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August 10, 2016

ABC 2016 Annual Conference offers the bigger takeaway for amateur and professional mixed martial artists

Under President Michael Mazzulli's first year at the head of the organization the executive board paid tremendous attention to the mixed martial artists at this year's conference.  Thankfully it was met with support from nearly all members of the ABC body, ring officials, ringside physicians, attorneys, vendors, fighters, and fans.  I was fortunate to have been a guest and the first media persons to be invited to stream the event live to the public.  I sat at the back of the room for three days and listened with interest as the presentations where given to a room full of men and women tasked with keeping combatants safe and the competitions fair.  Months ago when Ref. Kevin MacDonald gave me the heads up about the conference I got started researching the topics and the presenters.  I grew excited when I read names like Jeff Novitzski, Dr. Larry Lovelace, Atty. Erik Magraken, and John McCarthy would be at the podium dispensing invaluable information on all things MMA.  Very few of the presentations failed to meet my expectations and I felt that the assembled were also satisfied that their time had been well spent.  I've broken down each day's presentations individually and put together a playlist of the items I feel are very important for amateur and professional mixed martial artists, their trainers, the promoters, and our athletic commissions.  Please take your time and watch these videos when you can.  There are several hours worth in just this one play list.  Each day, of which there were three, ranged from 6hrs to 8hrs.  The presentations included information on matchmaking for boxing, medical advisories for officials, best practices for judging, litigation concerns, and so much more.  Enjoy and be sure to share this information.  It's from the source so you can trust that it's accurate.  As always I welcome any discussions you might like to have here on the site or in person at the fights.  Be safe and train hard.  Your life depends on it...