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June 4, 2015

CAGE Titans Releases Full Fight Card For 6/20/2015

Cage Titans returns with their 24th show and it is going to be a show you don't want to miss.  On the fight card there is a total of 23 fights in which 4 of them are pro and 3 of them are title fights.  Mike Polvere has put together fighters from all over and even features 2 female fights on the card.  Cage Titans continues to push the bar each show and no doubt this show is going to be sold out so get your tickets early.  Their last event sold out and they had to turn people away at the door.  Don't let that be you and peep below at the full fight card.

145 PRO Steve McCabe (6-16 Martinez BJJ) vs. Fernando Perez (6-12 NSMT)
125 PRO Nick Iaciofano ( 1-0 US MMA) vs Tim Wheeler ‪(1-0 Maestre MMA)
180 PRO Stephen Stengel (5-11 Ind) vs. Sean Lally (3-1 GFMMA)
145 PRO Manny Torres( 2-4 Kipp's Basement)  vs. Manny Bermudez.(0-0 SSSF)
185 AM TITLE Pat McCrohan ( 4-0 Gilletts MMA) vs. Sean Evans (3-0 Simler BJJ)
135 AM TITLE Will Smith (DCNU 4-0) vs. Kris Moutinho (4-2 Rivera Athletics)
155 AM TITLE Don Shainis ( 4-0 Victory)  vs. Jacob Weeks (3-1 SBG East)

145lb AM – Billy Keenan (5-1, Redline) vs Joe Giannetti (4-0, SSSF)
115lb AM – Devon Estes (1-1, Martinez BJJ) vs Hilarie Rose (1-0, USMMA)
125lb AM – Mike Brown (3-3, Boston Combat) vs Max Barrett (4-4-1, GFMMA)
155lb AM – Angelo Richardson (2-0, Speed School) vs Bobby Gasdia (1-0, SSSF)
155lb AM – Devin Carrier (2-1, Lauzon MMA) vs Chris Taylor (1-0, Victory)
170lb AM – Scott Sullivan (0-1, MAXX) vs Andy Kurzontkowski (0-0, Rivera)
Hvy AM – Owen Finnegan (1-1, IKS) vs Brendan Battles (0-0, GFMMA)
135lb AM – Matt DiCicco (1-1, Victory) vs DeShawn Robinson (2-1, DCNU)
125lb AM – Miguel Trinadad (1-0, TriForce) vs Joe Muto (0-0, Rivera)
135lb AM – Hannah Murello (1-0, Triumph) vs Kitauna Parker (0-0, Carlson Gracie)
155lb AM – Ryan Cushing (1-0, Victory) vs Jimmy Schwalm (0-1, Independent)
150lb AM – Bobby Baker (0-0, Victory) vs John Douma (1-0, TriForce)
185lb AM – Mike Fleming (0-0, 3V Martial Arts) vs Zach DiSabatino (0-0, SSSF)
190lb AM – Chris Marriott (0-0-1, Team Anubis) vs Yorgan De Castro (2-2, Lauzon)
125lb AM – Yiannis Savvidis (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Jose Lugo (0-0. Rivera Athletics)
135lb AM – Yarty Kim (0-0, Redline) vs Marty Kelly (0-0, Carlson Gracie)