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April 4, 2014


Warchild was late once again picking me up because he was too busy on facebook trolling people.  We made the hour and half trip with only a few missed exits which is actually an improvement with Warchild.  Next we checked out the Rockingham Park Mall next door and visited the Apple Store and the food court.  Warchild didn't want to ride the merry-go-round unfortunately.  Finally we made our way to our seats at the all new press section.  Normally we are cage side but the commission needed some cageside spots and there were several press people in attendance so they had us a nice table in the back.  We had a nice clear view of the cage and power so that is fine with me!  John Vena was the host of the evening.  We have 11 fights total for the night.  The only cancellation was the Dan Bonnell and John Santos fight due to Bonnell being injured.  Heal up fast buddy!  There were some other fights that were scrapped for various reasons. The refs for the evening are Kevin MacDonald, Jeff Nader and John English. For the local celebs I saw Doomsday Howard, Kill Their Will Family, NEF champ Mike Zichelle, Rodrigo Silva, Peggy Morgan, Jay Perrin, Vovka Clay, Orto, Jimmy Quinlan, Chuck O'Neil, Ray Wood, Matt Denning, John Johnston, Matt Douglas, Bruce Boyington, Jordan Pope, Nate Charles, Perry Filkins and Dom Cofone!  The crowd was a good size for the evening and appeared to be sold out.  The national anthem was done by a guy doing a guitar solo which was really awesome.  Let us get to the fights!

135lbs AM David Bradbury (Ind. 1-0) vs. Carl Langston (BGMMA 1-3)

Carl connects with a head kick right off the bat but David just shrugs it off.  David rushes in for a takedown but Carl is working a guillotine choke.  David gets out and is now on the bottom as Carl works the guard.  Carl is in the guard the rest of the round.

Carl 10-9

Rd 2:  David tries a kick but slips.  David comes forward with a combo and Carl gets a good knee to the body from the clinch.  Carl gets the hip toss takedown and is now in half guard.  He moves to full mount and gets in some solid ground and pound.  David bucks him off and gets the sweep.  He is now on top in half guard.  Carl gets the roll and is now working some ground and pound.  He works the arm triangle and gets the tap.

Carl Langston defeats David Bradbury via tapout to arm triangle at 2:42 in Rd 2.

135lbs AM Alec Wilson (Wai Kru 0-0) vs. Jordan Yantlin (Untamed MMA 0-2)

Alec misses with a front kick.  Alec rushes in and gets the takedown.  Jordan ends up on top after the roll but Alec gets right back to his feet.  Alec gets in a nice leg kick to the body.  They clinch and Alec gets the takedown.  He sinks in a guillotine and gets the tap.

Alec Wilson defeats Jordan Yantlin via tapout to guillotine at 1:33 in Rd 1.

170lbs AM Tim Loughran (Mass BJJ 1-0) vs. Corey Bowhall (CNYMMA/Chainsaw Army 2-2)

Corey starts us off with a kick.  Corey misses with a high kick and Tim takes him down.  Tim is now in the guard and Corey is working a guillotine and gets the tap.

Corey Bowhall defeats Tim Loughran by tapout to guillotine at 50 seconds in Rd 1.

185lbs AM Kristian Lombari (Team Fury 0-3) vs. John Ryan (Triumph 0-0)

John gets a kick to the body and they fall to the ground.  John is now at the side until he gets bucked off and they are back to their feet.  Kristian misses with a kick and slips.  John takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

John Ryan defeats Kristian Lombari via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:15 in Rd 1.  Impressive win for Triumph's Muay Thai instructor.

145lb AM Danny Abad (CNYMMA/Chainsaw Army 1-2) vs. Dan Lynch (Team Pitbull 1-1)

Both fighters get in a leg kick.  Dan gets the takedown and is now working the side.  They get back to their feet and Dan rips him down with a suplex slam.  Danny rolls and is now on top.  He gets in a few punches until he is bucked off.  Danny now has the back and is trying to get in some ground and pound.  Danny works an armbar and gets the tapout with one second left before the bell!!

Danny Abad defeats Dan Lynch via tapout to armbar at 2:59 in Rd 1.

145 lbs AM Michael Fagan (IntenZe MMA 0-0) vs. Josh Harvey (Youngs MMA 0-0)

Josh gets in a combo and tries for a takedown but is stuffed.  They break and are back at it.  Michael gets in an outside leg kick.  Both fighters get in a jab.  Josh gets the takedown but Michael gets right back to his feet.  Josh gets in a combo of punches.  Michael gets in an inside leg kick and Josh takes him down.  He is in the half guard and working punches to the body.  He gets in some punches to the head before the round ends.

Josh 10-9

Rd 2:  Josh gets in a combo that connects.  Josh rushes in for a takedown and gets it.  Michael tries to stand and Josh gets in a knee to the body.  Josh is now in the guard.  Not much action until Josh slams Michael down two times.  Josh gets bucked off and they are back to their feet.  Michael's eye is completely swollen shut.

