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March 12, 2016

Warrior Nation XFA XII: Play by Play updates

Play-by-Play of the action written by Todd Selva
Photographs by Jeremy Reipold to be added following the event in 8x10 and 10x8 format

155 lbs Austin Schalla (Dexters MMA) vs. Swagath Pillai (Plus One Defense)

Rd 1:   They breifly exchange on the feet and battle for the dominate position.  They go to the ground and swag controls most of the round on top position showcasing some decent ground and pound.

R2:     They clinch up right away.  Swag with a nice takedown.  The rouends with Schalla on top in back mount landing some vicious ground and pound.  Close round.

Rd3:   Swag gets the takedown and right back to their feet.  Schalla gets the takedown and takes his back for some ground and pound from back mount.  Swag sweeps and ends out on top.  They scramble.  The round ends with swag on top with a little ground and pound.

winner via split decision goes to  Swagath Pillai

160 lbs Ray Johns (Thunder MMA) vs. Sam McCue (Thornton Martial Arts)

Rd 1: They go right to the ground and Sam gets the dominate position.  He gets Rays back and lands acouple illegal strikes to the spine.  Breif break in the fight as he is stripped of one point.  They go back to action.  The round ends with a takedown by  Ray.

Rd 2:  They go right to the ground again.  Sam ends up on top for the fight to back position.  Sam flattens him out and lands several hard unanswered strikes.  He slide his arm under Rays chin for the rear naked choke which is sucessful.

Your winner via submission as a result of Rnc is Sam Mccue

155 lbs Tommy Mashrick (Sitmangpong) vs. Bryan Rossi (Sityodtong)

Rd 1:  Rossi gets the takedown He gets to knee on belly and lands significant unanswered strikes for the k.o. victory.

Winner by k.o. in rd number 1 is Bryan Rossi at 1:52

175 lbs Tom Brinks (Xtreme Ambition) vs. Kevin Ferguson Jr. (Plus One Defense)

Rd 1:   They exchange on the feet.  Kevin is definately the more versatile boxer, the son of Kimbo Slice.  Kevin gets the better of the exchanges and lands some hard punches for the ko.

Winner in rd 1 via K.o. is Kevin Ferguson

130 lbs Jimmy Tomlinson (Dexters MMA) vs. Johnny Melo (Sityodtong)

Rd 1: Jimmy lands nice leg kicks.  Melo clinches and slams the fight to the ground.  Johnny lands nice strikes and drops Jimmy to his back.  He then lands hard strikes from the top for the ref stoppage.

Winner by tko victory in rd 1  is Johnny Melo.

130 lbs Mike Kimbel (Thunder MMA) vs. Steve Rivera (Thornton Martial Arts)

Rd 1:  A quick exchange of punches, Steve lands a hard right to drop him to the mat just to land a few more strikes on the mat for the k.o.  A warrior nation mma record time k.o. at 8 seconds in the very first round.

Your winner by k.o. at 8 seconds in rd one is Mike Kimbel

**Co-Main Event**
145 lbs Ali Zebian (Fighting Arts Academy 3-2) vs. Arslan Otchiyev (CT Speed School 2-2-1)

Rd 1:  Its a good stand up striking exchange.  Both fighters are hungry.  Ali appears to be the stronger striker.  They exchange punches and kicks.  Ali shoots for a takedown and Arslan sinks in a nice standing guillotine choke for the tapout finish.

Winner via submission in round 1 by guillotine Arslan Otchiyev

** Main Event**
Jose Lugo (Rivera Athletic Center 2-1) vs. Justin Valentin (Underdog BJJ 3-0)

Rd 1:  They clinch up right away, its a battle for position back and forth.  the round ends with justin attempting a guillotine choke from his guard.

Rd 2:  They clinch again immediately.  Justin gets the takedown and ends up on top position.  They scramble back to their feet.  Brief exchange there.  Justin takes him down and the round ends.

Rd 3:  They exchange.  They go to the ground and Jose controls the pace.  Jose take back controls to land some gnp.  He looks for the rnc a couple times but Justin defends well.  The round ends with Jose dominating the round.

Rd 4:  They go right to the ground once again.  Jose is landing some good gnp from guard and passes to side control.  Its a sick grappling match on the ground folks.  Back and forth battle!  Justin is on top controlling some now.  The round ends.

Rd 5:   Justin has a small cut on the nose at the start of the round.  They go to the ground and back to the feet several times.  what a back and forth battle for the dominate position.  They battle for position in the clinch and on the mat.  The round ends while Jose is in the dominate position landing a couple strikes in the clinch.  This my friends is the FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

You winner by unanimous decision and 125 lbs Champion Jose Lugo (Rivera athletic center)


Fight of the night: Jose Lugo vs. Justin Valentin

K.O. of the night: Kevin Fergusson vs. Tom Brink

Submission of the night: Ali Zebian vs. Arslan Otchiyev