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August 27, 2016

ASAP live from Mohegan Sun Casino Ballroom 8/27/2016 LIVE REVIEW

Written by Todd Selva

Fight 1

Ed Gworz vs. Ryan Holmes 175 lbs  (Bjj)

Round 1: Gworz gets the takedown and looks to pass guard.  They scramble back to their feet.  They go back to the ground and Gworz passes to side control and then to mount.  Holmes sweeps and looks to advance position.  Now Gworz is back up in full mount.  It's a good back and forth battle for position.  Holmes sweeps and looks to pass guard now.  Holmes looks for a guillotine but Gworz defends well.  Its Holmes in mount now.  Gworz with a nice sweep into guard.  He passes and gets back to full mount.  He Sets up a nice mounted armbar for the tap.  A nice display of solid jui jitsu skills.

Your winner by armbar is Ed Gworz

Fight 2

Frank Cortina vs. Steve Pinard 155 lbs (mma)

Round 1: Brief exchange on the feet.  They go the the ground and Pinard is on top looking to pass.  Frank looks for a triangle briefly but Pinard defends well.  Frank sweeps and finishes the round on top with some good ground and pound.

Round 2: They exchange again on the feet.   Frank gets the takedown and controls from the top.  Steve looks for a triangle and is successful.  Frank is forced to tapout.  Nice display of good jui jitsu by Steve Pinard.

your winner by triangle choke is Steve Pinard

Fight 3

Ian Cullen vs. Mike Kimbel (kickboxing)

Round 1: They exchange and Mike lands a nice right and then a left that drops Ian to the ground for the ref stoppage.

your winner by tko is Mike Kimbel

Fight 4

James Giovanni Fiasconaro vs. Jo Krech Heavyweight bout (mma)

Round 1: They exchange punches and there is a brief stop in the acton as the result of an unintentional low blow.  They go back to it.  James gets a takedown and sinks in a nice americana for the tapout victory.

winner in round 1 by submission via americana James Giovanni Fiasconaro

Fight 5

Justin Baillargeon vs. Tim Lefrancois  (Bjj)

Round 1: They scramble for position as they go to the ground then back to the feet.  They are on the ground again as Tim looks to advance position on top.  Justin looks for an armbar and then a leglock.  Tim defends well and is on top looking to pass guard.  Justin looks for an armbar agin off his back.  The go back to the feet and right back to the mat again.  Tim is on top.  Tim looks for a mounted armbar but does not succeed.  Justin looks for a heelhook and multiple other leg attacks.  They move into a north/south position and then back to the feet.  They get back on the mat and justin is on the bottom.  Tim sinks in a nice collar choke for the finish by tapout.

Your winner by collar choke is Tim Baillargeon

Fight 6

Jake St. Germain vs. Jordon Ames welterweight (mma)

Round 1: They exchange punches standing up.  They go back and forth with the striking but Jake appears to have the edge.  Jake lands a series of unanswered strikes for the ref stoppage in round number one.

Your winner via ref stoppage due to strikes is Jake St. Germaine

Fight 7

Jarett Gouveia vs. Hector Acosta welterweight (kickboxing)

Round 1: They exchange kicks and a few punches.  Hector digs in some slid leg kicks.  They exchange somemore punches as Hector is the aggressor. The round comes to an end.

Round 2: Hector picks him apart with kicks to the leg and body.  Jarett backs up as Hector is the aggressor again.  Jarett land a few punches to the head and a couple leg kicks of his won.  the two engage and exchange punches to close the round.

Round 3:  They exchanges and Hector sweeps his legs.  Jarett hits the mat and goes back to his feet.  They exchanges punches and kicks.  Hector digs in a few more nice leg kicks as well as kicks to the body.  They exchange some back and forth punches as the round comes to a close.  Im not sure why the judges saw this fight the way they did but their decision is as follows.

Your winner by decision is Jarett Gouveia

Fight 8

Darryl Mayer vs. Nate Ghareeb (mma)

Round 1: They exchange on the feet.  Nate lands a couple nice kicks and they exchange punches.  They go to the ground briefly and then back to the feet.  A fast paced fight has the crowd in an uproar.  Darryl looks for a takedown at the end of the first but Nate is saved by the bell.

Round 2: A brief exchange on the feet leads to a ground war. Nate controls his opponent from the top position showcasing his jits skills.  Darryl looks to defend and get back on top but is unsuccessful.  Nate is too strong and too skilled.  Nate takes and armbar and triangle attempt from the mount and sinks in the triangle choke for the tapout victory.

Your winner in round 2 by tapout via triangle choke is Nate Ghareeb

Fight 9

Kurtis Parisi vs. Hector Sanchez (main event pro kickboxing)

Round 1:  They smash their way into the clinch.  The ref breaks them up a few times.  They exchange punches and some knees.  Hector lands a nice right hand and Kurtis answers with a leg kick.  They fight their way back into a clinch and the ref breaks them apart again.  An unintentional low blow causes a brief stop in the action just before the round comes to a close.

Round 2: They exchange punches.  They clinch and Kurtis lands some knees.  Another accidental low blow stops the fight briefly.  They go back to the action.  Kurtis lands some nice stiff leg kick and some solid knees to the midsection.  Kurtis Lands some nice straight punches and several hard leg kicks that crumble his opponent at 1:39 in round 2 for the ref stoppage.

your winner by Tko Kurtis Parisi