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June 20, 2014


We are here at the event.  We ended up parking a few streets over and thankfully we made it before the first fight started.  Warchild did an excellent job navigating us through the mean streets of Boston.  The ring girls are looking hot and the crowd is getting packed.   The man Pat Walsh helped us into the area with the cage that is set up in the center. The Victory staff is very helpful and very accomodating.  The refs are Chris Burke, Kevin MacDonald and one other name I missed.  There were some last minute changes but there are still 8 fights total for the evening.  The sound in the club is awesome you can hear the announcer very clearly.  Doomsday Howard is hear in a pink shirt that you can't miss!!

HVY AM Phil Kelly(0-0 Redline) vs Andrew Paredes (0-0 Victory Combat Academy)

Andrew tries for the takedown but Phil quickly reverses and gets a takedown of his own.  Andrew quickly bounces back up and they are standing and striking.  Phil gets in a good combo.  Andrew gets in a counter jab.  Phil goes for a single leg then switches to a double leg but can't get it.  Phil gets the takedown and has the back as the round ends.

Phil 10-9

Rd 2:  They are going at it and the crowd is roaring.  Phil is looking for the takedown but can't get it.  Andrew gets in a good combo and Phil follows it up with a combo of his own.  He can't get it and Andrew gets in a good right hand.

Andrew 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters want it and are going at it!!  Phil gets in a clean jab.  Andrew gets in a good right hand.  Phil seems to be turning on the heat and is connecting with more shots.  Phil gets the takedown and now has the back.  He is trying to soften him up and ends the round this way.

Phil 10-9

Phil Kelly defeats Andrew Paredes via unanimous decision. All judges 30-27.

145 lbs AM Joshua Greenlaw (0-1) vs Ibrahim Farag (0-0 Elite Plus)

Ibrahim gets the takedown and is trying to keep Joshua down.  He took the back and is trying to work a rear naked choke.  He is softening him up with some ground and pound.  Josh gets back to his feet and Ibrahim suplexing him down.  Josh gets back to his feet and they are clinching up against the cage. Josh gets lifted and does a 360 around Ibrahim's neck.  He is still holding onto the neck.  Ibrahim takes him down and now has the back.  He moves to the side and gets in 3 knees to the body.  Ibrahim goes back to his corner and thinks the round is over but gets taken down and holds on until the end.

Ibrahim 10-9

Rd 2:  Ibrahim gets another slamming takedown and is working for an armbar.  Josh gets out and is now on top in guard.  Ibrahim bucks him off and is now in the guard.  He moves to the side and then to full mount.  He gets in a little bit of ground and pound and then takes the back.  The rest of the round goes this way.

Ibrahim 10-9

Rd 3:  Ibrahim gets in a body kick and then a tomahawk chop.  He gets the slamming takedown and looks to be a illegal knee.  Fight resumes and Ibrahim gets in a right hand.  Blood is flowing from his nose.  He is trying for a rear naked choke but appears to be too high.  He shifts and gets the tap.

Ibrahim Farag defeats Joshua Greenlaw via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:20 in Rd 3.  I found out after the show the announcer said they deducted a point for illegal knee.  Guess we will have to wait for the video to verify.

185lbs PRO Nick Lavin (C3 Atheltics 0-0) vs Ralph Johnson (Independent 6-12)

Right off the bat Ralph gets a finger in the eye.  Takes one minute and fight resumes.  Ralph starts us off with a kick.  Ralph obviously has the reach in this fight.  Ralph gets in a few knees and Nik takes him down. Ralph holds him down and gets back to his feet.  Ralph gets in a combo.  Nick gets the takedown and is now working the side.  Nick goes for a guillotine but Ralph slips his head out and is now on top in guard.  Ralph gets in a few elbows from the top.  Ralph lets out a barrage of elbows and gets the ref stoppage.

Ralph Johnson defeats Nick Lavin via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:36 in Rd 1.

