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August 27, 2016


After a quick stop at Burger King for a whopperito we made it to the venue.  There was a bunch of traffic in Plymouth due to a Waterfront event which I hear is the biggest event in Plymouth all year.  I disagree, I think Cage Titans is the biggest events in Plymouth!  Titans has a stacked card of 21 fights for the night so guaranteed everyone in attendance will get their moneys worth.  Before the show started Cage Titans did an awesome tribute to Devin Carrier, a young local up and coming fighter who recently passed away.  They had a tribute video with his walkout song by Tupac and great photos of his fight career.  You may be gone but you won't be forgotten Devin.  Harry Jones is the host for the night and did an excellent job at the National Anthem.  Follow along as we recap the night.

125 AM Jake Kasperowski (1-2, Redline) vs Tim Hagan (1-0, Nostos)

Both fighters exchange kicks.  Jake connects with a 1-2 combo.  Jake connects with another combo.  Jake with a right that knocks Tim back.  Crowd cheers and Tim cheek looks like it took the damage.  Tim eats a kick and fires back with a counter punch.  Jake gets in a leg kick that sends Tim to the mat.  He is trying for the finish but can't get it.  He is in guard briefly and Tim pushes him off and they are back standing as the round ends.

Kasperowski 10-9

Rd 2:  Tim starts the round off with a leg kick.  Tim connects with a combo and Jake fires right back.  Jake with two strong leg kicks.  Jake with a nice leg kick punch combo.  Tim rushes in and Jake takes him down.  Tim with a sweep to mount and gets in a few punches as Jake rolls him and they are back to their feet!  Jake gets in a few leg kicks before the round ends.

Kasperowski 10-9

Rd 3:  Jake connects with an inside leg kick.  Jake with a spinning leg kick to the midsection.  Jake gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Jake gets pushed back to guard and then eventually passes to full mount.  He is getting in some ground and pound as 10 second bell sounds.  Ref has seen enough and stops the fight.

Jake Kasperowski defeats Tim Hagan ref stoppage to strikes at 2:52 in Rd 3.

170 AM Jon Ciampa (0-1, Connors) vs Brandon Murphy (0-0, Speed School)

Brandon connects with a snapping leg kick.  Jon grabs hold of the back and takes him down.  Brandon stands back up and Jon slams him back down tot he mat.  Brandon tries to stand up again and Jon takes his back.  He works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Jon Ciampa defeats Brandon Murphy via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:15 in Rd 1.

125 AM John Lessard (2-1, Redline) vs Josh Meehan (2-0, Juniko)

Both fighters are exchanging leg kicks.  They lock up briefly and then let go.  John hip tosses Josh to the mat and is in guard.  Josh throws a leg up and is trying for a triangle.  He is real close to locking it tight as the round ends.  He gets in a punch from the bottom too.

Lessard 10-9

Rd 2:  Josh gets in some knees and gets the takedown.  He fires a punch to the head and goes into guard.  He shoots forward to full mount and John gives up his back.  Josh is looking for the rear naked choke.  John tries to get free and wiggles a bit and Josh sinks it in again for the tap.

Josh Meehan defeats John Lessard via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:42 in Rd 2.

125 AM Andrew Herbst (0-0, Hyannis MMA) Vs William Graustuck (1-0, UFC Gym)

Will goes in for the takedown and gets it.  He goes for an armbar and ref stops it

William Graustuck defeats Anthony Herbst via technical submission to armbar at 19 seconds in Rd 1.

155 AM Austin Schalla (1-4, Dexter) vs Alex Ortiz (3-2, Speed School)

Austin rushes in with two jabs and Ortiz takes him to the mat.  He is in half guard and gets pushed back to guard.  He gets some room and moves to half guard.  He gets in a few punches to the body as the round ends.

Ortiz 10-9

Rd 2:  Austin is working his jab.  Alex goes high with a head kick.  Alex connects with a snapping kick to the body.  Alex is pressing Austin up against the cage.  Austin gets under the neck and is trying hard for the guillotine.  Alex survives as bell sounds.

