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May 8, 2015


We are here at the show and the venue is packed.  It is a nice beautiful day in Maine of 54 degrees and it is a great night for fights.  There is a total of 11 fights on the card tonight.  As soon as we walked in we see Prime Athletics selling their gear.  All the media guys made it out and I found my spot next to the timekeeper Matt Douglas.  Kevin MacDonald is the referee for the night.  Kelly MacDonald is their photographer of the night and we have Joe Leonard behind our camera.  The Portland Expo is has 4 big screens showing the action with replays so there is not way the fight fans can't see what is happening.  The national anthem has been sung now onto some fights!

145 AM Dan Lynch (1-2 Spero's MMA) vs Henry Clark (1-1 Choi Institute)
Dan starts us off with a jab that connects.  Henry miss with a jumping front kick.  Dan catches a leg kick and gets the slamming takedown.  Dan is working the guard and trying to get some space to posture up.  Henry grabs hold of the arm and Dan pulls his arm out and makes him pay with some heavy shots.  Henry gets the sweep and has Dan's back but runs out of time.

Lynch 10-9

Rd 2

Dan gets the slamming takedown and moves to full mount.  Henry bucks him off and Dan immediately grabs hold of the neck looking for the guillotine choke.  Henry pulls his head out and is looking for some ground and pound.  He gets in a few punches and Dan tries to get out.  Henry takes

Henry Clark defeats Dan Lynch by tapout to rear naked choke at 2:19 in Rd 2.

185 AM Duncan Smith (1-1 Team Irish) vs John McAndrews (0-1 Bucket Brigade)

Duncan connects with a kick to the head and gets the takedown.  John works his way up and is looking for the single leg.  He gets it and is in half guard trying to move to full mount and he gets it.  He postures up and is looking for some ground and pound.  He finishes the round strong with some ground and pound.

McAndrews 10-9

Rd 2:  McAndrews gets the takedown and goes for the armbar for the ref stoppage.

John McAndrews defeats Duncan Smith via tko stoppage to armbar at 50 seconds Rd 2.

135 AM Hillary Cooledge (0-1 Indepedent) vs Rachel Reinheimer (0-0 Sityodtong)

They clinch and then break.  Rachel is getting in the uppercut often.  They clinch up against the cage again and exchange a few knees then break.  Rachel gets in a punch and kick right before the bell sounds.

Reinheimer 10-9

Rd 2:  Rachel starts this round off with a kick to the outside leg.  Hillary rushes in with a punch.  Rachel is connecting with some serious leg kicks.  They clinch and Rachel has Hillary pressed up against the cage as the round ends.

Reinheimer 10-9

Rd 3:  Hillary goes for a takedown and is stuffed.  Hillary pulls Rachel down and rolls to full mount.  Hillary gets in a few punches and Rachel goes to an armbar.  Hillary steps over and Rachel gets her in a triangle.  Hillary rolls over and gets out and they are back to their feet.  Rachel is pressing Hillary up against the cage as the round ends.

Cooledge 10-9

Rachel Reinheimer defeats Hillary Cooledge via unanimous decision.

150 AM John Lough (1-0 Team Irish) vs Kyle Adams (1-0 PMA)

They roll and John lands on top and is getting in a few punches to the head.  Both fighters are very active on the ground.  Kyle takes the arm and rolls out.  John takes him down and is in half guard.  John controls the rest of the round on top.

Lough 10-9

Rd 2:  Kyle threw a flying knee and the crowd cheers.  John gets the takedown ands moves to full mount.  He is getting in many unanswered strikes and gets the ref stoppage.

John Lough defeats Kyle Adams via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:25 in Rd 2.

135 AM James Dougherty (0-2 Choi Institute) vs Dan Ward (0-3 Spero's MMA)

James gets in a right.  Ward connects with a leg kick.  James is all over Dan with punches in bunches.  Dan goes down but comes  back and they are back to their feet.  Dan has a chin on him, I will tell you that.  He has been eating shots but is still hanging in there.  Right before the bell sounds James connect with a looping right.

Dougherty 10-9

Rd 2:  Dan rushes in and James connects with a left that knocks Dan out cold.

James Dougherty defeats Dan Ward via ko at 18 seconds in Rd 2.

145 AM Caleb Hall (5-2 Choi's Institute) vs Dylan Lockard (PMA 2-0)     

Dylan misses with an uppercut and Caleb goes for the single leg.  Dylan is threatening with an armbar and Caleb picks him up and slams him.  Caleb slips his arm through and they are back on their feet.  They are both swinging hard.  Caleb dives for another takedown and gets it as the round ends.

Hall 10-9

Rd 2:  Dylan connects with a combo and Caleb gets the takedown.  Dylan pops right back to his feet and takes Caleb's back.  He has the legs hooked and is trying to get the finish.  Caleb does a good job and defends it until the bell sounds.

