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January 5, 2014

Fan Reactions Around The Cage from Reality Fighting

As we are all anxiously awaiting the review packed with photos from the Reality Event I figured I would do another article on fan reactions of the event.  We had overwhelming positive feedback over the first one we did and I will try to continue to do them for us.  Basically what we do is capture the best reactions from an event from the social media and share their reaction for us all.  The ones I chosen are not meant to offend anyone.  They are just a reaction that I enjoyed reading and wanting to share with everyone.

First reaction is from local fighter Jay Perrin who has a big fight coming up for Combat Zone:

Jeff Nader reacts to one of his training partners Joey Gomez on his victory and winning the title at Reality.  Congrats Joey!

Joe Cushman who lost in the main event left this humbling message.  You will be back Joe for sure!!

Marvin left this message fresh off his submission victory over Mike De Los Reyes.  Congrats to you Marvin.

The best reaction of the night goes to this photo posted on Instagram by Notorious Nick Newell of himself, Jeff Haddad and Matt the Mangler Bessette doing their best impression of ring girls!!  What do you think guys??

That wraps up this installment of Fan Reactions from around the cage from the Reality Fighting Event.  Props to all the fighters and Reality for putting on another awesome event.  Tune in next time for our next Fan Reaction article and keep writing us comments on our fanpage and tweeting us.  You just never know when you might make the next fan reaction article!!