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March 11, 2016


Fight night is finally here and the evening is looking like it will be another victory for the Jimmys Burchfields.  The crew is in charge of the video production so you folks at home will have the best seat in the house if you are a Dish subscriber.  After the 2 hr ride out through the heart of New England we are settling in and checking the card for last minute changes.  Travis, Mass-MMA Photographer Joe Harrington, and I caught up over a quick meal and discussed all things irrelevant to the night ahead.  Down here on Press Row the vibe is energizing.  Kin Moy and Disco Dave gave us a few minutes and gave us their takes on the matches of interest to most.  We all agree that Andre and Kody are the perfect pair to headline this event.  We also agree that Juliano and Chaz could have been a great headliner. It is thought that Dre will be a tough target for Kody to hit.  Kody will be an incredible ball of energy that will look to take down Dre early and make Dre work for every minute of the rounds.  I've got to say that it's a pick'em fight that is guaranteed to have the room screaming from start to finish.  Travis and I are going to be switching from one fight to the next to keep you all on the edge of your seats with the updates.  ~Joe "The Artist"

125 PRO SHANE DECRISTOFORO (1-1 Triforce) vs. NOEL ARCIBAL (1-1 Elite Tactical)

Both fighters are being very cautious.  Shane goes in with a teep kick and Noel clinches and pushes him to the mat.  Not much action and Big Dan stands them up.  Noel gets in a nice inside leg kick.  Noel dodges the kick and just misses with a leaping right.  Noel gets in another leg kick and they seem to be getting to Shane.

Arcibal 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch and fall to the mat.  Noel is getting in some big ground and pound and trying for the finish.  Shane gets some movement and they scramble.  Noel has the back briefly and Shane is back to his feet. Shane catches a kick and Noel reverses.  Noel is working the guard but Shane is doing a good job at defending.  Shane gives up his back and Noel is looking for the finish but runs out of time.

Arcibal 10-9

Rd 3:  Shane connects with a right hand to start off the round and the crowd roars.  Shane is looking for the takedown and gets it.  He gets swept and Noel is back on top in guard.  Noel is getting in some ground and pound.  Shane bucks him off and they scramble.  Noel takes his back and is trying for a rear naked choke at the end.

Aribal 10-9

Noel Arcibal defeats Shane Decristoforo via unanimous decision.


Shan comes to the cage with some very intense accordian music a large fur hat and a troop of warriors behind him.  Tullos comes out to Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard's "Hungry".  His crew is waiting in the wings.  Kevin the Ref is the third man in the cage.  The crowd is sizable in favor of Tullos.
Rd 1:  Shan is coming out heavy with kicks.  Tullos adjusts and catches the third or fourth as it comes in around hip height.  Tullos drives Bachok into the cage and secures the takedown.  Bachok gets up briefly using the cage as a hand hold.  Tullos spends the next minute in the dominant stacked position pressuring Shan.  Shan goes hard for an armbar.  Tullos fights through it and is able to regain top pressure in the mount.  From here Tullos is dropping elbows and heavy leather.  Shan turtles, Matt sinks in the hooks,  Matt stays on the back as Shan stands briefly.  Tullos sinks in a RNC and Bochak scrambles momentarily.  Matt maintains his position, adjusts the choke and Bochak taps @ 3:46.

Matt Tullos wins his pro debut in dominant fashion with the Rear Naked Choke.


Cruz connects with a kick to the side.  Gary starts out with a flurry and gets the single leg takedown.  Gary is in guard and goes for an ankle lock for the very quick tap.

Gary Balletto Jr. defeats Cruz Johnson via tapout to ankle lock at 2:37 in Rd 1.