Schalla 10-9

Rd 3:  Alex starts us off with a leg kick and Austin rushes in with a combo.  Austin maneuvers in with an uppercut.  Alex is pressing Austin up against the cage.  Alex backs off and they are back to the center.  Alex with a right and Austin counters back.

Ortiz 10-9

Alex Ortiz defeats Austin Schalla via unanimous decision.

155 AM Jose Atiles (0-1, Brazilian Top Team) vs Ed Forlenza (1-0, Juniko)

Jose connects with a leg kick to the body.  They lock up and Ed twists him to the mat for the takedown.  He is on top in half guard and moves to full mount.  He postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  He gets the americana for the ref stoppage.

Ed Forlenza defeats Jose Atiles via ref stoppage to americana at 1:38 in Rd 1.

205 AM Zeal McGrew (0-1, Redline) vs Ron Marshall (1-1, Team Anubis)

Zeal works the takedown and gets in a few punches.  Ron stands back up and Zeal is hanging onto his back trying to rip him to the mat.  Ron connects with a right.  Ron gets another nice combo that sends Zeal back.

Marshall 10-9

Rd 2:  Zeal ducks under a punch and gets the double leg.  He is working the guard looking for some ground and pound.  He moves to full mount and postures up.  You know what comes next, some ground and pound.  He stands up and takes the arm home with him for the tap.

Zeal McGrew defeats Ron Marshall via tapout to armbar at 2:45 in Rd 2.

185 AM Patrick Crowley (0-0, Florian MMA) vs Fabio Cherant (0-1, Juniko)

They are both swinging.  Pat with a body kick.  Pat with a good combo.  He gets the double leg takedown but has his head in a guillotine.  He pulls his head free and gets in more punches.  They are back standing and and Fabio pushes Pat to the mat.  He is in full mount and is laying down bombs.  Fabio is grabbing the fence and he isn't listening to the ref.  The ref stops the action and takes away one point from Fabio.  Pat gets a takedown at the end as the round ends.

Crowley 10-8

Rd 2:  Crowley gets the takedown.  Fabio rolls him and has the guillotine for the tap.  Very impressive.

Fabio Cherant defeats Patrick Crowley via tapout to guillotine at 28 seconds in Rd 2.

142 AM Shane Dougherty (0-0, USMMA) vs Shaun Shubert (0-4, Red Seal)

Both fighters kick at the same time.  Shane ducks under a punch and takes Shaun to the mat.  He has the side and Shaun is trying for a guillotine from the bottom.  He lets it go and Shane gets in a few hammerfists.  Shane hooks him and they are back standing.  Shane takes him back to the mat.  He moves to full mount and postures up.  Heavy hammerfists and Shaun is saved by the bell.  Wow!

Dougherty 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are working their strikes to start the round.  Shane connects with a big shot and takes Shaun down.  Shaun gets up quick and makes him pay with punches.  Shane goes down and Shaun is getting in some hammerfists.  Shane works an armbar from the bottom and Shaun slams him out of it.  Shane is on top getting in some punches to the head as the round ends.  What a fight!!

Shubert 10-9

Rd 3:  Shane rushes in and presses Shaun up against the cage.  Shaun reverses and gets in two knees to the body.  Shane connects with a weak head kick but it looked nice.  Shane gets the takedown and is working the guard.  The 10 second bell sounds and Shane gets in 2 punches and goes for an armbar as the round ends.

Dougherty 10-9

Shane Dougherty defeats Shaun Shubert via unanimous decision.

150 AM Seth Jacobs (0-0, Hyannis MMA) vs Chris Sniger (0-1, SBG East)

Chris catches a kick and Seth keeps his balance.  Chris is looking for the takedown and gets it.  He is in guard and postures up for some strikes.  He gets in some ground and pound and gets pushed off.  He postures up again and gets in some more ground and pound for the stoppage.

Chris Sniger defeats Seth Jacobs via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:07 in Rd 1.

