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April 5, 2014


We are all busy covering Premier FC tonight and couldn't attend the Cage Titans event.  Luckily for all of us Jeff Nader has volunteered his time to cover the event for us at  Keep checking this article for the live updates starting around 7pm.  The full review will be up on the website in the next few days.  Click the jump to go to the results.

 125lb AM – Buun Tengamnuay (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Dave Baxter (0-1, USMMA)

Dave Baxter wins via TKO rd 2

155lb AM – Evan Aubrey (1-1, Wai Kru) vs Jacob Weeks (1-0, SBG East Coast)

Weeks taps Aubrey with a very slick guillotine

125lb AM – Ryan Kane (0-1, CCFA) vs Dan Krall (1-1, Battlecrew)

Kane wins unanimous decision.  Great fight.

145lb AM – Jose Rustrian (2-2, Boston Combat) vs Jeff Perez (2-2, SBG East Coast)

Perez defeats Rustrian via tko to strikes Rd 3

135lb AM – Ryan Pompeii (1-0, TriForce) vs Randy Costa (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Costa wins tko rd 1

140lb AM – Chris Suarez (1-4, Independent) vs Max Barrett (2-2 MAXX Training)

Max Barrett wins by Chris not answering the bell at the start of Rd 2.

160lb AM – Barry Liseno (0-2, Independent) vs Jimmy Manning (2-2, CCFA)

Manning wins submission triangle Rd 1.

145lb Amateur Title Fight Billy "The Kid" Keenan (Redline 4-2) and Dan Dubuque (3-1 DCNU)

Dan wins 3/2 over Keenan split decision FOTN so far.

195lb Pro CatchWeight Steve Skratz (NE Combat 7-7) vs. Pat Schultz (8-2 CCFA)

Skratz wins tko rd 1. fast paced fight.

170lb Pro Frank Falso (0-0 Team United) vs. Keegan Hornstra (1-7 Port City)

Keegan wins tko rd 1.

Pro  185lb Michael Rodriguez vs Ralph(Pro Trifecta) vs. Ralph  Johnson (6-8 Independent)

Mike Rodriguez wins tko rd 1.

Pro 125lbers  Chad "Machine gun" Kelly (2-0 FAA) vs. Remo Cardarelli (1-0 Rivera Athletics)

Chad wins rd 1, going into the 2nd round and Remo wins rnc. HELLUVA FIGHT!

Pro 135lbs Robbie Leroux (6-2 Clinch MMA) vs. Johnny Campbell (5-4 SSSF)

Cupcakes win via split decision FOTN!!