135 PRO  JOE PINGITORE (5-2 Triforce MMA) vs. TAYLOR TRAHAN (5-5 Team Link)

Disclaimer: I'm a bit biased toward the skills sets of Taylor Trahan.  I'll do my best to be objective in my view of the action, but no promises are implied or expressed.  Best of luck to Joe Ping as he tries to take the "W" in the rematch.
Trahan comes out to "It's My Time" and Pingitore is feeling the lyrical energy of Future's "Lil Haiti Baby" .  Now that both men are in the cage it is apperant that Trahan is the taller, longer, and leaner fighter.  Kevin the Ref is the third man in the cage.
Rd 1:  Quick glove touch and the action begins.  Taylor takes to the center of the cage staying loose and rangy.  Joe comes in with a series of strikes and Taylor back pedals.  Joe continues to pepper taylor and throws a big looping right that Taylor blocks just before the next volley comes in from Pingnitore.  Joe lands a cup shot and the action is halted for mintue.  We are at the half way mark of the round and Taylor has begun to transition from striker to wrestler.  They spend the next thirty seconds on the fence with Taylor pressuring the smaller Pingnitore.  Joe is able to move out and send Taylor covering up until he finds the space he needs and fires back.  Taylor fires a right to the face and reaches low with the left for a take down.  Joe scrambles and we see Taylor on the bottom after missing the armbar.  The round ends there.

Rd 2:  Joe looks fresh and Taylor is looking much more relaxed.  Both men have a spring in their steps and are moving with good speed across the cage trading kicks and punches.  Taylor lands a low blow of his own at the end of a kick and the action is halted for a second time.  Joe is ready to go after a minute.  Joe seems a bit more reserved as the action resumes.  Not so much hesitation as waiting for the moment to counter.   Taylor is out wrestling Joe at this point and there are two minutes left.  We see Joe eat some knees between volleys of punches.  Taylor takes him back to the ground and jas snaked his way onto the back looking for the RNC with a minute left and both hooks in.  Joe rallies and is up on his feet, but Taylor cuts him off from a clean escape and knees him in the face.  Joe continues to move forward and manages to land a few strikes of his own that have Taylor covering up as the round ends.

Rd 3:  Joe is inside of Taylor's middle striking distance and punishing Trahan's body with kicks and probing punches.  He's the fresher of the two at this point and Taylor is falling behind in his timing.  Joe's finding the jab now.  Taylor is sending telegraphed punches.  Taylor gets blasted with a combination of straight punches and finishes the fight with a big knee that lands flush on Trahan's face knocking the fighter to the ground.  Joe stands over Taylor landing a couple more strikes as Kevin rushes in to stop the fight.

Joe Pingnitore takes the win midway through the 3rd round.

155 PRO NATE "THE SNAKE" ANDREWS (7-1 NE Combat) vs. JULIAN LANE (9-5 Elite Sports Academy)

Nate starts us off with some high kicks.  Nate Andrews connects with a right on the jaw that sends him back.  He gets in a knee to the head from the clinch and Julian goes for the takedown.  Julian works his way up and Nate hip tosses him down briefly.  They break and are back to the center.  Nate jumps in closer.  Nate gets in an anaconda choke and Julian hangs on.  Julian takes full mount and looks for the guillotine.  Nate pulls his head off and backs off.  They are back standing and Nate gets in some punches and solid knees that has the crowd to their feet.

Andrews 10-9

Rd 2:  Nate is working his leg kicks.  Nate connects with a straight left that sends Julian back up against the cage.  Julian looks for the takedown and takes Nate's back.  Nate turns and gets out and they are back to their feet!  Nate connects with a left and follows it up with 2 uppercuts that sends Julian to the mat.  He gets the stoppage.

Nate Andrews defeats Julian Lane via ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 2.  Big win for Nate.

Real nice tribute to Dorian, the young boy who died of cancer earlier in the week.  You will not be forgotten Young D.  #D-Strong

HVY PRO GREG "RIBZ" REBELLO (Triforce MMA/ Sityodtong 19-6) vs. KEITH BELL (6-6 Team Cerberus)

