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May 8, 2015

Toe 2 Toe Fights 2 5/9/2015 TEASER

Toe 2 Toe returns for their second show of the promotion.  The show will take place this Saturday on May 9th, 2015 at the Portland Expo in Portland Maine.  They had some fights drop off but there is a total of 11 fights on the card with 4 of them being pro.  The doors will be opening up at 5pm and the show should start around 6pm.  Tickets are still available at the link here and start at $36.  On the card is Maine's Ryan Sanders against Regiclaudio Kexada and the main event is Bill Jones against Vincent McGuinness.  We attended their last event and it was a great venue to watch fights in and the crowd was into the fights.  Let me break down the card for you and keep in mind this most likely will not be the final fight order.  I will do the best I can with their records/weights and teams as the cards online are all over the place.

145 AM Dan Lynch (1-2 Spero's MMA) vs Henry Clark (1-1 Choi Institute)

At 145 lbs Dan Lynch steps into the cage against Henry Clark.  Lynch trains with Spero's MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-2 record.  He won 1 fight by submission against Nick Toressi.  He lost one fight by submission and 1 fight by decision.  His opponent is Henry Clark who trains in Maine with Choi Institute.  He comes into this fight with a 1-1 record with 1 win by submission and 1 loss by ko/tko to strikes.  Both fighters are coming off a loss and as you can see this is a close match up.  I think this will be a good stand up battle.

185 AM Duncan Smith (1-1 BGMMA) vs John McAndrews (0-1 Bucket Brigade)

Duncan Smith will face off in the Toe 2 Toe cage against John McAndrews at 185lbs.  Duncan trains with Balanced Ground MMA and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight against Nick Alley by submission and then bounced back with a win against Chris Kevlin by unanimous decision at their inaugural event.  He will be looking to continue his winning ways in the Toe 2 Toe cage this Saturday.  His opponent is John McAndrews and he trains out of NH with the Bucket Brigade.  He comes into this fight with an 0-1 record in which he lost to Sean Evans at a previous CFX show by unanimous decision.  Both fighters have shown they have what it takes to go the distance and I think this one is going to be a decision.

135 AM Hillary Cooledge (0-1 Indepedent) vs Rachel Reinheimer (0-0 Sityodtong)

At 135 lbs Hillary Cooledge takes on Rachel Reinheimer in the sole female bout of the night.  Cooledge used to train with First Class MMA and has since then become an independent fighter.  She lost her first fight by unanimous decision against Tara Mitchell.  She has been working hard to get back in the cage and prove that she belongs in the cage.  Her opponent is Rachel Reinheimer and she trains out of Sityodtong in Massachusetts.  She will be making her amateur debut but being from Sityodtong we know she will be ready for anything.  This is sure to be an action packed fight and should be real fun to watch!

150 AM John Lough (1-0 Team Irish) vs Kyle Adams (1-0 PMA)

At a catch weight of 150 lbs John Lough takes on Kyle Adams.  Lough trains out of Team Irish and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He fought at the last Toe 2 Toe and won by ko/tko against Tony Forstner in Rd 1.  His opponent is Kyle Adams and he trains out of PMA and also comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight by submission at Combat Zone 52 against Raphael Duran.  Once again, Toe 2 Toe has put together another close match up which should turn out to be a battle for the fans.

135 AM James Dougherty (0-2 Choi Institute) vs Dan Ward (0-3 Spero's MMA)

James Dougherty will be taking on Dan Ward at a battle at 135lbs.  James trains out of Choi's Institute and comes into this fight with an 0-2 record.  He lost both of his battle by decision and is hungry for his first taste of victory in the cage.  His opponent is Dan Ward and he trains out of Spero's MMA.  Ward comes into this fight with an 0-3 record with 1 loss by submission and 2 by decision.  He is also looking for his first amateur win of his career.  As you can see this is another close battle as both fighters are willing to do what it takes to get the win and it should be a close fight.

