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June 18, 2016

Cage Titans XXIX: Plymouth Memorial Hall 6-18-2016

Tonight we've got a double header.  Travis "Big City" and "Warchild" are running up to Lewiston, ME for NEF 24 "Promised Land".  Keep 2 tabs open and see get the latest from both events.

Mike Polvere Has brought together another card rich with talent and done so on a beautiful day in June by the seashore.  Down the road sits one of our nation's most iconic symbols, The Plymouth Rock.  Inside the historic walls of Plymouth Memorial Hall there will be some of the youngest and boldest of New England's growing contingent of MMA fighters.  On the card we see 19 matches.  a middle weight title fight and a flyweight title fight both in the amateur class.

Fights start at 7pm approx.
Amateur Preliminary
Robinson Vs Lessard (am. flyweight)
Rnd 1 I will update this after reviewing the film.  I was cornering so I couldn't write as well  It went to Lessard 30 - 27 unanimous decision.

Marotte Vs Caparotta (am. flyweight)
Rnd 1 has Marrotte pressed into the cage for the first half of the round.  Caparotta is like glue and can't be shook off.  He takes Brendan for a ride three times throughout the round forcing the young fighter to play defense from the bottom all three times.  The SSSF product handily takes the first round on the judges card with solid cage control.  A lack of striking didn't stop the crowd from getting excited and cheering loudly.

Rnd 2 is dramatically different.  Brendan comes out on the attack and catches Caparotta off guard.  The action brings the crowd further down the rabbit hole as Marotte mounts Caparotta and rains down the punches.  Caparotta tries to gain leverage with feet on the cage, but the strikes aren't ending and Ref Kevin MacDonald has seen enough.  The triumphant Marotte does a back flip and the crowd goes wild.  Marotte wins 2:08 Via Unanswered strikes

Brothwell Vs McCoy (Female am. flyweight)
Rnd 1 The women enter the cage and the you can see the intensity building.  McCoy comes out striking and forces the taller Brothwell into the cage where they spend time jokeying for position.  Brothwell is down right in front of her corner with McCoy working side control and knees.  The Santos BJJ fighter is looking to stay busy, but also hunting for the sub.  Brothwell is able to get up after a short time and stop the advancing of any further sub attempts.  Now it's Brothwell pressuring McCoy against the cage and landing decent body shots as the round ends

Rnd 2 goes quickly and seems like a repeat of the first.  Brothwell ends the round in the top position, but defends the armbar.

Rnd 3 They are back and forth.  Brothwell overwhelms McCoy several times making it appear as though se has the energy left to finish the fight.  With a minute left McCoy finds her opportunity to get off the cage.
29-28 McCoy 29-28 Brothwell 30-27 McCoy are the judges scores.  Congrats to McCoy on her impressive win.

Atiles Vs Laronal (am. lightweight)
Rnd 1 Atiles shows some good head movement right off the bat.  They battle for a position out of the clinch just before Laronal fouls Atiles with an accidental low blow.  The fight resumes after less than a minute.  As the action continues Jay is able to corral his opponent into the Red corner.  Laronal circles off the cage and gets a beautiful slam burying Atiles into the mat.  Laronal mounts and has Atiles bound up in the Red corner.  He bumps his hips and gets the sweep.  Laronal doesn't stay controlled long and just as the round signal sounds he's on his feet.  The crowd loves it.

Rnd 2 The fighters come out to the center before trading kicks.  Laronal mixes up the attack with a few strikes.  Atiles throws spinning back kick that is nearly landed on the chin of the Trifecta fighter.  Laronal pounces on the missed opportunity and brings Atiles to the mat.  For nearly two minutes Atiles keeps the guard applied and keeps Laronal working to advance.  Atiles reverses in the final thirty seconds of the round and moves right to mount.  Laronal is shelling up and bucking the hips.  He generates enough disruption to force Atiles to place his hands on the mat allowing the mounted fighter to once again regain top position as the bell sounds.

3rd Rnd and it's a slug fest.  Laronal closes the distance again on his way in he's tagged on the right eye, but doesn't yield.  He presses Atiles into the cage again and Atiles pulls guard again.  Laronal gets past the guard and mounts and that sends the crowd into a roar and chants.  The punishment doesn't stop there.  He sends the fists crashing into Atiles forearms and then into his face.  Two then three bombs land then the ref is waving the fight off as he is pushing the concentrated fighter off his target.  Laronal gets a standing ovation and the you can tell he's on fire.  Laronal wins via unanswered strikes.

Marshall Vs Cherant (am. lt. heavyweight)
Rnd 1 Marshall nearly gets guilotine choked in the first minute.  He saves himself with the help of some blatant cage grabbing.  Cherant has the crowd in his corner as he's the local fighter out of Team Juniko.  He's moving smoothly and stocking his prey.  Marshall is an impressively strong man and is able to pressure the younger Cherant into the cage for the remainder of the round.  The few times they did separate Cherant got the better of the exchanges off.

