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February 20, 2016


We made our short trip to Agawam and went into the Chez Josef. We said Hi to some peeps and quickly found our seats. Premier FC fans are packing into the venue awaiting the fights to start. Warchild will be taking photos for us tonight. Kelly Mac is the head photographer for PFC so make sure you follow her for the photos on facebook. Marty Caproni is the host and the refs are John English and some older guy that I don't know the name of. GetPunched is in the building selling their merchandise. The show was a good crowd and I really like the venue as it is easy to find and easy to get in and out of.  Premier FC also did a raffle for Paul Gaffney and his children to help them with their medical bills.  Love you guys!  The staff at Chez Josef is wicked nice and the venue is very nice inside. Please follow along as we recap the night.

HVY AM William Knight (Thornton BJJ 0-0) vs. Shawn Bettencourt (Victory 3-1)

William looks for the takedown but Shawn fights it and stuffs it. Shawn connects with a combo. William picks Shawn up and slams him to the mat. He moves to half guard and works a americana for the tap.

William Knight defeats Shawn Bettencourt via tapout to americana at 1:25 in Rd 1. William does a split in the cage to celebrate.

145 AM Steve Romano (Thunder 0-1) vs. Marcel Romero (Team Link Ludlow 0-0)

Marcel misses with a high kick. Steve gets the takedown and moves to full mount. Marcel works his way up and Steve slams him to the mat. Steve is looking for the takedown again but can't get it. Marcel is getting in some punches and a leg kick to the upper body. Steve connects with a right. Marcel connects with a kick and the crowd roars. Marcel backs him into a corner and is getting in some big shots as the round ends.

Marcel Romero defeats Steve Romano via doctor stoppage before the start of Rd 2.  Looks to be a rib.

160 AM Elias Morales (Team Plus One 0-0) vs. Alex Ortiz (Speed School 2-1)

Elias connects with a right.  They clinch and Alex gets in a knee to the body.  Alex is getting in some more knees to the body from the clinch.  Elias gets hit in the cup and takes a few minutes.  Alex starts us off with two leg kicks.  Elias fires right back with a leg kick.  Elias is looking for the takedown and gets it as the round ends.

Ortiz 10-9

Rd 2:  They are swinging away and Elias gets the takedown.  He moves to the side and Alex works his way up.  Elias pulls half guard and Alex lands right on top in full mount.  He gets in some ground and pound and Elias bucks him off.  Alex presses him back to the mat and Elias eventually pushes him back off and they are back standing.  Elias goes for the takedown and is stuffed.  Alex is in full mount and Elias has his arm tied up.

Ortiz 10-9

Rd 3:  They start out swinging and Ortiz gets in 2 knees and the one in the cup.  Ref deducts a point.  Elias gets the takedown and is in the guard.  He postures up and is looking for some ground and pound.  Alex works his way up and Alex pushes him to the mat.  Alex has the side and is getting in some shots to the head.

Ortiz 9-9

Alex Ortiz defeats Elias Morales via unanimous decision.

170 AM Pat Casey ( Team Link 3-0) vs. Andres Padraza (React/John Ryan 1-0)

Pat gets the quick takedown and is trying to get the finish with ground and pound.  Pat is getting in some heavy hammerfists.  Dre defends and weathers the storm.  They are back  to their feet and Pat gets in a good right.  Blood is coming from Dre's nose.  Dre pulls guard and Pat is letting out some more hammerfists as the round stops.

Casey 10-9

Rd 2:  Dres keeps running forward and Pat keeps connecting with the right hand.  Dres duck under and gets the takedown.  Pat sweeps and is now on top in half guard.  Dres kicks him off and they are back stnading.  Pat gets the takedown and Dres bounces right back up.  Dres gets the takedown and tries for an armbar.  Pat ends up in half guard as the round ends.

Casey 10-9

Rd 3:  Pat gets the takedown and Dres gets the sweep.  He has the back and is getting in ground and pound.  Dres gets the ref stoppage.

Andres Padraza defeats Pat Casey via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:33 in Rd 3.  OMG what a fight!  Pat Casey is exhausted and is unable to stand up so the EMT are rushing him to the hospital.  Hope you feel better soon beast.  Congrats to Andres on a come from behind win!

145 AM Bryan Rossi (Sityodtong 2-2) vs. Kenny Peralta (Ultimate MMA 2-2 )

They clinch and Bryan gets in a right to the side of the neck.  He gets in a knee to the cup and Kenny takes a few minutes.  He calls in the doctors and is unable to continue.