145 AM Caleb Hall (5-2 Choi's Institute) vs Dylan Lockard (PMA 2-0)     

In a 145lb showdown Caleb Hall takes on Dylan Lockard in what is sure to be a fight of the night contender.  Hall trains with Choi's Institute and comes into this fight with a 5-2 record.  He has 3 wins by way of ko/tko and 2 wins by submission so far in his ammy career.  For his two losses he lost only to Josh Harvey and Aaron Lacey.  Now he is facing another tough fighter in Dylan Lockard.  Dylan trains with PMA and comes into this fight with a perfect record of 2-0.  Dylan has one win by submission and one win by decision.  This is going to be a ground battle and is going to come down to who can control who.You don't want to miss this one.
170 AM Andrew Tripp (8-1 Team Irish) vs. Jordan Davis (0-0 Nostos MMA)

At 170 lbs Andrew Tripp has been added to the card to fight Jordan Davis.  I believe this fight was just added in the last few days as Tripp's opponent dropped out recently.  Tripp comes into this fight with an 8-1 record and trains out of Team Irish.  Tripp has many wins by submission and has pretty much taken care of anyone in his path.  His opponent is Jordan Davis and he trains out of Nostos MMA.  He will be making his amateur debut.  Obviously this fight seems like a mismatch and I expect Tripp to make quick work out of Davis.
155 PRO Devin Powell (3-1 Nostos MMA) vs Scott Jurgen (0-0 Team Pimp It)

In the first pro fight of the night Devin Powell will face off against Scott Jergen at 155lbs.  Powell trains with Nostos MMA and comes into this fight with a 3-1 record.  He has 2 wins by submission and 1 by decision so far in his pro career.  His only loss came by decision against Bruce Boyington.  His opponent is Scott Jurgen who will be making his professional debut.  He trains with Team Pimp It and fought many unsanctioned fights in the past and has a wrestling background.  There is no doubt this will be a ground battle and I suspect Powell will be looking for the submission.  We will find out how good Jurgen is on the ground as we have never seen him fight in New England yet.

185 PRO Buck Pineau (0-0 Team Irish) vs Bryan Cromer (Champions MMA 0-0)

At 185 lbs Buck Pineau will square off against Bryan Cromer.  Pineau who now trains with Team Irish had an awesome amateur record of 7-4.  He has finished his opponents in any way possible with various submissions and ko/tko to strikes.  He is now looking to make his professional debut and will be looking to add the usage of knees to the head and elbows to his repertoire.  His opponent is Bryan Cromer and he will also be making his pro debut.  Cromer trains with Champions MMA and I wasn't able to find much information on Cromer so we will have to see how this one plays out this Saturday.

155 PRO Ryan Sanders (7-7 Young's MMA) vs Regiclaudio Kexada Macedo (7-3 Daniel Gracie)

At 155 lbs Ryan Sanders returns to the cage in Maine against Regiclaudio Kexada.  Sanders trains out of Young's MMA and comes into this fight with a 7-7 record. Sanders has 6 wins by submission and 1 by ko/tko to strikes.  The majority of Sander's losses have come by decision which proves he is a tough fighter to finish.  His opponent is Regiclaudio Kexada who trains out of a Daniel Gracie School.  He has 3 wins by ko/tko and 4 wins by submission.  For his losses he lost 2 by ko/tko and 1 by sub.  Both of these guys are seasoned veterans in the cage with many pro fights under their belt.  This fight I see being a stand up battle which should be real entertaining for the fans.

155 PRO Bill Jones (Shop MMA 12-8) vs Vincent McGuinness (3-2 Bang Muay Thai)

In the main event fight Bill Jones will face off against Vincent McGuinness at 155lbs.  Jones was originally slated to fight Vovka Clay in a rematch but unfortunately that one got scrapped.  Hope you heal up fast Vovka.  Jones trains with The Shop MMA and comes into this fight with a 12-8 record.  Jonesi has won the majority of his fights by submission and decisions throughout his career.  He will be looking to control this fight with his ground game.  His opponent is Vincent McGuinness and he comes from Bang Muay Thai.  He comes into this fight with a 3-2 record with 2 wins by decision and 1 by submission.   For his losses he lost 1 by ko/tko and 1 by decision.  He will be making the trip from Florida and he doesn't want to go home with a loss.  Jones will want to get this fight to the ground and control the action where he does it best and McGuinness will want to keep this fight standing where he can work his Muay Thai.

That puts a wrap on this teaser edition and I hope you all enjoyed it.  The Artist and I plan on making the trip up North to attend the show and cover for you all.  Special thanks to Toe 2 Toe for keeping us in the loop with an up to date fight card.  This will be their second show and they are working on building their name so fight fans come check it out and tell us what you think!