Rnd 2 Cherant stays composed throughout the round, but can't seem to stun Marshall even when he's blasted with a left hand full of power. Marshall eats it and throws a solid three punch combo off of it running his man back into the cage.  Marshall engages the clinch many times and this round he is finding a home for his own big right hand.  Three times he gets close to finishing the fight. Twice off of his strikes and once with a standing head and arm triangle.  The crowd is willing Cherant to continue.

Rnd 3 Marshall strikes early and rushes Cherant into the far side of the cage.  He tosses the younger man to the ground like a rag doll.  The fighters are doing everything they can to find the advantage.  Cherant spends more time on the mat in the bottom position than Marshall.  Marshall takes the back for a brief period landing shots that aren't devastating, but sufficient for distraction and control.  Marshall is nearly swept when Cherant musters his last push for a finish.  Marshall weathers the storm and it's up to the judges.  29-28 a unanimous decision for Marshall.

Murrin Vs Douma (am. featherweight)
Rnd 1 Douma weathers the early attack of the fleet footed Murrin.  Murrin's corner warning the entire time of an impending wrestling style take down shot.  Murrin sails a three punch combo just as Douma slides in and gets the takedown done.  Murrin is on the mat now with Douma staying patient and consistently working for a guilotine.  Murrin fights the hands and briefly is able to get on two feet, but Douma rolls through and maintains the top position at the bell.

Rnd 2 Murrin is instantly in the center of the cage and flicking out the front kicks.  His coaches are warning him not to be to aggressive, but it's not enough to keep Douma from swarming him and shooting.  Murrin spends the remainder of the round on his back fighting for every inch and every second.  He's down two rounds to none.

Rnd 3 The crowd is electric and deafening as these two come back into the action.  The fight is so evenly matched that it is really is a coin toss who won the bout.  There were several points that Douma had that top control and was landing powerful strikes, but then Murrin pops up and over powers his man and starts an onslaught of his own that the crowd responds to with force of their own.  It's 29-28 -29-28 29-27 Douma by UD.

Graustuck vs Costello (am. flyweight)
Rnd 1 was all Will Graustuck from the time the ref said go.  He came out and threw a mean body kick.  Costello tried to follow suit, but wound up getting pressed into the cage.  The duo scrambled for position before Graustuck found a deep triangle.  To Costello's credit he battled nearly two minutes straight in this position.  He kept Graustuck from getting the space he needed to finish the sub, but he faltered in the final attempts to pass allowing the NAGA expert to find the armbar with five seconds left in the round.  Graustuck 2:55 by armbar

Griffith Vs Pan (am. featherweight)
Rnd 1 Pan comes out the aggressor.  Griffith shows patience slowly moving Pan up to the far side of the cage executing a solid takedown.  Pan is able to sweep and settles on to Griffith's back midway trough the round.  Griffith is being picked apart with heel strikes and hammer fists to the face.  He's unable to get to any better position before the round ends, but he is able to keep Pan from finding the RNC.

Rnd 2 Griffith takes the first opportunity to get the strikes going.  He is throwing kicks and circling to his left, but Pan is gliding across the cage with him and landing the upper cut.  Griffith tries for the rush and Pan stuffs the takedown bouncing off the cage as Griffith falls to a knee.  Pan is able to get to mount as Griffith roll and gives up his back.  Pan laces the hooks in and lets the leather fly.  Pan can't keep Griffith on the mat though and before the round ends he's pressuring Pan into the cage in the top position.

Rnd 3 Another back and forth match.  Griffith wasn't going to go out without a fight and it paid in this round.  As much energy as he could muster he took to Pan in this final stand.  He beat his man to the punch literally.  In the last round he spent a considerable amount of time on Pan's back and in his half guard.  The round ends with Pan defending an armbar attempt after the two battled to keep Griffith from sinking the RNC.  The judges see it  29-28 UD Mike Pan

Moore Vs O'Hearn (Female am. bantamweight)
RND 1 Rebecca Moore decided today was a good day to take on Team Juniko's undefeated female bantamweight O'Hearn.  She played a very smart game and smashed O'Hearn with a sweet right hand.  She landed some well placed kicks nearly chopping the legs out from under the sturdy fighter.

Rnd 2 2min 55sec O'Hearn wins via unanswered strikes.  I'll update this one after.  The last two minutes were a slug fest and there was a lot happening between O'Hearn rallying and Moore trying to regain the control she had in the first around and part way into the second.

Degloria Vs Navis (am. welterweight)
Rnd 1 Navis comes out with a kind of twitchy up down energy.  He's moving a hundred miles an hour, but not really going anywhere in terms of effective offensive volley.  Degloria on the other hand looks totally relaxed and poised.  It takes about two minutes for Degloria to get a bead on the perpetual motion of Navis, but once he zones in he's landing strikes at will.  And they've got power.  Navis is all jammed up and hardly throwing anything.