HW AM Jason Peppe (Redline 1-0) vs Brandon Carvalho (0-0)

Brandon goes for a takedown but Jason stuffs it.  Now they are in the center going at it.  Brandon gets in a clean uppercut.  Brandon gets in an outside leg kick.  They are clinching at the center for a bit.  Brandon dives for a takedown but Jason does a good job at stuffing it.  Jason takes the back and is now full mount.  Brandon weathers the storm and gets back to his feet as the round ends.

Jason 10-9

Rd 2:  They are swinging for the fences.  Peppe seems to be getting in the better of the strikes.  They are clinching up against the cage for a bit and Jason turns on the heat in the last seconds.

Jason 10-9

Rd 3:  Peppe starts out with a bang and lets out a huge flurry of punches and gets the ref stoppage.

Jason Peppe defeats Brandon Carvalho via tko stoppage to strikes at 15 seconds in Rd 3.

185 AM Mitch Barrish (Wai Kru 1-0) vs. Phil Opatka (Independent 6-0)

Mitch gets the takedown and is in the guard.  He postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  Mitch sees his opening and takes the back.  Mitch is now in full mount and getting in some ground and pound.  He sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

Mitch Barrish defeats Phil Opatka via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:18 second in Rd 1.

170lbs PRO Jesse Merritt (Anubis 3-1) vs Nolan Norwood (Westside MMA 7-2)

Jesse wastes no time and backs Nolan up against the cage and connects with a right to the body that drops Nolan.  He finishes him off quickly and gets the stoppage.

Jesse Merritt defeats Nolan Norwood via tko stoppage to strikes at 21 seconds in Rd 1.  Heavy hands from Jesse!!

155lbs PRO Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz (Broadway JJ/Sityodtong 5-0) vs Marcel Goncalves (3-1)

Bekzod is chasing Marcel down with strikes and catches him and knocks him down with one.  He finishes him off and gets the ref stoppage.

Bekzod Adurakhmonoz defeats Marcel Goncalves via tko stoppage to strikes at ?? in Rd 1.

205lbs PRO Kevin Haley (Anubis 3-1) vs Jesse McElligott (Connor's MMA 4-1)

Both fighters are working their strikes.  Kevin gets in a jab and so does Jesse.  Kevin is clinching him up against the cage and looking for a takedown.  Jesse connects with a right hand that stumbles him briefly.  Kevin gets hit in the groin and time is given.  Fight resumes and Kevin connects with a right hand..  Kevin catches the leg kick and trips him down.  As Jesse is getting up he hits him in the head.  Jesse gets in a good knee. Kevin gets hit with a right hand that drops him.  He recovers and is going for a takedown.  Jesse takes the back but can't get the finish before the round ends.

Jesse 10-9

Rd 2:  Kevin starts us off with a body kick.  Kevin is clinching Jesse up against the cage.  Jesse misses with a knee and gets knocked down.  Kevin is holding onto the ankle going for a heelhook but can't get the tap.  Jesse is now on top working the side.  Jesse moves to full mount and is trying to posture up.  He sinks in a  nasty arm triangle and gets the tap.

Jesse McElligott defeats Kevin Haley via tapout to arm triangle at 3:18 in Rd 2.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:   Joshua Greenlaw vs Ibrahim Farag
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Jesse McElligott arm triangle
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Ralph Johnson and his brutal elbows...

It was an awesome night of fights at Victory Combat Sports in the Club Royale.  The cage was set up in the center and there were tons of great seats around the cage.  Fans could watch at the upper levels which was a nice touch.  The show went real smooth with minor interruptions that were out of Victory's hands.  The Royale had a couple of dancers on podiums which was cool and kept the crowd at full attention at all times.  The place was packed with mma fans and it ended in a timely manner.  Thanks to Warchild for taking the photos and driving through Boston for me.  Special thanks to the Victory crew for having us and putting on such a great show.  We will be uploading all of our pics to Facebook so make sure you support us and like our fanpage.