Got to talk to Randy Smith out of Cortland MMA between the matches.  He's well and says that he'll be back in the cage soon.  The prospect of NY legalizing MMA before the end of the month has the Wolf hungry for a match in his hometown.  
Rebello and Bell touch gloves and the action gets under way under the trained eye of Kevin the Ref.  The heavyweights take the center of the cage and begin the process of a slow feel out.  Thirty seconds in and we hace only seen Bell pawing while Ribz stays out of reach.  Bell is sending heahead kicks with a man sized leg.  Literally man sized.  Probably weighs as much as me in just one leg.  Ribz clips Bell with left and presses his prey into the cage.  Bell gets free, but Greg lines up the same sequence and stuns the big man.  Bell retaliates and throws those kicks up yet again.  THe men dance around the center of the cage for a time before Ribz finds his opening and sends his hands in back in and presses Bell against the cage.  The action is stopped momentarily for perhaps an unintentional groin strike.  Once the action resumes Greg cuts the cage off and fires heavy leather landing a stunner that forces Bell to go survival mode.  He throws up a front kick and clips Greg on the right shoulder.  Ribz resets and fires up the final barrage of punches.  Again Bell is rocked and this time collapses into turtle position where Rebello hammers away on the fallen man until the Kevin intervenes at 4:59 of the round.  Kevin gave Bell several opportunities to survive the round, but in the end he was unable to defend himself.

Greg Rebello wins via TKO at 4:59 of round 1


Juliano connects with the first leg kick.  Both fighters are being patient.  Juliano is winning so far with leg kicks.  Chaz connects with a right as the round ends.

Coutinho 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are working their leg kicks.  Chaz gets in a leg kick of his own.  Chaz connects with a punch and Juliano is bleeding from the nose.  Both fighters are throwing and lots of wild swings gets the crowd cheering.  They clinch up as the round ends.

Morgan 10-9 but real close

Rd 3:  Chaz is controlling the round.  Juliano connects with a good kick to the body.  Banana gets in a counter punch.  Chaz connects with a right.  Chaz gets in a spinning back fist.  Juliano rushes in with for a takedown at the end but runs out of time.

Morgan 10-9

Juliano Coutinho defeats Chaz Morgan via split decision.

145 PRO MATT BESSETTE (16-7 Underdog BJJ) vs. Tory Bogguess (14-10 Team Conquest)

Tory comes out rocking a funky country song and Matt comes out to LMFAO.  You can't make this stuff up. lol.  The Underdog squad is all dressed in comic book hero outfits.  Kru Russell is Green Latern, Jeff Haddad is Flash, and Batman is well Bruce Wayne of course.  Matt's opponent is a three day old replacement.  Kevin the Ref is in charge of the action.  Tory comes right out to the center of the cage.  Tory throws a kick and slips to the mat.  Matt lets him up.  They exchange and Matt looks for a quick guillotine.  Tory scrambles and takes top position.  Mangler has the guard abd us looking for a kimura before switching to rubber guard.  He sneaks the foot up and gets a triangle attempt in, but failed to secure the arm across.  Matt is throwing elbows with the triangle position still locked on.  He switches to the armbar, but goes right back to the triangle.  This time the angle is good, the arm is trapped, and he has the head pulled down with both hands making Tory tap.

Matt Bessette wins via Triangle submission in round 1.

185 PRO CHUCK O' NEIL (Mass BJJ 15-8) vs. DENNIS OLSON (Triumph BJJ 14-10)

Chuck presses Dennis up against the cage.  Chuck works the takedown via a trip and is in half guard.  Olson escapes and is now pressing Chuck up against the cage.  Chuck reverses and gets in a knee to the body.

O'Neil 10-9

Rd 2:  Dennis went for a hip throw and Chuck pushed him down and is in full mount.  Chuck gets in some ground and pound and gets pushed back into half.  Chuck threatens with a kimura but can't get it.  Chuck drops several elbows and Olson gave up his back.  Chuck loses the position and Dennis is now on top in guard.  He finishes the round in guard.

O'Neil 10-9 but real close round.

Rd 3:  Dennis rushes in with a combo and they fall to the mat.  Dennis is now on top in guard.  Chuck is trying to get back to his feet and Dennis presses him back to the mat.  Dennis is getting in a few punches here and there.  Chuck uses the cage and they  are back to their feet.  Chuck gets the takedown.

Olson 10-9

Chuck O'Neil defeats Dennis Olson via unanimous decision.