130 AM Kerri Kenneson (2-1, Team Link NH) vs Kylie O’Hearn (2-0, Juniko)

They both come out swinging.  Kerri is looking for the takedown.  She gets the single leg and is on the side and gets moved back to guard.  Kerri postures up and gets in 2 punches to the head.  Kerri is kneeing to the thigh from guard.  Kylie gets some space and gets in a couple of punches as the round ends.

Kennison 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both swinging hard.  Kerri connects with a good right and Kylie counters.  Kerri is looking for the takedown and Kylie is defending well.  Kylie gets the trip and is in guard.  Kerri is thinking triangle and looks like she has it.  Kylie gets out and Kerri has armbar.  Kylie is out and has a triangle of her own.  Kerri gets out and is on top in guard as round ends.

O'Hearn 10-9 but real close round

Rd 3:  Kylie comes in with a combo that sends Kerri back.  Kerri connects with a right of her own.  Kerri dives in for a takedown and is stuffed.  Kylie takes her back but is partially falling off.  She has the legs hooked but she falls off.  Kerri is on top getting in a few punches as the round ends.

O'Hearn 10-9

Kerri Kenneson defeats Kylie O'Hearn via split decision.  Such a close fight, great job ladies!

Cage Titan Ammy Awards
KO/TKO of the night-Chris Sniger
Sub of the night-Graustuck
FOTN-O'Hearn and Kenneson

HVY AM TITLE Jose Campos (1-0 Team BST) vs. Jason Peppe (3-0 Redline)

Jose connects with a right and then a body shot.  Jason with a right of his own.  Jason with 2 outside leg kicks.  Jose with a straight right.  Jose with another right.  Blood is coming from Jason's nose.  Jose connects with a punch and Jason is wobbly.  He falls to the mat and ref stops the fight.

Jose Campos defeats Jason Peppe via ko at 2:42 in Rd 1 for the strap!!

185 AM TITLE Sean Bettencourt (4-2 Juniko) vs. Morgan Dean (2-0 Dexter MMA)

Morgan rushes in for the takedown and can't get it.  He tries for a second one and gets it.  Morgan has the side and Sean works his way up.  Morgan catches a kick and Sean connects with a punch.  Morgan goes down and Sean is going for the finish with Gnp.  Morgan gives up his back and Sean finishes him off with gnp for the stoppage.

Sean Bettencourt defeats Morgan Dean via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:09 in Rd 1.  Sean remains the champ.

170 AM TITLE John McAndrews (5-1 Gate City) vs. Bobby Gasdia (3-1 SSSF)

Bobby connects with a right.  He is on his back and dropping hammerfists.  He is looking for the rear naked choke but is too high.  He gives up on it and works some more punches.  He has the legs hooked and is getting in more hammerfists.  He gets the ref stoppage.

Bobby Gasdia defeats John McAndrews via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:11 in Rd 1. #newchamp

170 PRO Joe Levasseur (Triforce 2-1) vs. Sean Lally (4-2 Sityodtong)

Joe leans in and Sean connects with a right.  Joe moves out of the way and Sean connects with another right that drops him.

Sean Lally defeats Joe Levasseur via ko at 19 seconds in Rd 1.

185 PRO Sean Evans (0-0 Team BST) vs. Justin Sumter (0-1 Newell MMA)

Justin connects with a head kick and follows it up with a punch to the sternum.  Ref has seen enough.

Justin Sumter defeats Sean Evans via ko at 32 seconds in Rd 1.  Sumter takes the mic and says someone wants to fight for a 185 lb title that he would take that fight.  Sounds like Sumter vs. Lally is in the works.

135 PRO Fernando Perez (6-13 Team EVT) vs. Johnny Campbell (11-8 SSSF)

Johnny starts it off with a leg kick.  They are both exchanging leg kicks.  Cupcakes is working his strikes in and out, very stealth like.  Fernando connects with a shot that I can hear from my media table.  He looks hurt and Fernando gets in a knee to the midsection and Campbell goes down.  Ref has seen enough.  Might have been a verbal tap.

Fernando Perez defeats Johnny Campbell via submission at 2:51 in Rd 1.

