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February 21, 2016

Battle At The Sun EVENT REVIEW 2/21/2016

We are here live at Uncas Ballroom at the Beautiful Mohegan Sun.  Pete Rogers Sr and Pete Rogers Jr have put together a small card that will be mixed with grappling matches and karate demonstrations.  Warchild is here taking photos and it should be a night that will be a little different for us.  On a Sunday night there was a decent crowd and they are very responsive to the art.  I am impressed!  I got to see some of my mma friends there, Mark Vanaman, Kevin MacDonald, Jake Pilla, Kelly MacDonald and John English.  Another thing that should be noted is that this event is taking place in a boxing ring which I haven't seen live since a show in Holyoke Mass back at my start of my WMASSMMA career.  The refs are Todd Anderson and John English.  Please follow along as we recap the night.

BJJ Match with Gi John Cardona (America's Best Defense) vs. Cory Benoit (America's Best Defense)

John pulls guard and Cory is working the side.  He moves to full mount before the round ends.

Rd 2:  Cory gets the single leg and gets pushed off and was looking for a leg submission.  He ends up going back to mount before the round ends.

Rd 3:  They are fighting for position and eventually Cory pulls guard.  Cory grabs hold of the leg and sweeps and is now working the side.  

No submission so there is no winner but it was a great friendly match that kicked off the night.

Battle at the Sun did a karate demonstration that was fun to watch.  Now there is a young girl doing a demonstration with fans.  She even did a split which was bad ass but not as impressive as William Knight's split from last night at Premier FC but cool nonetheless.

AM Kick Chris Rodriguez ( Primal Kickboxing/ Hyper Fight Club 0-0) vs. Keith Sansoucy (Zenquest Martial Arts)

They are swinging away.  Chris seemed to get the better of the first exchange.  Keith gets in a high kick and slips to the mat.  They are swinging away 

Rd 2:  Chris gets the quick knockdown.  He is back and ready to fight.  Chris is having a good exchange.  There is a cup shot and the fight resumes.  Keith goes high with a kick and slips.  They are swinging away and Chris knocks Keith to the mat at the end.

Rd 3:  They are swinging away and Keith gives his back and ref gives him the 10 count.  Fight resumes and Chris gets knocked down.  He gets the 10 count and fight resumes.  They are swinging away and the crowd has going nuts.

Chris Rodriguez defeats Keith Sansoucy via split decision.

Grappling Match John Oswald( Rogers Academy of Martial Arts) vs Justin Pasquazzi (New England Combat)

John pulls guard and Justin is now on top in guard.  John was working a guillotine but can't get it.  Justin gets a takedown and John stands back up.  John gets the sweep and is in guard.  He postures up and stands back up.  Justin takes him down at the end.

Rd 2:  Justin falls back and John lets him back up.  John gets the takedown and is now in guard.  They scramble and Justin ends up in half guard.  John gets the sweep and stands back up as the round ends.

Rd 3:  John gets the takedown and Justin sweeps.  Justin finishes the rest of the round in the guard.

Since there is no submission this is a draw.

145 AM MMA James Straus (RAM 0-0) vs. Brendon Marotte (Spero's MMA 0-1)

Brendon starts us off with a leg kick.  They clinch and Brendon gets the slamming takedown.  James stands up and Brendon pulls guard with a guillotine.  He gets the tap.

Brendon Marotte defeats James Straus via tapout to guillotine at 1:04 in Rd 1.

BJJ Ed Gwodz (America's Best Defense) vs. Tim LeFrancois ( America's Best Defense)

Ed pulls guard and ends up on top while Tim is trying to pull him down.  He moves to north south and tries for arm triangle but can't get it.  He then takes the side and moves to full mount.  They roll and Tim ends up on to in guard.  Tim stands up and pulls Ed up standing.  Tim falls to the mat and Ed is in guard until they roll again and Tim ends up on top at the end.  Very active round.

Rd 2:  Tim misses with the takedown and ends up on the mat.  Ed has the side and rolls and Tim ends up working the side.  They stand back up and Tim pulls Ed to the mat.  They are both rolling as the round ends.

Rd 3:  Tim trips Ed up and Ed is sprawling.  They scramble and  Ed has the back briefly until Tim rolls.  Ed is looking for the armbar but can't get the tap as the bell sounds.

No submission so the match is a draw.

Am Heavy Wolfgang Fiasconaro (RAM 0-0) vs. Bobby Edmiston (0-2 Arizona BJJ & MMA)

Wolfgang gets the takedown and is working the side.  He is working an arm triangle and passes to the other side to sink it.  He gets the tap.

Wolfgang Fiaconaro defeats Bobby Edmiston via tapout to arm triangle at 48 seconds in Rd 1.

KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  None for the night.
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Wolfgang and his sweet arm triangle
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: The kickboxing match between Chris Rodriguez and Keith Sansoucy

As you can see it was a short and sweet type of show.  It took place on a Sunday night and there was a decent crowd there, I would say around 400 or so.  In typical Pete Rogers fashion it was a great mix of demonstrations, grappling matches and mma fights.  Obviously as an mma fan, I would have loved to see some more.  One thing that Ed and I realized and enjoyed is that the event was nice and quiet and the crowd was very smart at when to cheer.  Thanks to Pete Rogers Sr for having us at the show as we had fun as always.  It was nice to get done a little earlier and get to enjoy some Frank Pepe's pizza before we left the casino even if Ed wouldn't let me get anchovies on it.  I hope you all enjoyed our EXCLUSIVE write up of the Battle at the Sun.  Our photos will be posted on our facebook fanpage when I get the change and as always if you enjoyed this write up please share it with your friends!