135 PRO TITLE ANDRE SOUKHAMTHATH (Blackzillians 9-3) vs. KODY NORDBY (6-3 Top Flight Wrestling)

Kody comes out to a base filled arena.  They announced Andre and played his music, but that hasn't changed his focus.  Next is Andre and the crowd is significantly louder.  The title belt is on full display in the cage, the jumbo screens are flashing images of the fighters previous victories.  The crowd is electric as The Asian Sensation enters the cage.  The room is chanting for their favorite fighters.  This is going to be a real test of will and focus for both young men.

Kevin the ref is the third man in the cage.  Neither man touch gloves and the round is under way.  Rd 1:  Kody comes in and lands the first big punches.  He immediately changes levels and drives Dre to the cage and takes him down.  Dre with his back against the cage and Kody sitting on his out stretched legs is able to work his way back to the feet.  Kody dives in deep again and drags Dre to the mat.  Dre is back up and delivering elbows to Kody's upper body.  Nordby is content to press his opponent against the cage.  Dre sprawls and Nordby is stretched out holding on to the single leg.  Dre just continues to deliver elbows to the ribs.  Both men are back on thier feet and Kody is showing signs of a cut somewhere.  He's now on the mat turtled up with thirty seconds on the clock.  Kevin is close by.  Dre is applying heavy preassure the entire time from the top.  The round ends with Dre on top.
Rd 2:  Kody is still very dangerous.  He comes out swinging.  Dre hangs in there and times Nordby's takedown shot.  Sprawls and circles to the side.  Nordby gets up and sends a chopping kick to the ribs of Andre then follows that up with a takedown shot.  Dre has this timed out perfectly and sprawls.  No action for a short time has Kevin resetting them on the feet.  They exchange a few strikes.  They go to the ground with Dre trying to stay out of a heel hook.  Kody has it locked on tight, but it isn't quite enough.  Nordby is throwing shots whenever he can and then hunting for the heel.  The round ends with the men on the ground, legs a tangled mess, Nordby hunting the heel and Dre looking like he isn't in much danger.  Looks can be decieving.

Rd 3:  A big shot and both men repel from each with the force.  This happens twice before Dre sprawls on the shot.  Dre is now on top in Nordby's guard.  THe crowd is on it's feet.  Chants and screams are drowning out the corners commands.  Kody is punching from the bottom.  Dre answers in kind.  Dre lets Kody up.  Kody is visibly tired now and swinging wild, shooting sloppy that he falls to the mat where Dre covers him in half guard.  Dre is punishing the body and dropping elbows on the younger man's jaw.  Dre falls back for the heel hook of his own, but baills and they are on the feet again.  Nordby dives in again, Dre Sprawls.  This is the recipe and Nordby is sticking to it.  The round ends.

Rd 4:  Nordby throws a crisp left.  Dre stuffs a takedown, but a reshot gets the job done and Nordby puts him on  his back.  Elbows are the remedy.  Dre is working on the recovery, but it might be to late.  Nordby gets the back and he's settling in for the RNC with 1:30 left in the round.  Dre fights the hands, but can't get free.  There's thirty on the clock and the crowd is screaming bloody murder for their guy.  The round ends here.

Rd 5:  Nordby comes off the stool and immediately dives for a takedown that Dre sees a mile away.  Dre is in half guard.   They are on their feet and Kody connects with a left hand.  He takes a step back for a shot and Dre connects cleanly with a knee that puts Kody out.  He's on his back and Kevin rushes in to halt the action.  The crowd goes nuts.

Andre KO's Nordby with a perfectly timed flying knee in the 5th round for the title.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Andrews vs. Lane
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Dre's flying knee
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Bessette triangle
Blunder of the Night: Wrong fighter was announced on live tv which ensued wrong fighter to walk out and wrong song to be play!

What a night of fights at CES.  The fighters brought it from top to bottom of the card and I am sure the viewers at home loved it!  Nordby and Dre fight could have easily been fight of the night but I didn't want to give them both ko/tko and FOTN.  The Artist and I had a blast keeping you all up to date and we enjoyed seeing our mma friends there.  I was pleased to talk to a good friend of ours from the site Brandon Fleming.  Special thanks to CES MMA for always providing us the hospitality and for putting on such a great show.  Now stay right here as CES has 2 more shows coming very quickly with 2 shows in April.