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August 11, 2016

CES MMA 37 LIVE REVIEW 8/12/2016

CES 37

The Artist and I enjoyed the lightning show on the way over to Twin River Casino.  CES has put together 8 pro fights for the night in which 3 of them are title fights.  We quickly found our seats and arrived way earlier than usual since Warchild wasn't driving.  We made it over to the food court and grabbed some grub before the fights.  Many of the local fight fans are already ready and amped up for the fights tonight.  Joe and I are going to switch back and forth between each fight so you will get a little bit of a different style each fight.  Please follow along as we recap the night.

145 PRO  Mak Kelleher ( 1-2 Maxum BJJ) vs. Dylan Lockard (0-0 PMA)

Mak starts us off with a leg kick.  Mak connects with 2 more kicks and Dylan catches the second and takes him down to the mat.  Dylan is in guard and he passes to the side.  Mak has his arm tied up in his leg briefly.  Dylan gets his arm free and takes Mak's back.  He has the hooks in and Mak weathers a few elbows and turns out of it.  Dylan is now pushed back to guard.  He postures up and works a few hammerfists.  Mak works his way to his feet and Dylan makes him pay with some punches.  They are back standing and Dylan connects with a combo.  He is pressing Mak up against the cage as the round ends.

Lockard 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are working their stand up.  Mak is connecting with some solid leg kicks. Dylan ties his up against the cage briefly and they break.  Dylan connects with a straight right that sends Mak down.  Dylan takes his back as Mak is standing.  He takes Mak down while still on his back and Mak bounces right back up.  Dylan hops onto his back standing and trying to take him down again.  Dylan is on Mak's back while standing and they are exchanging punches.  Awesome!  Mak is elbowing the leg of the body triangle and Dylan is punching him in the head.  With 13 seconds left Dylan gets Mak down tot he mat looking for the finish.

Lockard 10-9

Rd 3:  Dylan starts us off with a right.  Mak is working his leg kicks.  Dylan takes Mak down and Mak is making him pay with elbows.  Dylan is controlling him on the ground.  Dylan is trying to stand back up and Mak has the neck.  Dylan moves to the top position, he is trying for a d'arce but can't get the finish.  They are back to their feet and Make pulls guard as the round ends.

Lockard 10-9

Dylan Lockard defeats Mak Kelleher via unanimous decision.

135 PRO Marquis Brewster (1-0 NEC) vs. Roosevelt Archie (1-2 Team Turtle)

Rd 1: Marquis comes out with a low inside kick.  The ninja turtle, Roosevelt< is keeping the distance with ease.  Marquis is the smaller fighter, but incredibly fast.  He blitzes the Floridian, scoops him up over his shoulder, and places his down at the red corner flat on his back,  With two minutes left Marquis is in full mount.  The turtle is wishing he had Master Splinter in his corner offering a little more advice than the occasional call of the time left in the round his corner keeps offering.  A call for him to stand up goes unanswered as Brewster maintains that heavy pressure and top control.  Archie kicks off the cage and gets the separation he needs so badly, but fails to get any advantage and remains back flat on the mat covering up and excepting Brewster's advances.

Rd 2:  Brewster is using his kicks to chop at the taller lankier opponent.  The ninja tries for a spinning back kick, but Marquis changes level and the kick flies right past the crown of his head.  They lock up and exchange knees.  Brewster is able to land the crucial knee and drop the withering fighter.  Brewster takes the mount, settles his head on the left shoulder of Archie before hopping to the left to lock down the Arm-Triangle.  At 2:17 Brewster forces Archie to tap out.

185 PRO  Mike Rodriguez (3-1 Lauzon's MMA) vs. Stephfond Ewings (3-3-1)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Mike comes in with a good kick to the body.  Stephfond connects with an outside kick.  They clinch and Mike gets in a knee to the body.  Stephfond reverses and eventually they break.  Mike rushes in with a flying knee that connects flush to the head.  Ewings is out and the fight is stopped.

Mike Rodriguez defeats Stephfond Ewings midway through the first round.

CES does a great tribute to the young warrior, Devin Carrier that the mma world lost just last Saturday.

HVY PRO TITLE Greg Rebello (Sityodtong 20-6) vs. Ashley Gooch (9-4 MMA Lab)

Rd 1:  Immediately you notice that Greg is not built like his counterpart.  He's actually much smaller.  They circle for the first thirty seconds when Ribz throws a light low kick to Gooch's lead leg.  THe crowd is growing restless and the fighters continue to size eachother up.  Gooch takes a Rebello jab to the right eye and it's already starting to close up.  Gooch maintains the center o f the ring with Greg circling and looking for that lightening left hand.  When Ashely throws the right hand Ribz is knocked into the cage.  Gooch shoots in behind a right hand and initiates the first clinch of the fight at the 30 second warning.  Ribz fires a rear left kick which is blocked.  Gooch shoots in again as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Gooch looks fresh where Greg is looking tired.  Ashley chops at the inside of Gregs right calf with a hard low kick and it has an immediate effect.  Gooch is gaining in confidence and slides in for a pressure move tying Greg up and pressing him against the cage.  Greg circles out, but can't keep the true heavyweight off of him.  Greg gets taken down and pops back up in short order.  Gooch is still pressuring the Sityodtong fighter into the cage, but seems to be loosing steam.  Gooch relaxes a moment and Greg fires a hard left that lands on the big man's jaw visibly rocking him.  The crowd finally comes alive as they.  Greg repeats the left hand and again hits the jaw.  Gooch recovers and the round ends with a huff and a puff.