Lockard 10-9

Rd 3:  Caleb's eye is almost swollen shut.  Caleb throws a high kick that is checked.  Caleb connected with a punch.  Dylan goes for a single leg and gets it.  Caleb rolls back and slams Dylan down and takes his back.  They work their way up and Caleb slams Dylan back down.  Caleb takes his back and is looking for rear naked choke as the round ends.

Dylan Lockard defeats Caleb Hall via split decision.

170 AM Andrew Tripp (8-1 Team Irish) vs. Jordan Davis (0-0 Nostos MMA)

Tripp connects with a right that pushes Davis back.  They are both swinging for the fences.  Tripp connects and drops Davis and the ref stops the fight.

Andrew Tripp defeats Jordan Davis via tko to strikes at 1:35 in  Rd 1.

155 PRO Devin Powell (3-1 Nostos MMA) vs Scott Jurgen (0-0 Team Pimp It)

Jurgen rushes forward and Devin takes him down.  He moves right into full mount and Devin gets some space.  He lays out some nasty elbows that opens Scott right up.  The ref stops the fight and blood is pouring out the top of Jurgen's nose and top of the head.

Devin Powell defeats Scott Jurgen via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:40 in Rd 1.

185 PRO Buck Pineau (0-0 Team Irish) vs Bryan Cromer (Champions MMA 0-0)

Both fighters are working their kicks and being patient. Buck checks a kick and the ref sees something in Buck's finger or wrist that he didn't like.  Kevin the ref stops the fight.  Doctor checks out the wrist and finger but the fight has been stopped by the ref.

Bryan Cromer defeats Buck Pineau via ref stoppage to injury at 1:06 in Rd 1. (Update Buck suffered a dislocated wrist which he did a good job trying to mask during his exam in the cage.  Kevin keeps another fighter in the game with his keen eye and instinct.)

155 PRO Ryan Sanders (7-7 Young's MMA) vs Regiclaudio Kexada Macedo (7-3 Daniel Gracie)

They clinch and Ryan gets in a knee to the head.  Ryan punches his way out and they are back to the center.  Regiclaudio is pressing Ryan up against the cage and they break.  Ryan throws a head kick.  Ryan connects with a right that sends Regiclaudio back.  Ryan gets in an inside leg kick.  Regiclaudio connects with a right.  They clinch and Regiclaudio elbows on the way out.  Regiclaudio is pushing Ryan up against the cage as the round ends.

Macedo 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are getting in their leg kicks.  Regiclaudio is pressing Ryan up against the cage.  Ryan gets in an elbow from the break.  As Regiclaudio was going for a takedown Sanders gets a nice guillotine and went to sleep.

Ryan Sanders defeats Regiclaudio Kexada Macedo via technical submission "guillotine" at 1:44 in Rd 2.

155 PRO Bill Jones (Shop MMA 12-8) vs Vincent McGuinness (3-2 Bang Muay Thai)

Jones goes for the takedown and gets it.  Vincent bounces back up and Bill is looking for another takedown.  Jones is trying to soften him up with some knees to the leg.  He can't get it and they are back to the center.  Vincent connects with a right that puts Jones to one knee but he stands right back up.  Jones is looking for another takedown but can't get it.  Vincent connects with a head kick.  Jones goes for a takedown and Vincent gets in an uppercut near the end of the round.

Jones 10-9

Rd 2:  Jones starts us off with a leg kick.  Jones goes for a takedown but can't get it.  Jones pulls guard and then gets the sweep.  Jones is getting in some ground and pound.  He is in full mount and gets in some more ground and pound.  Bill gets bucked off and they are standing.  Jones eats a knee to the head as the round ends.

Jones 10-9

Rd 3:  Jonesi keeps rushing forward but Vincent is keeping his distance.  Jones is looking for the takedown again and gets it.  Vince gets in a combo and knocks Jones down.  He lets him back up.  Jones is fighting for a takedown as the round ends.

McGuinness 10-9

Vincent McGuinness defeats Bill Jones via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Dylan Lockard vs. Caleb Hall, razor close split decision.
KO OF THE NIGHT: James Daugherty KO!
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  The Ryan Sanders over Regiclaudio Macedo
BLUNDER OF THE NIGHT: Dan Bonnell 1 Portland Cops 0

I had a real fun time covering the Toe 2 Toe fights with my good friend Joe Leonard.  I got to see all of my mma friends and we got to enjoy some great night of mma action.  The crowd was about 600-650 I would say and they were all into the fights.  I love the Portland Expo as a venue to watch fights.  On the sides there is stadium bleachers so not a bad view from there at all.  One thing I didn't like is Toe 2 Toe used a round cage which had more cross beams(which of course you can't see through) than the standard octagonal cage.  The card worked out perfect with fights starting at 7pm and ending around 10:30pm and people could still make it home for the main card that UFC had on that night.  Of course unless you live 3 hours away like we do :)  All in all it was a great show and thanks for allowing us to cover the event for our fans.  Share your thoughts with us below!