Bryan Rossi and Kenny Peralta was ruled a No Contest due to groin shot.

125 AM Title Nate Russell (FAA 3-0) vs. Jovany Alvarez (Modern Martial Arts 4-4)

Nate gets the takedown.  He is avoiding the submission attempts and gets in a hammerfist.  He gets pushed to half guard and is getting in some more punches to the head.

Russell 10-9

Rd 2:  Nate connects with a leg kick and rushes in.  Jovany gets in a knee to the upper chest and Nate takes him down.  He moves to full mount and takes the back.  He works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Nate Russell defeats Jovany Alvarez via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:00 in Rd 2.  New champ!

165 PRO Jarrid Heon (Strikezone 1-0) vs. Montoyia Swilling (Champions In Christ 0-2)

Montoyia gets the takedown and Jarrid works his way up.  Jarrid is pressing him up against the cage and works some strikes.  He gets the single leg takedown and is in guard.  He moves to half guard and gets pushed back to guard.  Jarrid gets in an elbow.  He is connecting with more elbows and looking for the finish.  He gets the stoppage!

Jarrid Heon defeats Montoyia Swilling via ref stoppage to strikes at 3:50 in Rd 1.

135 PRO Quentin Gaskins (Xtreme Ambition 1-0) vs. Ricardo Marc (Team Link Brazil 3-1)

Ricardo connects with a leg kick.  Quentin fires back with a right.  Ricardo hip tosses Quentin to the mat.  He is at the side and gets pushed back to half guard.  He is trying to get his leg free and move to full mount but can't get it.  He goes for some punches to the body and and then to full mount.  He goes for the armbar but can't get the arm free.

Marc 10-9

Rd 2:  Ricardo rushes in and is looking for the takedown.  Quentin defends and Ricardo rushes in again and eats a knee but gets the takedown.  He takes his back as Quentin turns and is looking for the finish.  Quentin is defending it well.  He looks for the armbar but can't rip the arm free.

Marc 10-9

Rd 3:  Quentin gets the takedown and Ricardo pushes him off and ends up on full mount after the scramble.  Quentin gets some room and works his way up.  Ricardo connects with with a knee to the head and they fall to the mat.  Quentin pulls Ricardo to the mat and Ricardo turns and is on top.  Blood is coming from the side of the eye of Quentin.

Marc 10-9

Ricardo Marc defeats Quentin Gaskins via unanimous decision.

170 PRO Evander Russ (Mong Phu 0-0) vs. Vinicius De Jesus (Team Link Ludlow 1-0)

Vinicius connects with a kick and Evander gets the takedown.  Vini pushes him off and they are back to their feet.  Evander is stalking Vini and getting in some good straight rights.  Vini gets the single leg for the takedown.  Vini is in half guard and they scramble.  Evander connects with a flying knee.  Vini connects with a combo.  Vini gets the takedown as the round ends.

De Jesus 10-9

Rd 2:  Vini gets the takedown and Evander gets a kimura from the bottom and rolls him.  He gets in a few punches and they scramble.  They are back to their feet and Evander connects with a jab.  Vini gets the takedown and has the side.  Evander gives up his back and Vini is getting in some ground and pound.  Vini can't get the finish and Evander ends up on to getting in a few hammerfists as the round ends.

De Jesus 10-9

Rd 3:  Evander connects with a right hand and Vini gets the double leg.  Evander pushes him off briefly but Vini ends right back up in half guard.  Evander works his way back up and Vini takes him down again.  Not much action for the rest of the round.

De Jesus 10-9

Vinicius De Jesus defeats Evander Russ via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Andres Padraza and Pat Casey, what a war!
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Nate Russell with the RNC victory for the strap!
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Heon ko/tko victory over Swillings.

It was a crazy night of fights and at PFC I expect nothing else!  Two fighters had to go to the hospital and one fight was stopped by cup shot that resulted in a No Contest.  I can tell you all that Kenny and Pat Casey are all doing fine and Steve Romano is doing fine as well.  Congrats to Nate Russell on getting the victory and keeping the belt in Western Mass.  I was happy to see Jarrid Heon back in the cage literally right in front of me dropping elbows!  Man, I love my job!  Shout to Premier FC for another successful show and for allowing us to cover the show for you all!  I will be posting all of our photos online to our facebook so make sure you support us by sharing this article and our photos!