135 PRO Devin Pilkington (0-3 NEC) vs. Max Barrett (2-0 Juniko)

They come out guns blazing, swinging for the fences.  It calms down and Max gets an inside leg kick.  Max connects with a right hook that drops Devin.  He goes into his guard and finishes him off with some hammerfists.

Max Barrett defeats Devin Pilkington via tko strikes at 2:01 in Rd 1.

125 PRO Ernesto Ornelas (2-6 Choi's ) vs. Dave Baxter (2-1 USMMA)

They close the gap and Baxter takes him down.  Ernie ends up on top in guard.  He gets pushed off and the fight is standing.  Ernie with a kick.  Dave ducks down for a takedown and Ernie stuffs it and presses him to the mat.  He swipes down with a hammerfist and stands back up.  They go down again and Ernie gets in a hammerfist.  Dave has half butterfly that he uses to stand back up.  Ernie gets the takedown and Dave has the guillotine from the bottom.  Ernie is bleeding bad and the ref stops the fight to have the dr check it.  Big gash on his forehead and doctor stops the fight.

Dave Baxter defeats Ernesto Ornelas via doctor stoppage from cut at 3:55 in Rd 1.

145 PRO Rodrigo Almeida (13-3 Juniko) vs. Manny Bermudez (6-0 SSSF)

They clinch up and Rodrigo is looking for the takedown.  Manny grabs hold of the neck and doesn't let go.  He gets the tap.  Wow, another impressive submission for Manny over a very tough Almeida.

Manny Bermudez defeats Rodrigo Almeida via tapout to guillotine at 54 seconds in Rd 1.

125 PRO Remo Cardarelli (6-3 Team BST) vs. Darren Mima (8-4 Blackhole)

Mima starts us off with a leg kick.  Remo dives down looking for the takedown but he is stuffed.  Mima with a few kicks and a straight right.  Remo connects with a right.  Mima hooks him to the mat and is in half guard.  Remo is standing up and Mima connects with a knee to the head.  Remo spins out and Mima gets him down to the mat.  He is in half guard and backs off and lets Remo up.  Remo rushes in and Mima hip tosses him back to the mat.  Remo is back up and connects with a right.  Remo gets the takedown but is caught in a guillotine as the round ends.

Mima 10-9

Rd 2:  Mima connects with a kick to the body.  Remo gets the takedown and is in guard.  Mima pushes him off eventually and they are back to their feet.  Remo goes for a takedown and but is stuffed.  Mima has the side and works a couple of elbows.  Not much action for a bit as Remo is defending well.  Mima gets in a few elbows as the round ends.

Mima 10-9

Rd 3:  Remo goes for a takedown and Mima stuffs it and takes him down.  He is across the side looking for elbows.  He is working elbows and eventually gets the pass to full mount.  Remo gives up his back and Mima works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Darren Mima defeats Remo Cardarelli via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:17 in Rd 3.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Kennison vs O'Hearn all the way.
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Bermudez's standing guillotine
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Justin Sumter KO over Evans
BLUNDER OF THE NIGHT:  Doctor goes in and there was so much blood during the Baxter/Ornelas fight and he goes to check Baxter first

Cage Titans 30 is now in the history books.  21 fights and they all delivered.  There wasn't a single boring fight on the card.  There were even some crowd fights!  Fight fans I know you get heated but don't ruin a good thing and stay calm.  A few things I would like to note, Manny Bermudez won with another submission and improved his record to 7-0.  Is there anyone else out there left to step up to Manny??  Mima did what nobody else could do and that is beat Remo twice in a very impressive win.  Lally had another impressive ko win and so did Sumter.  Sounds like they both want to fight for the Cage Titans 185 pro title so we will have to keep our eyes peeled for that one.  Special thanks to Cage Titans for allowing us to cover the fights for you all.  It was a blast as always and that makes it worth the 2.5 hour trip.  Next Cage Titans is November 5th so mark your calendars.  Shoutout to Warchild on his awesome photos that he put in here.