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July 29, 2013

NEF 'Cagefighting in Biddeford' 8/3/2013 Teaser

It was just not too long ago when NEF invaded Bangor Maine for the first mma show ever in Bangor.  Now they are back this Saturday with 14 fights, all amateur.  NEF has informed me that Bree the new NEF ring girl will also be in attendance.  She is gorgeous and has a smile that can brighten all of Maine so make sure you say Hi to her.  This show will take place in Biddeford Maine which their last show there sold out.  This venue only holds 1700 NEF fans so make sure you get your tickets early by visiting here.  General Admission tickets start at just $20 bux so don't miss out.  They had to turn away people at the door last time in Biddeford so just letting you know if you snooze you lose!  I especially love this venue because it is closer to us and only a 2 hour and a half drive!  The main event is going to be an awesome fight and it also features a female showdown featuring Maria Rios which will be sure to be a memorable one.  Let me break down the card for you....

165 CJ Ewer 1-0 (Young's MMA) vs Steven Fontaine 0-0 (New England Combat)

CJ Ewer will take on Steven Fontaine at 165lbs.  CJ Ewer is from Young's MMA.  He has a 1-0 record and he took his previous fight at last minute to fill in an open spot and it paid off.  He had an awesome battle and won the decision.  They were really close but I imagine he will be even better in this one with more time to prepare!  Steven is from New England Combat and will me making the drive up from Rhode Island.  He will be making his amateur debut.  This one will be a good fight to start out the night.

185 Crowsneck Boutin 3-3 (Choi's) vs Matt Bordonaro 4-2 (Victory MMA)

At 185lbs Crowsneck Boutin will fight Matt Bordonaro.  Crowsneck is from Choi's MMA and has a 3-3 record.  He never has a boring fight and in Bangor he was walking around the crowd in a toga!  Do not mess with this wild man!  He has won one decision and two ref stoppages to strikes.  He lost two fights to ref stoppages to strikes and one to submission.  One thing I would like to see more of in Crowsneck is better cardio this fight.  If his cardio is there he is a force to be reckoned with.  Matt is from Victory MMA and has a 4-2 record.  He is coming up from New York and trust me he doesn't want to leave Maine with a loss.  He won two by decision and two by submission.  His two fights that he lost he lost by decision.  This one could very well go to a decision.  We will find out this Saturday.

145 Brandon Bushaw 6-2 (Fitness Edge) vs Derek Shorey 2-7 (The Shop)

At 145lbs Brandon Bushaw takes on Derek Shorey at 145lbs.  Brandon is from Fitness Edge and has a 6-2 record.  He comes up from South Carolina to fight in Maine and he loves it there.  He is on a 3 fight win streak and can go the distance.  I have seen him fight a few times up in Maine and I don't see many holes in his game.  Derek trains with The Shop MMA and comes into this fight with a 2-7 record.  He has lost all 7 of his fights to submission.  He has won by submission and won one by fighter not answering the bell.  He hasn't won since 2012 and is surely due for a win but not if Brandon has something to say about it!

150 Dominic Cofone 3-1 (Balanced Ground MMA) vs Kris Kramer 2-0 (Team Irish)

Next up is Dom Cofone against Kris Kramer at a catchweight of 150lbs.  Dom is from Balanced Ground MMA and has a 3-1 record.  He won two fights submission and one fight decision.  He has great wrestling and usually gets in some big slams in the fights which gets the crowd going.  His last fight at Combat Zone he lost a very close split decision to Kirk Florian.  Kris is from Team Irish and has a 2-0 record.  He won both of his fights by submission and no doubt will be looking for the quick sub against Dom!  I definitely see this fight being a ground battle and I don't see it going the distance.

125 Dustin Veinott 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Norman Fox 0-0 (MMA Athletix) 

Dustin Veinott takes on Norman Fox at 125lbs.  Dustin is from CMBJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  Norman is from MMA Athletix and will also be making his amateur debut.  I am excited to see two new amateurs and see what these guys got in their arsenals.  They will be looking to show off their skills and make a statement in the ever slim 125lb division.  125lbers are usually speedy and quick on their feet.  This one won't be boring for sure.

135 Trevor Hebert 1-1 (Frosty's First Class) vs Austyn Lizotte 0-3 (Canadian Cobras)

Then at 125lbs Trevor Hebert takes on Austyn Lizotte.  Trevor has a 1-1 record and is from Frosty's First Class.  He lost his first fight at NEF and lost by armbar.  He bounced back at the last show and won by ref stoppage to strikes against Steve Desjardins.  Just keep the kicks legal Trevor this time :)  Austyn is from Canadian Cobras and has an 0-3 record.  He is coming down from Canada to take this fight which I am excited because I don't get to see any Canadian fighters here in Mass.  He lost one fight by decision, one by submission and one by ref stoppage to strikes.  Not that I don't wish him luck but I gotta root for the Maine guy in this one!

205 John Gardner 0-0 (Frosty's First Class) vs Jeremy Stevens 0-0 (Sipayik Boxing)

Next up is John Gardner taking on Jeremy Stevens at 205lbs.  John is also from Frosty's First Class and will be making his amateur debut.  Jeremy is from Sipayik Boxing and will also be making his amateur debut.  Being from a boxing specialized school, I would imagine he wants to keep this fight standing.  I don't know about you NEF fans but I love a good stand and swing for the fences fight!  We shall see how this one plays out.

