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March 31, 2016

CES MMA 34 Full FIght card 04/01/16 Foxwoods Casino

Friday 04.01.2016 at 09:00 PM ET
U.S. Broadcast:
Promotion: CES MMA
Ownership: Jimmy Burchfield
Venue: Foxwoods Resort Casino
Location: Mashantucket, Connecticut, United States
Enclosure: Cage
Number of MMA Bouts: 10
Event Pages: Sherdog | The UG | Tapology | WesternMassMMA
CES: Facebook | Twitter | TapologyOfficial Site

Pro 145lbs Mike Maldonado Vs George Nassar
Mike shows he's well rounded here in his amateur debut as the first match of the evening back at PFC 18 in Nov '15
Mike looking for the takedown against Steve Romano at PFC 18 back in Nov. '15
Nassar has been in the cage since Fall 2011.  He's seen his share of hard losses, but always gives the audience a memorable performance.
George in his amateur debut at AFO: Halloween Havoc 4 in Oct. '10
The online polling has this as a near even split.  I however have to consider the fact that Nassar has the experience in this match and that will ultimately allow him to stay ahead of Mike.  With 6 amateur matches since 2011 and his pro debut last year he's seen it all.  KO's, Decisions, Losses, Wins, and lots of preparation not to mention a match at Pro class that allowed him to use new weapons.  I've got Nassar on this one.

Am. 265lbs Gavin Nickel Vs Dan Randall

Only thing I could find on Nickel was this backyard brawl from two years back.  He's certanly got the aptitude for the game and he's stepped up since then and taken an actual cage match at the Barbarian Fight Club: Summer Bash  in June of 2015.  There's little other info as to what gave him the W in his match.

Here we see Dan hard at work in one of his most exciting matches to date which happened to be his last for 2015.  I had expected the FAA product to turn pro and start his freshman year in the growing regional Super Heavy weight class, but his coaches must need him to polish a few more guys off before they give the go ahead. Be ready for some amazing speed and agility coming from Dan.  Remember when Barney Rubble would call Fred Flintstone "Twinkle Toes"?  Well let's just say that Dan possesses that quality.  He moves extremely well and I'm looking forward to seeing if his months long layoff has heightened that attribute or diminished it.  I say Randall gets a KO here and puts a period on his stint as an amateur.

Pro 135lbs Geoffrey Then Vs Merab Dvalishvili
Geoffrey Then moved to 2-0 in his last amateur match at 135lbs.  He showed some courage when facing the Underdog BJJ fighter and took the match three rounds to none in the eyes of the judges.
Then Vs Flores at PFC 18.  Then in Red with White trunks on right.
Contrasting that endurance is the speed and brutality found in the hands of Merab.  A quick Youtube search of this exotic sounding name quickly brings up fight footage.  This video of his first amateur match three years ago in New York gives you a great look into what could make this an upsetting experience for Then.  No one wants to get KO'd in the first round, but it could be over just that fast.  Dvalishvili has the power to end this if he wants in a big way.  He has gone the distance twice and Geoffrey will be able to draw some positives from that if this fight goes the distance.  Merab has yet to win a decision.  His three wins have been KO/TKO.  I put the edge on Merab.  Geoffrey won't have an easy night of sleep tonight knowing that his opponent carries TNT in his gloves.

Pro 125lbs Carlos Candelario Vs Luay Ashkar
Here we have Carlos setting up the armbar and securing the win of the PFC 135lb am Title
Candelario is one of those special fighters we all look for every time we attend an event.  Humble yet skilled.  His record does little to show how the kind of human he is, but it does clearly tell you that he plays for keeps.  An unbroken win streak that may be the longest in WesternMass to date.  Seven straight since 2012 and by virtually all means.  He's flying the Underdog BJJ banner these days which brings with it it's own prestige and will ensure his corner is as skilled and versed as he is for the transition to the larger scale promotions.  If there is a weakness in this kids game he hasn't yet realized it and no one he's fought has exploited it.  I think the closest would have come in the title match shown above.  Carlos fell afoul of the explosive power in Reipold's right hand and wound up on his back in the opening seconds of the first round, yet he prevailed and took the belt earning him the top spot.

Patrick Sullivan, CES-MMA matchmaker, may have found the man who can derail Carlos's train to being one of the top 5 in New England and onto the top 10 in the Northeast.  Luay is also undefeated and currently sits at #1 in New York as a pro in his division.  The highlight reel is great.  I really wish I had the access to all the videos to put more of these together for all our local fighters.  As you can see Ashkar has some incredible hand speed not to mention a lethal combination he mixes with kicks and angles.  Carlos is going to need to bite down on that mouthguard and get his hands dirty in this match.  I am going to say that this will be fight of the night.  Either way no one is leaving the fights disappointed.  I'm going to make Carlos the underdog literally in this one.  He may not get the "W" this time around, but if he does we'll be ready to celebrate.

Main Card (Televised)
Pro 265lbs Steve Skrzat Vs Kevin Haley

Pro 205lbs Anton Berzin Vs Matt Thompson

Pro 155lbs Leon Davis Vs LT Nelson

Pro 135lbs Johnny Campbell Vs Matt Lozano

Co-Main Event
Pro 145lbs Calvin Kattar Vs Kenny Foster

Main Event Title Fight
Pro 170lbs Chris Curtis Vs Nah-shon Burrell

Ten matches is the perfect number for a great night of action.  We are looking forward to many of our Western Mass fighters to represent the area, their schools, and their trainers very well.  I'm also excited to see that CES has opened it's cage to some deserving amateur fighters.