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December 8, 2014

December 2014 M.S.A.C. Meeting and Interview with Sean Rockwell, CEO/ Owner "Prime Athletics Corp."

As we close out of 2014 into the fresh new year ahead I made it into Boston one last time for the monthly State Athletic Commission meeting at 1 Ashburton Place to get as much info as I could for all the fighters, coaches, promoters, matchmakers, and everyone interested in the decidedly less exciting side of our sport. Nevertheless this information is of great importance and with luck I will be able to regularly attend these meetings and pass on the info. The video is hosted on my television station's on demand server, here.

These meetings tend to get lengthy, but I have done my best to clearly label the Agenda Items so that you can scrub through the footage and look for the things that interest you.  It was very gracious of Sean Rockwell to give me his time that afternoon and share a few things coming down the line for both Darren Mima and Thomas Evans.  Check out this article Thomas contributed to Lion Fights back in April just before his fight.

Also be sure to tune into CBS Sports on your local cable provider for the upcoming Titan FC 32 card live from the Tsongus Center in Lowell, MA.  This is sure to be an exciting card coming from veteran matchmaker, Joe Wooster.