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January 8, 2016

CESMMA Fight Night Updates

First out to the cage is Josh Ricci from Team Andrello.  He's coming into a mostly empty hall at 7:00pm, but I anticipate the room to fill in over the next few matches.  David Baxter makes his entrance along side his USMMA corner men.  This is is a flyweight match.  Both men look in shape, cut, and lean.  Baxter sports board shorts while Ricci is wearing vale tudo shorts.  Dan Miragliotta is the ref.
Round 1
     Baxter comes out fast and furious.  He's jabbing and moving in and out.  Joshua weathers the frenzy and shoots in and completes the take down.  Baxter keeps his guard applied and settles in for a 3 min barrage consisting of elbows, hammerfists, and body shots.  Ricci is eventually able to pass the guard briefly in the last minute of the round.  Baxter recaptures the half guard and the seconds tick away.  The bell sounds and that is one round to Ricci.  10-8

Round 2
   Baxter comes moves cautiously to his left circling the center.  Josh moves in and starts peppering his opponent's face with jabs.  Stiff jabs.  Baxter's head snapping back several times.  THen it is right back to looking like round 1 with a Ricci double leg takedown and top position.  Ricci controls the round from the 4 min mark to the bell applying the elbows, hammerfists, and body shots in bunches.  Another Ricci 10-8 round.

Round 3
     Baxter comes out a bit more assertive and throws some leather to Ricci's face.  Ricci answers with with body shots and in about 30 seconds into the round Ricci initiates another takedown.  THis time Baxter stuffs it and is rewarded with the top position.  David advances to mount and is working for the triangle from top when Ricci escapes out the backdoor and captures Baxter's back.  Both hooks in and the elbow under the chin Ref Dan is hovering inches from the fighters as Baxter claws at the deep sub only to tap a moment later.

Ricci wins via RNC in Round 3 at the 3min mark.