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November 4, 2016

CES 39 LIVE REVIEW 11/4/2016

After a 5 round war with 93 South of Boston, we have arrived in Plymouth in time to grab some subs at the Pizzeria down the street. Now that I have collected my thoughts and filled my stomach I think we are ready for war! It took a quick minute to get set up but we are now live. So far we have a few interesting sightings including; UFC Legend Pat Miletich, UFC Vet Joe Lauzon, TUF Competitor Eric Spicely and best of all Chuck O'Neil's hair is in the building!

170 AM Shane Brady  (0-0) vs.  Joe Mikolinski (0-0)

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Joe gets a hip toss and top position. Shane makes it to his feet and Joe pressures him on the cage. Shane now tosses Joe to the mat and Joe ends up on top again. Joe works ground and pound from half guard and finishes the round in dominant top position. 10-9 Mikolinski

Round 2: Shane starts with a leg kick and pressures Joe to the cage, Joe turns Shane and puts his back to the cage. The fight goes to the ground for a second and Joe is back up pressuring Shane again. Joe is landing some good ground and pound and is working Shane’s head. Dominant round by Mikolinski 10-8

Round 3: Joe lands some leg kicks and they begin to trade with Joe seemingly getting the best. Shane lands a couple punches to the body. Joe continues to back Shane down. Joe lands body shots and knees as they clinch, Joe is outing it on Shane as they clinch again. Joe finishes off the round with a flurry of strikes. Another dominant round for Joe; 10-9. I see the fight 30- 26 for Joe Mikolinski.

Official Decision: two judges agree with me 30-26 and the third judge sees it 30-27 for the winner Joe Mikolinski.
150 AM Zach Fritz-Kill  (1-0) vs.  Charles Bonar (2-0)

Round1: Fighters touch gloves. Fritz-Kill lands a front kick immediately. Kill lands a shot that puts Bonar on the ground. Fighters rise to their feet and Fritz- Kill lands a flurry of punches until Bonnar clinches and puts Zach on the cage. Zach lands a trip but Charles is back to his feet and clinching again on the cage. And we have our first cup shot as Zach is on the canvas in pain. Zach continues to land hard shots and Charles covers up. Zach takes Charles down as the round stops. Fritz-Kill 10-9.

Round2: Zach comes out kicking again but Charles takes him down this time. The fight goes to the ground with Charles on top. Bonnar is working Zach’s back but Zach rolls out as Charles takes top position. Bonnar postures up but doesn’t have much room against the cage. Charles gets a hook in and is trying to flatten Zach out. Charles ends the round on top. Bonnar 10-9.

Round 3: Bonnar pushes Fritz-Kill to the cage and is working the take down, and gets it. Bonnar takes mount and works the head and arm choke which causes Fritz-Kill to tap.

Official Decision: Charles Bonnar defeats Zach Fritz-Kill @ 1:29 of round 3.

145 PRO Devin Pilkington  (0-4) vs.  Richard Santiago (1-0)

Round 1: Richard puts Devin on the cage but Devin gets the take down and they stand back up. Devin puts Richard back on the cage and they break Richard hits Devin with a high kick and changes levels for the take down. Devin puts Richard back on the cage. Devin breaks the clinch and lands some shots. Richard lands to Devin’s face and Devin puts Richard back on the cage but Richard gets off the cage and grabs Devin by the neck and sinks in a tight Rear Naked Choke that ends the fight with Devin tapping on the canvas.

Official Decision: Richard Santiago defeats Devin Pilkington by Rear Naked Choke at 4:04 of the first round.
155 PRO Connor Barry (1-0)  vs.  Anthony Giacchina (1-0) 

Round1: Fighters touch gloves and Connor throws a long overhand followed by consecutive high kicks. Connor lands a right and sinks in a quick Guillotine choke for a fast impressive victory. I don’t think Anthony touched Connor at all. Connor obviously has a large contingency of fans on hand as the crowd goes nuts as he is pulled off Anthony.

Official Decision: Connor Barry by submission Guillotine at 1:13 of round 1.

125 PRO Josh Ricci  (2-0) vs.  Remo Cardarelli (6-4)

We are now live on AXS TV:

Round 1: Here We GO! Josh lands a kick to the upper leg. Josh attempts a flying knee that doesn’t land. Josh puts Remo on the cage and turns the corner for a takedown. Josh has top position and is working from Remo’s half guard. Remo moves into full guard and looks to keep Josh close. Remo isolates Josh’s right arm and goes hard for the arm bar as time in round 1 expires. Ricci 10-9.

Round 2: round 2 starts with faints and a checked kick by Josh Ricci. Josh eventually connects but it to Remo’s cup and time is called. Josh lands some flashy kicks after the break and pins Remo onto the cage. Remo makes Josh pay for the take down with some elbows. Josh lands some tough knees to Remo’s ribs as Remo attempts to stand. Remo gets to his feet but attempts to pull guard and ends up on his back again and is boxing Josh’s ears. Fighters exchange ground shots as the round ends. Ricci 10-9

Note: Ricci has been in dominate position the entire fight but has done much work while in that position. This fight could still go either way.

Round 3: Josh misses on a front kick and left hand. Remo connects and sends Ricci back into the cage. They go to the ground as Remo attempts to isolate Josh’s head or arm. Ricci ends up on top again during the exchange. Remo continues to work for submissions. Remo shrimps his way across the cage in his attempt to get to his feet. Remo makes it to his feet but is taken back down again. The round ends, again, with Remo on his back. We will have to see how the judges rule this one. Ricci 10-9

Official Decision: Josh Ricci defeats Remo Cardarelli by Split decision.   

