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January 8, 2016


The Artist and I arrived at the beautiful Twin River Casino and had to go visit Johnny Rockets for a chicken sandwich.  The refs for the night are Big Dan and Kevin MacDonald.  There is a good solid crowd ready for the first CES fights of the new year to kick off.  Follow along as we recap the night.

125 PRO DAVID BAXTER (2-0 USMMA) vs. JOSHUA RICCI (Team Andrello 0-0)

Baxter gets in a good kick to the body and Ricci eats it and takes him down.  Baxter is staying very active from the bottom but Ricci is getting in some ground and pound.

Ricci 10-9

Rd 2:  Ricci gets in a right hand.  Baxter connects with a high kick and Ricci takes him down.  He is now in half guard and gets pushed to guard.  Josh moves back to half guard and is looking for some more ground and pound.

Ricci 10-9

Rd 3:  Baxter goes for a triangle and Ricci slips out the back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Joshua Ricci defeats David Baxter via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:02 in Rd 3.

145 PRO JAMES MURRIN (3-3 Broadway Jiu Jitsu) vs. MAK KELLEHER (Varner's Combat Academy 0-2)

James gets in a good shot and the crowd roars.  He gets in a short elbow from the clinch and Mak is looking for the takedown.  James reverses and gets the takedown of his own.  They work their way up.  Mak connects with a right and a kick to the body.  They fall to the mat and then work their way back up.  Mak is looking for the takedown and James sprawls.  Mak slams James to the mat.

Kelleher 10-9

Rd 2:  Mak is looking for a takedown but is stuffed.  James hops onto his back and they roll.  Mak is now on top and moves to the side.  James sweeps and is now on top and Mak has half butterfly.  They both are staying very active.  Mak is thinking armbar and can't get it.  They scramble and are back to their feet.  James connects with a right that drops Mak and he is looking to finish with ground and pound but he ends up in guard as the round ends.

Murrin 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters are feeling fatigue and Mak gets the takedown.  He postures up and is working some ground and pound.  He gets bucked off and James is back to his feet.  He dives for the takedown but is pushed down to the mat.  Mak takes his back and is trying to soften him up.  He can't get the rear naked choke but Mak bloodied him up good.

Kelleher 10-9

Mak Kelleher defeats James Murrin via unanimous decision.

170 PRO KEENAN RAYMOND (2-2) vs. RYAN TODD (0-0)

Start of the fight Todd gets hit in the cup.  Keenan gets in a couple of kicks.  Keenan closes the distance and is pressing Todd up against the cage.  Keenan hits Todd in the cup again.  Keenan gets in a knee to the body as Ryan ducks in.  They are up against the cage for a minute and eventually break.  Keenan misses with a right.  As the bell sounds Todd gets the takedown.

Raymond 10-9

Rd 2:  Raymond connects  with a right that drops Todd and he is out.

Keenan Raymond defeats Ryan Todd  via knockout at 58 second in Rd 2.

125 PRO  NICK IACIOFANO (2-0 USMMA) vs. LUAY ASHKAR (1-0 Team Andrello )

They come out swinging.  Both fighters get in a solid right and the crowd roars.  They clinch up against the cage and then break.  Nick connects with a right and an uppercut.  Luay is bringing it right  back with some good combos.  Nick goes for a takedown and is stuffed.  Luay gets a takedown right as the round ends and steals the round.

Ashkar 10-9

Rd 2:  Luay works the quick takedown but can't do much and gets pushed off.  Luay works another takedown after a brief exchange and is in guard.  Nick gets in a punch to the body.  They clinch up against the cage for a bit.  Nick gets in another right hand.  Luay gets in  straight right and Nick counters with a right.  Luay works another takedown and is getting in some knees to the side as the round ends.

Ashkar 10-9

Rd 3:  Luay gets another takedown.  Nick tries for an armbar and Luay pulls his arm free and backs off.  They are back standing again and Luay takes him down.  Nick is thinking triangle but can't get it locked in.  Luay is working the side as the round ends.

Ashkar 10-9

Luay Ashkar defeats Nick Iaciofano via unanimous decision.

185 PRO  PAT McCROHAN (1-0 Gillett's MMA ) vs. MIKE RODRIGUEZ (2-0 Trifecta MMA)

They both come out like bulls and they are both pressing each other up against the cage.  Mike gets in a good knee to the body.  Pat grabs the single leg and Mike defends it.  Pat eats a knee and gets the takedown.  He is working the side and Pat looks for the heel hook.  Mike repositions himself and is out.  Mike has his back in full mount and is firing hammerfists as the round ends.

