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January 2, 2015


Cage Titans returns on Saturday January 24th at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.  We have all been drooling over each fight announcement like a fat kid in a candy shop. Today they released the full fight card and they are kicking off the year with a bang.  There are a total of 16 fights, with 5 of them being professional fights.  Also on the card are 4 amateur title fights to whet your fight appetite.  Tickets are available at the link here.  Tickets start at $45 and you have a great view from wherever you are sitting as it is all stadium seating.  One more thing don't forget that Cage Titans is having their Media Day and Medical Clinic this Sunday which is open to all fighters and not just fighters fighting on this card.  All the information you need on it is available here.  The full fight card is found below and as always we will be there covering all the news for you all.

130 PRO Billy Giovanella (8-2 Connor's MMA) vs. Johnny Campbell (10-5 SSSF)
185 PRO Chip Moraza-Pollard (8-7 CCFA) vs. Ralph Johnson (9-12 FAF)
125 PRO Anthony Carmenatty (0-4 Independent) vs. Nick Iaciofano (0-0 USMMA)
160 PRO Sean Nichols (Sityodtong 1-3) vs. Ben Peak (1-0 Wai Kru)
180 PRO Sean Lally (CCFA 1-1) vs. Tunde Odomusu (2-2 Independent)
135 AM Title Fight Manny Bermudez (6-1 SSSF) vs. Max Barrett (4-3 CCFA)
145 AM Title Fight Ricky Proctor (Lauzon 4-1) vs. Jeff Perez (4-2 SBG East)
155 AM Title Fight Jimmy Manning (CCFA 5-2) vs. Billy Connors (3-0 Boston Muay Thai)
170 AM Title Fight Carlos Correia (DCNU 3-0) vs. Paul Gaffney (Team Link 4-1)
145 AM Mark Cardarelli (2-1, Rivera Athletics) vs Angel Rodriguez (0-1, Boston Combat)
120 AM Shannon Harney (2-4, Northshore Muay Thai) vs Danielle Hindley (0-0, SSSF)
125 AM Brendon Stephenson (0-1, Team BKJA) vs Robby Frasier (0-1, SSSF)
135 AM Andres Rodriguez (2-0, Sityodtong) vs Will Smith (1-0, DCNU)
170 AM Pat Casey (0-0, J Ross BJJ) vs Barry Liseno (1-4, Independent)
145 AM Chris Labe (0-0, Team Anubis) vs Devin Carrier (1-1, Lauzon)
145 AM Jose Rustrian (2-4, Boston Combat) vs David Espino (2-2, Team Trifecta)