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January 2, 2015 2014 Recap

Well another year has come and gone and we are looking forward to 2015.  It is now that time when I like to look back on the year we had and share some numbers with you all.  First of all I have to give thanks to our entire team which includes anyone who has helped us during this year.  Warchild has stepped up big time and has taken some excellent photos for us this year.  The Artist has filmed more than he ever has before and has vastly improved the fight video quality and overall appearance.  The Boss has been busy with his family and working but is still a big contributor.  I am looking forward to going over some of the photos and coming up with CityBoy's Top 10 Photos of 2014 sometime this month so keep your eyes peeled.  Of course I have to thank all the promotions for their hard work they put into shows and allowing us to cover the shows.Shout out to all our fans for their support, without you we would be nothing.I would love for people to give us more feedback and write us some comments.  Don't be afraid to comment on the articles.  Here are our final numbers for the year!

493 Articles
213 Fight Videos Posted--makes for a huge archive of fight videos to search for
32 Teasers
28 Event Reviews