ref can step in. winner and new featherweight Champ Peter Barrett rd1 26sec KO.
* Pete got a chance to say a few words. He thanked his team, and his brother Max. The brothers were fighting for their step father who had passed less than a week earlier. What a great night for the Barretts!!!

Fight 15: Keegan Hornstra vs Chris Paolini - 165lb Pro
rd1 - Both fighters are win less as pro's, and some body's "O" must go!! Keegan comes out looking very relaxed and ready. He lands a couple nice hard leg kicks to start. Chris throws a body kick that Keegan catches. Keegan kicks out the other leg to drop Chris to his back, then confidently calls him back up to his feet.Keegan rushes in, and drops Chris with a sik spinning jumping backfist!! He follows up with some heavy ground and pound. Chris tries to push through, and get up, but Keegan sees the opportunity, and grabs Chris's neck and pulls guard with a tight guillotine. It's deep, and Chris taps.
winner Keegan Hornstra rd1 submission, guillotine choke. * Really happy for Keegan, kid deserves this win, as he always works hard! He looked great in this fight, and really went hard to get the finish.

Fight 16 - Jesse Merrit vs Tim Silva -175lb Pro
rd1 - The fighters come out trading kicks. Jesse has a somewhat traditional side stance. Jesse starts to come forward with some bomb punches, and one knocks Tim's mouth piece flying. Jesse keeps coming forward landing some very solid punches, but Tim hangs in, and fires back. Tim lands a few nice leg kicks, but Jesse is landing hard punches and kicks of his own.
rd2 - They come out firing again. Tim working more solid leg kicks, Jesse must feel them, but keeps coming forward. Jesse clinches and gets Tim to the mat. Tim is down against the cage, and Jesse is firing down some hard shots. Tim pops up and tries to grab a guillotine, but Jesse defends, and stays on top working ground and pound until the round ends.
rd3 - Both fighters are looking a little tired. Tim looks surprisingly decent for some of the huge punches he has endured. Jesse is pawing some very light punches just to stay busy. He mixes in some hard shots but is def tired. Tim has slowed as well, but keeps connecting with leg kicks. Jesse turns it back up and is landing hard on Tim but Tim takes them all!! winner Jesse Merrit rd 3 unanimous decision. *Tim might be the toughest guy I have ever watched fight!! He took huge shots from Jesse the whole fight!! Old school and I both couldn't believe how little damage his face had as well...

Fight 17 - Main Event Shane DeCristoforo vs Remo Cardarelli 125lb Pro title
rd1 - Shane comes out throwing kicks but doesn't connect. He shoots in and gets the take down into Remo's guard. Remo is busy from the bottom keeping Shane off balance.Shane works past and gets to mount, but they scramble up to the feet. They clinch against the cage working for position, and fall to the mat and Remo is on top. He works to the mount and starts to throw down punches. Shane turtles and Remo has the back position as the round ends.
rd2 - Fighters circle, Shane throws a leg kick, and they start to trade punches. Shane shoots in but Remo stuffs the attempt. He pushes to the cage and gets a take down of his own in side control. Remo works past and mounts Shane. He throws a few nice elbows and grabs and rolls off for an arm bar. Shane postures up and defends and throws some body shots. Remo lets go of the arm and gets a take down off the cage.He starts the ground and pound but Shane works his way back to his feet. They clinch up and Shane gets a take down to top position as the round ends.
rd3 - Remo shoots in and Shane defends, and throws a quick knee. Remo trys again, and scores the take down. He works his way to the mount, and then takes Shane's back and works for the choke. Shane defends well and rolls to the top in Remo's full guard. Remo wall walks up the cage and gets another nice take down He standing over Shane throwing punches, and Shane trys a few up kicks, just missing the mark. Remo sees another opportunity, and grabs Shane's arm for an arm bar. It's deep, and Shane taps!!
winner Remo Cardarelli rd3 submission, arm bar. *What a great battle to end a great night of fights!! These two warriors had energy and intensity the whole way through!!

 Through being tired, battling traffic and then the parking situation, I still had an amazing time!! As I said before, I prefer a smaller fight card, and I think that helps ensure a more packed house till the end. However, Plymouth Memorial Hall was packed to capacity and was rocking with intense energy for many of the fights! Mike Polvere is amazing at what he does, and he and his Cage Titans crew are the top notch promotion in the east! Yet again our cage side seats table had a bowl full of goodies...from small bags of chips (that Oldschool scarffed down like Barb doesn't allow them in the house...) to granola bars, bite size candy bars, skittles and starburst!! It's these little things, that show you care, are what set this promotion apart from the others. Thanks again to Mike, Brandie, Shelly and the whole Cage Titans crew. We look forward to your next installment! I leave you with a couple pics from the show that I took with my phone.