Rodriguez 10-9

Rd 2:  Pat gets the quick takedown and Mike swept. Pat is looking for the armbar but can't get it.  Mike postures up and gets in a few strikes and Pat rolls him over and is looking for a guillotine.  Mike tells ref he is fine.  Pat takes his back and the crowd roars.

McCrohan 10-9

Rd 3:  Pat leaned in and Mike connected with a knee the head.  Pat backs off then gets the takedown.  Pat is looking for the kimura behind the back and Mike pulls his arm back.  Mike works his way back to his feet.  Pat eats another knee and takes Mike down.  Pat is all over Mike and has his back.  Pat pulls him to the mat on top of him then slips out the back and is now on the side.  They work their way up as the round ends.

McCrohan 10-9

Pat McCrohan defeats Mike Rodriguez via unanimous decision.


Manny gets in a kick and Manny takes him down.  Manny softens him up with some elbows to the side of the head.  Manny has his back and works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Manny Bermudez defeats Evan Parker via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:43 in Rd 1.

135 PRO  KODY NORDBY (5-3 Allaire MMA) vs. DEREK SHOREY (3-3 Team Shatterproof)

Kody eats a knee and gets the takedown.  Derek ends up in guard and they roll.  Kody works a triangle from the roll and sinks it in fast.

Kody Nordby defeats Derek Shorey via tapout to triangle at 41 seconds in Rd 1.

150 PRO KYLE BOCHNIAK (5-0 Broadway Jiu Jitsu) vs. TAYLOR TRAHAN (5-4 Team Link North)

Taylor starts the round off with a combo.  Kyle reaches forward and connects with a clean right.  Taylor is bleeding from the nose.  Taylor gets a quick takedown and they get right back to their feet.  Kyle gets in a knee to the body.  Nice leg kick from Taylor.  Taylor gets in another kick and a knee to the head.  Kyle takes him down and gets the rear naked and Taylor goes limp.

Kyle Bochniak defeats Taylor Trahan via tko to rear naked choke at 3:58 in Rd 1.

265 PRO JOSH DIEKMANN (15-6 Triforce ) vs. ASHLEY GOOCH (8-4 MMA Lab)

Josh gets in an inside leg kick.  Ashley connects with a short right.  They are hitting hard!!  Ashley gets the double leg takedown and is getting in some elbows from the top.  Josh gets some space and is almost up and Ashley slams him back to the mat.  Ashley gets in an elbow to the kidney of Josh and he flattens out.  He works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Ashley Gooch defeats Josh Diekmann via tapout to rear naked choke at 4:30 in Rd 1.

160 PRO LUIS FELIX (14-8 NE Combat) vs. RYAN SANDERS (9-7 Young's MMA)

Luis gets in a couple of leg kicks to the body.  Ryan is pressing Luis up against the cage and then they break.  Luis has Ryan's back from standing briefly but can't get him to the mat.  Ryan has Luis's back and gets him down to one knee but they stand back up.  Luis has a guillotine and Ryan fires out it with an elbow.  Ryan just misses with a spinning back kick.

Sanders 10-9 with the slight edge.

Rd 2:  Sanders presses Luis up against the cage.  Ryan goes for a hip toss and falls to the mat.  He stands back up and Luis gets in a knee.  Sanders gets the takedown via trip.  Luis screams in pain and it looks like he hurt his knee.

Ryan Sanders defeats Luis Felix via verbal tap due to injury at 1:46 in Rd 2.

170 PRO TITLE GIL DE FREITAS (18-5 Team Link) vs. CHRIS CURTIS (12-4 Vision)

Chris is working his jab.  Chris gets in a good body shot.  Chris with another good kick to the body.  Gil gets a punch in to the body then head.  Chris connects with a combo and then gets in an uppercut to the head that drops Gil.  He gets in two knees to the head then an uppercut to the body. He finishes him off with some ground and pound and Gil taps to strikes.

Chris Curtis defeats Gil De Freitas tapout to strikes at 3:13 in Rd 1.  #newchamp

Wow, is all I have to say after that CES night of fights.  There were some awesome finishes that had the crowd stunned and the night went off without a hitch.  I am sure the fight fans watching around the world on AXS TV were not disappointed.  Felix is alright and he was walking around after the show.  He hurt is knee and the pain shot right up him.  Hopefully it isn't torn or anything too bad as I hear talks for them rematching for Felix's title.  All of the fighters who came from other states brought it that night.  Special thanks to CES for allowing us to cover the show.