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November 4, 2016


Bellator 163

By Todd Selva

James Boran VS. Vinicius De Jesus

Rd 1: De Jesus controls the first round standing up with some good low kicks.   De Jesus scores a few nice takedowns and the round ends.
Rd 2:  De Jesus takes him down right out of the gate.  He moves through advancing positions and eventually takes his back and chokes him out.

Winner in round 2 by Rear naked chock is Vinicius De Jesus

192 PRO Ed Ruth (0-0) vs.  D. Collins-Miles (0-0)

RD 1: They go to the ground with the fight. Ruth is beating him up a little from the top. Collins is Bloody at this point. Ruth ground and pounds him to victory From side control for the ref stoppage.

Your winner in round 1 Ed Ruth
175 PRO Neiman Gracie  (4-0) vs.  Rudy Bears (16-14)

Rd 1: They come out exchanging on the feet. Gracie gets the takedown. Gracie takes his back traps Bears arms with the hooks and transitions into a nice armbar setup for the Submission victory.

Winner in round 1 via submission due to an armbar
145 PRO Tom English  (6-6) vs.  Chris Foster (9-5)

Rd 1: They clinch right up and go to the ground briefly then back to the feet. They clinch against the cage and separate. They exchange some punches standing up as they warm up to each other in this first round.

Rd 2: They exchange standing up and then they clinch up against the cage. They separate and each land some good punches in an exchange. Theres a brief break in the action to to an unintentional eye poke. They square off again now. They go to the ground and the round ends.

Rd 3: They exchange punches standing up. Foster lands a nice left and English counter with a right hand of his own. They clinch up and then separate again. They exchange punches again as Foster controls the round. The round ends.

Winner by unanimous decision is Chris Foster

125 PRO Sarah Payant  (1-3) vs.  Hannah Regina (0-0)

Rd 1: They go to the ground. Hannah is on top and looks to ground and pound. They battle for position but Hannah appears the stronger fighter. Sarah gets back to her feet and throws Hannah to the mat and lands in her guard. Hannah sets up a nice armbar for the submission victory.

Winner in round 1 via armbar submission is Hannah Regina
170 PRO Ilya Kotau  (1-1) vs.  Carlos Correia (1-0)

Rd 1: They clinch right up. They battle for position in the clinch. Carlos gets him to the ground in back control and looks for the rear naked choke. He defends well and gets on top. They scramble. It's a back and forth battle on the ground for position and the round ends.

Rd 2: Kotau drops him with a punch. Carlos looks for a triangle. Carlos has no luck with a couple attempts and moves into a heel hook/leg lock position. They go back to their feet. They exchange some good kicks and punches. Carlos looks for a takedown and the round ends.

Rd 3: They exchange a couple punches and then they clinch up. They battle for dominant position in the clinch. They go back to the ground Kotau looks for an armbar setup but Carlos sweeps and takes his back. He defends and Carlos now takes full mount and rains down a few punches.

the battle for positioning back and forth as the round comes to a close.

Your winner by decision is Carlos Correia
195 PRO Steve Skrzat  (7-8)vs.  Tim Caron (6-0)

Rd 1: They come out exchanging some punches. They clinch up and go to the ground briefly and then back to the feet. The clinch again and finish the round battling for positioning.

Rd 2: Caron comes out with a nice head kick. The exchange on the feet. They go to the ground and Caron lands unanswered strikes for the ref stoppage.

Winner in round 2 is Tim Caron via tko by ref stoppage due to strikes

145 PRO Blair Tugman  (8-6) vs.  W. Smith-Cotito (4-4)

Rd 1: They come out swinging. Smith backs him up landing punches and kicks at will. Tugman shoots for a takedown and gets it. Tugman controls on the ground from the top position and Smith doesn't really have an answer.

Rd 2: They go to the ground and Smith is on top in Tugmans guard. He looks to pass but is unsuccessful. The ref stands them back up. They exchange some punches and kicks standing to close out the round.

Rd 3: They exchange standing up. Tugman shoots the takedown and gets it. He looks to get his back and ends up in half guard. Tugman controls from the top but Smith gets back to his feet. They clinch back up. They separate and land some punches to close the round out.

Your winner by unanimous decision Blair Tugman

265 PRO Josh Diekmann  (15-7) vs.  Tyler King (11-4)

RD 1: They feel each other out for a bit and exchange some punches. A few kicks are landed here and there. They spend the rest of the round standing up, not too much action. Tyler gets a takedown to close the round

Rd 2: Tyler gets the takedown right away, takes his back and sinks in a rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Your winner in rd 2 by submission via rear naked choke is Tyler King.
265 PRO Sergei Kharitonov  (23-5) vs.  Javy Ayala (9-5)

Rd 1: They come out of their corner and square off. Ayala throws a nice right hook which folds Sergei over at the hips as he falls to the mat.
the ref steps in beacuase Sergei is out cold!

Winner by Knockout at 16 seconds in round 1 is Javy Ayala

170 PRO Saad Awad  (19-8) vs.  Brennan Ward (13-4)

Rd 1: They come out exchanging at a frantic pace. They stand toe to toe against the cage and both throw hard punches in an exchange. Ward lands a nice solid punch on the chin and drops him for the k.o. victory.

Winner by k.o. in round 1 is Brennan Ward

205 PRO Liam McGeary  (11-0) vs.  Phil Davis (16-3)   WORLD TITLE FIGHT

Rd 1: They Exchange punches and kicks standing. They go to the ground briefly and then back to the feet. Liam drops Phil with a punch and follows him to the ground. The round comes to a close.

Rd 2: They come out and exchange on the feet. Phil gets a takedown and looks to advance position. Phil lands some nice short elbows from the mount and controls on the ground. Liam gets back to his feet as the round comes to a close.

Rd 3: They clinch up and go back to the ground. Phil is on top and controls the fight from there. They battle for positioning on the ground some, bu.t Phil is in control on the mat. Phil controls the fight not really doing much damage to close the round. A good fight for Phil Davis thus far.

Rd 4: Phil takes the fight to the mat and transitions from guard to full mount landing some nice strikes along the way. Phil controls the round and looks for a kimura from the top position as the round comes to an end.

Rd 5: They go right to the ground again. Phil is on top and moves from side control to full mount. Liam pulls him back into half guard a.nd looks to advance but does not seem to have an answer to Phils ground game. Phil controls the rest of the round to the end mostly in the top position.

Your winner and new light heavyweight champion of the world is Phil Davis