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May 14, 2016

NEF 23 5/14/2016 LIVE REVIEW

Warchild and I made the 3 hour drive in a 2.5 hours and arrived at the venue.  This NEF is the first time they are hosting a show in Mass so it is special to them and to Hyannis.  We walked into the venue and there is a food station selling pretzels and various items.  Entering the fight area and the cage is centered with seats all around in what you would expect from a gym.  Suckerpunch Athletics is here selling their merchandise who I haven't seen in forever!  There are a total of 8 fights tonight as the Ryan Kane/Dustin Veinott fight is now off the card.  Three out of the eight fights will be professional ones including the pro debut of Brendan Battles that everyone in Hyannis is dying to see!  The ringside announces is Pete Czymbor and the refs are Gary Ebelin and Paul Asimar.  Follow along as we recap the night.

160 AM Fabian Miranda 2-0 (Juniko) vs Steve Bang 3-4 (CMBJJ)

Nice snapping kick from Fabian.  Steve gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Fabian works his way up and takes Steve down.  Fabian is in guard and Steve bucks him off and they are back up.  Fabian takes him down and is now in half guard.  Fabian is looking for an armbar from the bottom and Steve gets in a few hammerfists to make him pay.

Miranda 10-9

Rd 2:  Miranda connects with a right that drops Steve.  He covers him quickly and takes his back but is sliding off.  He falls off the top and Steve rips his arm free.  He is now  on top in half guard.  Fabian works an armbar from the bottom and gets the tap.

Fabian Miranda defeats Steve Bang via tapout to armbar at 2:21 seconds in Rd 2.

190 AM Thomas Lee Davis 1-0 (Juniko) vs Anthony Spires 0-1 (Independent)

Tommy starts us off with some leg kicks.  He connects with a right.  Anthony gets in a right of his own.  Tommy connects with another right that drops Anthony to the mat flat on his back.  Ref has seen enough.

Thomas Lee Davis defeats Anthony Spires via ko at 1:10 in Rd 1.

205 AM Tracey Schryba 0-0 (Independent) vs Victor Irwin 1-0 (Young's)

Tracey rushes forward with a punch.  Tracey fires 2 kicks and Victor counters right back.  Victor connects with a punch that drops Tracey to the mat.

Victor Irwin defeats Tracey Schryba via ko at 47 seconds in Rd 1.

160 AM Ed Forlenza 0-0 (Juniko/Sityodtong) vs Frank Johanson 0-1 (CMBJJ)

Ed connects with a right that sends Frank to the mat.  He is trying to bait Ed to the mat but Ed lets him up after a couple of kicks.  Ed slams Frank to the mat and he moves to the side.  He gets in a few hammerfists and gets moved to guard.  He gets in a few more punches before the round ends.

Forlenza 10-9

Rd 2:  Ed connects with a right after a few misses that sends Frank to the mat.  Frank has a triangle and Ed slams his way out of it.  The Juniko crowd is soooo loud in here.  After a minute he moves to full mount.  He is dropping hammerfists and the crowd is going nuts!!  He gets some hard shots right before the round ends and Frank is slow to get up.

Doctor stops the fight in between rounds.

Ed Forlenza defeats Frank Johanson via doctor stoppage (tko) the start of Rd 3.

135 AM Kylie O'Hearn 0-0 (Juniko) vs Angela Young 1-1 (Young's)

Angela rushes in and they are both swinging hard.  Kylie gets the takedown and and has her in a headlock.  She is getting some punches to the head.  Angela is bleeding but there is no give up in her!  Kylie moves to half guard and gets in a few more punches before the round ends.

O'Hearn 10-9

Rd 2:  Kylie fires 3 kicks.  They are both hitting hard!  Angela connects with a right.  After a minute of striking Kylie gets the takedown with a slam.  She takes the back and has the hooks.  She has the arm under the chin and it looks deep but once again Angela does not give up!  Unbelievable fight so far.

O'Hearn 10-9

Rd 3:  Kylie closes the distance and Angela hip tosses her to the mat.  Kylie ends up taking her back and is working on the hooks.  Angela is doing an excellent job at fighting it from the position she is in.  Angela turns and has the top position.  She gets in a few punches from the top and Kylie kicks her off.  They are swinging away before the round ends.

O'Hearn 10-9

Kylie O'Hearn defeats Angela Young via unanimous decision.  That fight was worth the price of admission and is definitely a fight of the year candidate.

185 PRO Ruben Redman 0-0 (Nytmare) vs Crowsneck Boutin 1-2 (Choi)

Crow starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Ruben clinches and gets in some knees to the body.  They are swinging for the fences.  Crow gets the takedown and is working the side.  Ruben gives up his back.  Crow goes for an armbar and is cranking on it hard.  Ruben gets out and they are back standing.  Now they are back swinging away.  Crow gets another takedown and has the side.  He moves to full mount.  He is getting in heavy fists and the ref stops the fight.  Little early stoppage in my eyes.

Crowsneck Boutin defeats Ruben Redman via ref stoppage to strikes at 4:49 in Rd 1.

155 PRO Derek Shorey 3-6 (Shatterproof) vs Matt Denning 2-2 (CMBJJ)

They throw a few punches and it goes to the mat.  Matt works a heel hook and cranks for the verbal stoppage.

Matt Denning defeats Derek Shorey via verbal stoppage to heel hook at 37 seconds in Rd 1.

265 PRO Brendan Battles 0-0 (Juniko) vs Mike Hansen 4-3 (Berserkers)

Mike connects with a few punches and Brendan takes him down.  Battles has the side and is working short elbows.  Mike turns and gives up his back and Battles flattens him out and ground and pounds him out.  The punches looked to be to the back of the head but it is in the books!  Brendan's left eye is swollen and Mike is bloodied too in just a few short minutes.

Brendan Battles defeats Mike Hansen via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:46 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Kylie O'Hearn vs Angela Young
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Battles over Hansen
SUB OF THE NIGHT: Denning's heel hook

Another NEF has come to a close and it was a decent crowd for their first event in Mass.  I really enjoyed the venue because the atmosphere was really loud and the crowd was getting into the action.  The Cape as we all know is gorgeous with their beaches and it really reminded me of driving up to Maine.  The show started right on time at 7pm and ended with only being 8 fights in just around 2 hours.  There was no intermission just straight non-stop-action which was a different touch that I enjoyed.  NEF will be having another show up in Lewiston Maine in June and I have been told if the fans want it, then they will bring another show to Hyannis so make sure you let them know on their fanpage or commenting here that you enjoyed it!  All of our photos will be posted to our facebook fanpage so make sure you follow us!