Rnd 2 and Degloria is on Navis with a purpose.  He's hitting big left hand hooks, finding the home for the jab, and then gets a giant slamming takedown right in front of Navis's own corner.   Nick mounts and puts the screws to his guy, but in the exchange Navis is able to bump free and get up to his feet.  He's bouncing up and down and just keeping an incredible pace.  He's hesitating and that bodes well for Nick.  The bell sounds and Kevin MacDonald signals for a clean break in action to end the round.
Rnd 3 has Degloria at the right distance to avoid any of Navis's strikes without losing the space he needs to get inside and make a play for a takedown.  Nick ducks under and around to the back of the twitchy fighter.  He gets the takedown and mounts without a problem.  It doesn't last though and before long Navis is up on his feet nearly landing a big swing of a right hand that Nick blocks,  With only a second left Degloria picks up Navis and dumps him shoulder first into the mat right here in front of me.  The bell sounds and the round is over and so is the fight.  Navis walks back to his corner in disbelief and Degloria is flexing for the crowd.

The judges see it 30-27 for Degloria in a unanimous decision.

Beaudry Vs Hindley (Female am. strawweight)
Rnd 1 Hindley comes out and across the cage with no regard for a feeling out process.  Adina is being coached by Keegan Hornstra.  Hindley hits the takedown and immediately goes to work on isolating the armbar.   The round passes with both women in a tangle.  Beaudry tries to stay stacked, but as the round ends Hindley is just prying the armbar loose.

Rnd 2 has Hindley searching for a way back to that position.  She is able to get to the back.  Unable to lock up the armbar.  She gets the ankle locked up, but Beaudry toughs it out.  Beaudry is all business this round as Danielle begins to lose a little steam.

Rnd 3 gets super awkward when the ref stops the fight to warn Beaudry due to strikes
Judges see it 28-28 29-28 29-28 Adina Beaudry

Am. Flyweight Title Fight
Lugo Vs Trinidad (am. flyweight)
Rnd 1 hasn't even started and Trinidad has a point deducted for delaying the match.  he didn't bring his mouth guard to the cage and his coach was unable to locate it.  Instead he brought him someone elses mouth piece.  The match begins and I can't be sure but Trinidad is wearing the appliance anway even though it isn't his.  Jose Lugo get started in a big way dominating the embarrassed man.  Lugo sends him on a trip down through the mat with a huge throw.  Trinidad is able to get back to his feet and work for the Kimura.  Lugo seperates and is standing over his opponent with thirty seconds left.

Rnd 2 is  where Trinidad makes his move to get back to an even score card.  He isn't quite able to get it done.  He expends a lot of energy hunting for guilotines.

Rnd 3 is pretty uneventful with neither fighter gaining any huge advantage.  Trinidad ends the round on the back of the champ.

Rnd 4 Another round in the books.  Lugo takes the majority of the points in that round with his tenacity and cage control.

Rnd 5 is the final round.  Lugo was much less active in this round.  It's going to be close on the cards, but the point deduction in the first likely seals the deal and leaves little opportunity for Trinidad to overcome Lugo.  48-46 Lugo 48-46 Trinidad 48-46 Lugo and Lugo takes home the belt.

Am. Middleweight Title Fight
Bettencourt Vs Gasdia (am. middleweight)
Rnd 1 is every fight fans dream come true.  On one side we have the fact that neither guy is afraid to stand in the exchange and cleave away at each other.  On the other hand we are seeing Bettencourt own the ring.  Gasdia is moving in and out, landing heavy leg kicks on both sides, and trying to keep from being knocked unconcious.

Rnd 2 is a debacle.  I don't even know what to write first.  I may come back to this later.  2min 57sec is what it took for Bettencourt to get the ref interested in the actual fight to want to stop it.  The new champ had loads of support and the crowd made sure to show their appreciation for the action with a standing ovation.

Professional Main Card
Davis Vs Shainis (featherweight)
Rnd 1 isn't very long due to the fact that Davis landed a solid punch that destroyed Shainis's retina.  The blood started to flow from his eye immediately and his contact lense could be seen glistening on the mat where it had fallen in the exchange.  Ref Kevin MacDonald is advised by the ringside physician to stop the action.  Davis is the new Am. Featherweight champ.

Hornstra Vs Dolan (welterweight)
Rnd 1 sees a quick conclusion with Keegan getting the RNC.  Nothing really stands out about the match.

Falso Vs Giannetti (welterweight)
Rnd 1 Falso is in trouble in no time flat.  Joe Giannetti finishes it in 1min 44sec by armbar.  There were some opportunities for Frank to make some space, but Joe read the tells and closed off any avenue for escape with each passing second.  Well played from start to finish.

Ornelas Vs Barrett (bantamweight)
Rnd 1 Ernesto Ornelas came in looking to bring the fight to the "Mad" Barrett with two days notice.  It was exciting for the first two minutes, but Barrett worked out the puzzle and rearranged a few pieces to get the leverage and the armbar sub.

Perez Vs Gorgone (featherweight)
Rnd 1 Perez took alot of abuse throughout the round.  He was taken down and controlled three times.  In the end the ground of Scott Gorgone was to much for him and the armbar came despite Fernando's great effort to hold out to the bitter end.  Gorgone gets the armbar at  3min 33sec

Anderson Vs Bermudez (lightweight)
Rnd 1 Manny submits Jeff with a Guillotine in 1min and 6sec.