265 Kevin Smith 1-1 (Young's MMA) vs Josh Parr 0-0 (Independent)

Now for the super heavyweight showdown between Kevin Smith and Josh Parr at 265lbs.  Kevin is from Young's MMA and has a 1-1 record.  I am not sure where he lost his fight so maybe that is at typo but he fought a few NEF's ago and won with a quick ref stoppage to strikes.  He slammed the guy with a takedown and took right to full mount.  He looked very impressive and not a surprise being from Young's MMA.  Josh Parr is an independent fighter and will be making his amateur debut.  I would really like to see these guys stand and swing for the fences but I got a feeling Kevin will want to take it right to the ground.

135 Elias Leland 2-1 (AMMA) vs Cody Sargent 1-4 (Balanced Ground)

Elias Leland takes on Cody Sargent at 135lbs.  Elias has a 2-1 record and is from AMMA.  Elias has two submission wins and one loss by submission.  Cody is from Balanced Ground MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-4 record.  He lost 2 fights by decision, one by ref stoppage to strikes and one by decision.  His sole win came by guillotine against Derek Shorey.  Cody has been working hard and is ready for a battle.  I would like to see this fight stay standing.  I know Cody wants to stand and swing away but Elias will most likely want to take this fight to the ground and work his submissions.

140 Fred Lear 0-0 (Young's MMA) vs Joshua Tucker 0-0 (Independent)

Next up is Fred Lear against Josh Tucker at a catchweight of 140lbs.  Fred is from Young's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Being from Young's MMA you know he will be ready for anything.  Josh is an independent fighter and is also making his amateur debut.  Not much insight I can give on this one with two fresh fighters so we will all have to wait and find out this Saturday how it all goes down.

145 Alex Clark 1-0 (CMBJJ) vs Mitch Dicenzo 0-0 (Frosty’s First Class)

Alex Clark takes on Mitch Dicenzo at 145lbs.  Alex is from CMBJJ and has a 1-0 record.  He has a decision win over Caleb Costello in his only fight so far.  He will be ready to get his second win for sure.  Mitch is from Frosty's First Class and will be looking to get his first win as an amateur.  These are two solid teams from Maine and it should make for an excellent fight.

145 Nate Charles 1-4 (Balanced Ground) vs Matt Denning 1-2 (CMBJJ)

Then Nate Charles steps in the cage against Matt Denning at 145lbs.  Nate has a 1-4 record and is from Balanced Ground MMA.  He lost two fights to ref stoppage to strikes, one decision and on by submission.  He has fought tough fighters in his career which should be noted.  Also his last fight he won with a nasty knockout in just 25 seconds!  Matt is from CMBJJ and has a 1-2 record.  Matt just like Nate also takes tough fights.  He has lost a decision and one by submission.  He won a fight back a few Fight Night's ago by guillotine submission in Round 1 against Trevor Kell.  I am not sure where this fight will go but I think both fighters will keep it standing for a bit which will definitely make for an exciting fight for the fans.

125 Maria Rios 3-0 (AMMA) vs Valerie Aspaas 4-0 (Victory MMA)

For the female bout of the evening Maine's own Maria Rios takes on Valerie Aspaas at 125lbs.  Maria is from AMMA and has a 3-0 record.  She has two wins by ref stoppage to strikes and one by submission.  Her last bout she was getting punched and bleeding and battled it out and got the ref stoppage in the second round.  I was an instant fan and I know she will be ready to put on a show once again!  Valerie is from Victory MMA and is from New York.  I wasn't able to find out all of her fight info she won one fight by submission and one by ref stoppage.  This is evenly matched as they come folks and this definitely has potential to be fight of the night!

185 Buck Pineau 6-2 (Choi's) vs Isiah Queen 2-1 (Team Anubis)

For the Main(e) event of the evening Buck Pineau takes on Isiah Queen for a huge 185lb showdown.  Buck is from Choi's MMA and has a 6-2 record.  He holds CFX belt in the 185lb division when he won over Mike Rodriguez.  This fight is however not a title fight. He has 3 submission, 1 decision and 2 ref stoppages to strikes victories.  He lost one fight by submission early in his carer and one by decision to Allan Josselyn which no doubt NEF fans will remember that war.  Isiah Queen is from Team Anubis and has a 2-1 record.  He has two submission wins and his only loss came to Mike Rodriguez in which he lost by ref stoppage to strikes.  On paper if you believe in MMA math, Buck would be the better fighter since he defeated Mike Rodriguez and Isiah lost to him.  They both beat Allan Josselyn once but Buck also has lost to Allan Josselyn.  Let me the first to tell you that MMA Math does not work and anything can happen in the world of MMA.  I can't wait to see how this one plays out.

There you have the entire preview of New England Fight's 'Cagefighting in Biddeford' which will take place on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at the Biddeford Arena.  The show features 14 amateur fights and tickets are starting at just 20 bucks!  The Artist and his film crew will be there.  Warchild will be capturing photos with his keen eye and I will be doing the live play by play.  I will do my best to make sure Warchild doesn't take just photos of NEF's new ring girl Bree and actually captures some fight action!  Bring your friends and grab a beer because you are in for another good night NEF fans.