140 PRO Max Barrett  (3-0) vs.  Dan Dubuque (3-1)

Round 1: Both fighters attempt to find their range. They trade kicks. Dan comes forward with a flurry of punches and Max counters. Max lands a nice right to Dan’s chin. Fighters clinch and Dan has Max against the cage, but Max turns Dan back to the cage. Max lands on the way out of the clinch. Fighters exchange leg kicks and are standing in the middle of the cage trading blows. Close round but I think Dan landed more significantly that round. 10-9 Dubuque.

Round2: Max and Dan again trade leg kicks and Dan follows up with a kick to the body. Dan lands a nice combo that backs Max up, Max returns fire and slips under the attempted backfist by Dan. Max is finding his range now and does damage to Dan’s left eye. Dan lands an overhand right and Max again returns with a right of his own. Max lands a short elbow to the chin. Max presses Dan to the cage and throws a knee before they split. The round ends with a low kick by Dan. Another close round, I have it 10-9 Max Barrett.

Round3: Again round starts with an exchange of leg kicks and heymakers. Max throws dan to the canvas and lets him back up. Dan returns fire with a nice combo. And we are back to standing and trading in the center of the cage. Action stops as Dan connects with Max’s cup. Max follows the break with three right hands. Now they clinch and Max trips Dan and ends up on top. Fighters are back on their feet and Max gets another takedown but Dan ends up on top after the submission attempt. Dan takes Max’s back as they stand and the fight ends on the cage. I give round 3 to Max Barrett based on aggression and take downs. 10-9 Max Barrett.

Official Decision: Dan Dubuque defeats Max Barrett by Split Decision. Great fight I thought Max did enough in the last 2 rounds to take that one…

170 PRO Micah Terrill  (8-6) vs.  Bobby Flynn (5-3) 

Round1: Bobby Flynn is the first to land. Fighters trade kicks and Micah is coming forward and drops Flynn and finishes Bobby with a couple hammer fists.

Official Decision: Micah Terrill defeats Bobby Flynn by TKO at 1:10 into the first round.
205 PRO Mike Rodriguez  (5-1) vs.  Kevin Haley (5-3) 

Round 1: Kevin lands a leg kick and presses Mike against the cage. Kevin uses a Guillotine to drop Mike to the mat. Kevin takes Mike’s leg and proceeds to break it.

Official Decision: Kevin Haley defeats Mike Rodriguez by technical submission toe hold. Official time 1:08 into round 1. You could hear the leg snap cage side, Kevin recognized the situation and let go of the submission in a great show of class.

150 PRO Jeremy Davis  (3-0) vs.  Peter Barrett (6-0) 

Round 1: Jeremy and Peter come out throwing. Peter uses the thai clinch to land some knees. Peter presses Jeremy to the cage and takes him to the ground. Jeremy looks for the kimura from the bottom but Peter gets back to his feet and throws bombs. Peter slams Jeremy to the mat and gets side control. Peter goes for the guillotine and Jeremy stands up and Peter slips attempting a kick. Peter stands up and muscles Jeremy to the ground and gets back to side control. The round finishes with Peter in Jeremy’s half guard. What a fast exciting round, I give round 1 to Peter Barrett 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters trade left hands. Peter tags Jeremy which causes him to clinch and Peter takes him down. Peter goes for the choke but Jeremy breaks away and they are back to their feet. Peter then connects with Jeremy’s cup and we have a break in the action. The action starts again and Peter lands a well placed kick to Jeremy’s liver that sets him down and the referee has seen enough as Jeremy winces in pain.

Official Decision: Peter Barrett defeats Jeremy Davis by TKO Liver kick at 1:55 into round 2.

I told you kids this was going to be an awesome fight in my teaser and this did not disappoint one bit!
145 PRO Manny Bermudez  (7-0) vs.  Saul Almeida (18-7)

Round 1: Manny lands a right hand and takes Saul down to the mat, Manny is not cradling Saul and he sets Saul down inside control. Manny now works Saul’s are from the bottom and Saul gets back to his feet. Saul connects with a right and puts Manny on the cage. Manny reverses but its short lived. Saul drops for a double leg takedown and Manny locks up a Guillotine as the first round ends. Bermudez 10-9.

Round 2: Saul sticks out some jabs but Manny returns with a right hand and changes levels and takes Saul down and mounts him. Saul gives up his back and Manny has hooks in, Manny is attempting to take an arm as Saul turns the corner and gets to his feet but Manny still has Saul’s head locked. Saul keeps pressure on Manny. Saul creates a little space as the round ends and lands one or two fists. Tough round to score, Saul had top position bud didn’t seem to do much with it. 10-9 Bermudez.

Round 3: Saul puts Manny on the cage and stomps his feet. Manny turns Saul but Saul turns Manny right back around and we are back to where we started the round. Saul continues to stomp on Manny’s feet. Manny works the standing Guillotine and takes Saul down with it. Now Saul works a Guillotine of his own and uses it to end the fight on top. Another round I hate to score; Saul just held Manny to the cage all round. 10-9 Almeida .

Official Decision: Manny Bermudez defeats Saul Almeida via Split Decision, It was a hard fight for Manny but he deserves the win after getting laid on for 3 rounds. With that being said Saul did the only thing he could have and put pressure on Manny he just couldn’t capitalize on it.

185 PRO Chuck O'Neil  (17-8) vs.  Will Santiago (6-3)

Round 1: Chuck lands a combo that pushes Santiago back. Wilfredo returns with a flurry and lands a right hand that knocks Chuck out before he hits the mat. Wilfredo throws back to back over hand rights and it ends Chuck’s night before it starts!

Official Decision: Wilfredo Santiago Jr. knocks out Chuck O’Neil in :44 seconds in round 1! Knockout of the Night!

I want to thank Travis Sinclair for this opportunity and CES for putting on this awesome fight card. It has been a pleasure. Travis Lizotte signing out!