Rd 3:  Greg isn't so quick to run to the center of the cage as Gooch seems fully recovered over the rest period.  Gooch is stalking Greg.  He presses the smaller opponent into the cage.  Greg circles out and tries to land a mid kick to the ribs, but Gooch has already fired off a monster Right hand that explodes on Rebello's skull and knocks him out and off of his feet.  Gooch is over Greg dropping two big hands.  At 1min and 10seconds of the 3rd round the belt is claimed by big bad Ashley Gooch.  He won the RI crowd over.  He's a warrior, it's what he does.  He will defend the belt well.

185 PRO Pat McCrohan (2-0 Gillett's) vs. Ruslan Melikov (3-1 K-Dojo Tribe)

Pat starts us off with a leg kick.  Pat rushes in with a combo and Ruslan takes Pat down.  Ruslan takes his back and Pat moves his way back up.  Ruslan pushes him back down to the mat.  Pat works his way up and connects with a knee to the head.  They are back to the center of the cage.  Pat swings and Ruslan ducks under for the takedown.  He gets it and is in half guard.  He moves to full mount and Pat gives up his back momentarily and ducks out the back.  They are back standing as the round ends.

Melikov 10-9

Rd 2:  Pat throws a kick and Ruslan takes him down.  Ruslan swings his shoulder into the head of Pat.  Pat is working his way up and Ruslan slams him back to the mat.  Ruslan with some big shots from underneath.  Ruslan takes Pat down again and moves to full mount.  He postures up and drops some bombs.  Pat gives up his back and Ruslan is on the side.  He works a bulldog choke for the tap.

Ruslan Melikov defeats Pat McCrohan via bulldog choke at 4:44 in Rd 2.

185 PRO Chuck O’Neil (Triforce 16-8) vs. Roy Jones (7-4 Imperial Athletics)

Chuck takes a swift combination from Roy Jones right across the mouth in the opening seconds.  Jone's rushes in, but overshoots and is immediately swallowed up in the clinch.  Taking all of Cold Steel's pressure he desperately looks for the guillotine as he's swept off of his feet and slammed back first into the mat.  O'Neil keeps calm, passes into full mount and pounds out Jone's in under three minutes.

145 PRO TITLE Matt Bessette (Underdog BJJ 19-7) vs. Joe Pingitore (6-1-1 Triforce)

Ping rushes in with a barrage of strikes.  Bessette weathers the storm and Ping keeps coming forward.  He drops Matt and Matt pulls him in to calm the fight down.  He has half butterfly and Matt works his way up to his feet.  They are back standing and some blood is coming from Matt's nose.  Matt is starting to work his kicks.  Joe is connecting with some jabs.  Matt presses Joe up against the cage and connects with a knee to the head.  Joe misses with a flying knee.  Joe with another right.  Joe with 3 straight jabs as the round ends.

Pingitore 10-9

Rd 2:  Matt starts off working his kicks.  Joe connects with another right.  Matt is bleeding from the eye and the bridge of the nose it appears.  Ping is bleeding from the corner of his left eye.  Bessette keeps coming forward.  Ping with a good combo.  Matt connects with a head kick.  Matt looks for the takedown but he is stuffed.  Matt goes high and Joe counters.  Joe connects with a jab and they go to the mat.  Matt ties him up and grabs hold of the leg.  He works the heel hook and gets the tap.

Matt Bessette defeats Joe Pingitore via tapout to heel hook at 4:38 in Rd 2.  #newchamp  Awesome battle guys.

135 PRO TITLE Andre Soukhamthath (10-3  Blackzillians) vs. Kin Moy (8-2 Redline)

Kin says before the fight that it isn't going to a decision.  We will see.  The action is a bout to start.  They'll have a challenge ahead of them to take Fight of the Night away from Bessette vs Pingitore.

Rd 1:  Dre starts out with the jabs early.  Kin is moving quickly around the cage and brushes off a neck high kick from the champ.  Kin is taking the right hand in exchange for his low kick.  He's starting to pressure Dre.  The champ moves to center cage.  Kin goes to work with a flurry up high and finishes it in the body.  Kin is landing the greater number of strikes and mixes in a spinning elbow for good measure.  THe crowd is chanting Kin.  Dre fires a combination off that finds some purchase on the chin of Moy.  He launches for a high knee, slips, and is on his back for a moment.  Kin is unable to make an advance and Dre climbs back to his feet.  The pressure continues from Moy as he keeps the champ's back to the cage.  Dre sits down on some punches and fires back a volley that Moy moves throw and bridges the gap between them.  The bell rings.

Rd 2:  Dre is making use of the middle range that he has power in.  Kin is again applying the pressure to the champ brushing the jab against the greasy cheek of the champ.  Moy has Dre backing up and circling out throughout the first two minutes of the round.  Moy is owning the center of the cage.    Moy closes in once again when Soukhamthath lands the knee with devastating effect.  Kin falls to the mat and the champ drops the final left hand hammer strikes as Ref Kevin swarms the fighters and ends the fight.  Kin gets KO'd and the champ retains the title.  The crowd goes wild.  2:32 is the official time.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Bessette and Ping
KO OF THE NIGHT:  Dre Soukhamthath KO win
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Ruslan Melikov bulldog choke.