Josh 10-9

Rd 3:  Josh starts us off with a few leg kicks.  Josh eats the kick and gets the takedown.  Josh is in the guard for most of this round with not much action.  At the end of the round Josh postures up and gets in some hammerfists as the round ends.

Josh Harvey defeats Michael Fagan by unanimous decision.

145lbs AM Aaron Lacey (Young's MMA 3-0) vs. Matt Tullos (5-0 Connor's MMA)

Matt goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  They are clinching and they keep reversing at the cage.  Matt gets the takedown and moves to full mount.  He gets pushed back to half then to the side.  Aaron works his way up and Matt gets in two knees to the body.  Aaron i snow clinching Matt up against the cage.  Aaron pulls guard and Matt  is on the side as the round ends.

Matt 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch and Matt gets the takedown.  Matt is working the guard.  Aaron bucks him off and Matt takes him down again.  He is working the side for a bit.  Aaron is working his way up as the round ends.

Matt 10-9

Rd 3:  Matt is fighting for a takedown and gets it.  Aaron is trying to get up but Matt lays him back down.  Aaron works his way up and is successful this time.  Matt gets the single leg takedown and is working the side.  He passes to full mount and is trying to get in some ground and pound.  Aaron uses the cage and knocks him back to half guard.

Matt 10-9

Matt Tullos defeats Aaron Lacey by unanimous decision.  Matt improves to 6-0 and remains undefeated.  Very nice return to the cage.

170lbs AM Brett Trahan (BTMMA 9-2) vs. JT Harold (Pitbull 3-1)

JT connects with a right hand that stuns Brett.  He goes for a takedown and gets it.  He is working the side and JT gets the sweep.  Brett gets a reverse of his own and moves to full mount.  JT gets the roll and is now on top.  He gets in a few shots to the head in and the crowd erupts.  He gets in about 7 hammerfirsts and the ref stops the fight.

JT Harold defeats Brett Trahan via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:15 seconds in Rd 1.

185lbs Pro Cheyenne Vazquez (Sityodtong 1-0) vs. Eddie Brito (Team Fury 3-5)

Cheyenne misses with a kick.  They clinch up against the cage and Eddie is fighting for a takedown.  Cheyenne is standing heavy and reverses.  He gets the takedown and lays down a bombardment of elbows and strikes to the side of the head.  He gets the ref stoppage.  Very impressive.

Cheyenne Vazquez defeats Eddie Brito via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:10 in Rd 1.  Cheyenne looked great and improves to 2-0 as a professional fighter.

145 lbs AM Title Fight Jake Pilla (Wai Kru 2-0) vs. Paulo Alves DeSousa (BMAC 2-0)

Jake rushes in and gets the quick takedown.  Paulo bounces right back to his feet and Jake slams him down again.  Jake gets a guillotine and Paulo goes to sleep.

Jake Pilla defeats Paulo Alves DeSousa via tko stoppage to guillotine at 43 seconds in Rd 1.  The Gorilla choked Paulo out cold for the win and wins the Combat Zone 145lb Ammy Title.  I suggest The Paperboy Matt Tullos for Jake's next opponent please!

155lbs Pro Brent Kinberger (Team Link 5-3) vs. Mervin Rodriguez (Renzo Gracie NH 5-7)

Mervin misses with a high kick.  They clinch and Brent gets in a good knee to the body.  Brent gets the slamming takedown and takes the back.  He gets a triangle and fires a bunch of elbows to the head.  Mervin gets out and rolls but Brent ends up back on his back.  Brent is working a rear naked choke but is falling off to the side.  Mervin takes advantage and ends up on top in guard as the round ends.

Brent 10-9

Rd 2:  Mervin gets in a head kick.  Mervin is working his kicks.  They clinch and Brent gets in a good elbow in a break from the clinch.  They clinch again and Brent slams Mervin down and is now working the side.  He gets in a few elbows from the top.  He takes the back and is looking for the rear naked choke but can't get the finish.

Brent 10-9

Rd 3:  Brent throws a high kick that is checked to start us off.  Mervin gets in a good leg kick.  Mervin gets in a 1-2 combo that connects and they clinch.  Brent gets the takedown and then takes the back.  Brent is looking for an arm triangle but can't get it.  Mervin is very good at defending the submissions.  Brent is all over him and peppering him with some body shots.

Brent 10-9

Brent Kinberger defeats Mervin Rodriguez via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Josh Harvey over Michael Fagan.
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  JT Harold over Brett Trahan.
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT: Jake Pilla guillotine choke over Paulo Alves DeSousa.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review.  Special thanks to Warchild for making the trip with me and taking photos for us all.  Shoutout to the media crews at the table and Lynne from Combat Zone for her help on the fight card sheet.   Huge shoutout to Combat Zone staff for allowing us to cover the show and for providing us the up to date card and for allowing us to cover the show for everyone.  All of our photos will be going up on our fanpage so make sure to like the page below.  Last but not least leave us some comments please.