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January 5, 2014's 2013 Recap

It was a fantastic year in 2013 of mixed martial arts all around New England, don't you agree??  First off I would like to give a round of applause to all the people who are involved in the mma scene by either being a promoter, a fighter, a fan and even people who work for the commission on a job well done.  Without any of you, mma wouldn't be what it is today in New England.  I always like to take an hour and total up our articles and share with you all just how busy of a year it was.  We had a total of 536 articles written for the year which includes 259 fight videos!  Thanks to Joe Leonard and crew who filmed/edited many of those fight videos for NEF and Warrior Nation.  For total events that we covered we did 36 reviews.  Doesn't seem like we did that much, wow! As we all know that involves countless hours away from our family and gas money to get to these shows.  We thank you all for purchasing photos and sponsoring us as we use all that money towards gas to get to events.  Also special thanks to anyone who has helped us guest write reviews and cover shows for us this year.The Boss wrote us 12 Boss's Picks articles and ended the year with a .680 average which was his best average in 5 years for the website!  Great job buddy!  Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me to be's Reporter of the Year.  It is truly an honor and I couldn't have done it without all your votes and of course without the support of my brethren, Joe Leonard, Jeremy Reipold, Todd Selva and Ed Warchol.