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November 23, 2016

CES 40 Live Review/ Results

We have arrived and are in place, fighters are arriving, Kevin MacDonald and Dan Miragliotta are officials for the evening. I was lucky enough to have a little conversation with Kevin about the killer cage that made an appearance at NEF last weekend. Seats are starting to fill up and we should be live with some fights shortly. Note: upon arrival we have learned of another fight that has been scrapped Pedro Gonzalez vs. Vadim Ogar is off the official fight card. 

Raymond Yanez (3-8) v. Joe Reverdes (2-3)


Round 1: Joe starts with some jabs and a kick to get his distance. Raymond lands a leg kick coming in. Raymond lands another leg kick and Joe comes forward. Joe catches a high kick and then gets pressed onto the cage and Joe is taken down. Joe reverses and gets top position. Raymond grabs Joe’s neck and sinks in a tight Guillotine from the bottom for the Tap.

Official Decision: Raymond Yanez wins by first round Guillotine at 2:59 of the first round. Joe Reverdes retires from MMA competition following the fight.

Dylan Lockard (1-0) v. Russell Campbell (0-2)


Round 1: Fighters both work to establish distance. Dylan lands a nice one two combo and takes Russell down and takes his back, Dylan lands a couple shots and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the Tap.

Official Decision: Dylan Lockard defeats Russell Campbell via Rear Naked Choke at 1:20 of the first round.
 Kris Moutinho (1-0) v. Mike Karam (0-1)


Round 1: Kris lands first and catches him to the head. Then Mike returns with an over hand that sends Kris to the cage. Mike picks Kris up and slams him to the mat and gains top position. Mike moves to Kris’ half guard and rolls around with Kris’s neck close to sinking in a Guillotine followed by an Anaconda attempt. Kris rolls out and ends up in Mike’s guard. Kris postures up and lands a few shots to Mike’s head. Mike works his way back to guard. Mike Pushes off and tries for a Guillotine of his own. The round ends with Kris on top. Tough round to score but I would say 10-9 for Karam.  

Round 2: Kris lands affront kick and they stand in the middle of the cage and band with Kris getting the best of the exchange. Kris continues to throw kicks and then changes levels for the takedown. Mike works a funky guard and is attempting to grab an arm. Mike rolls and grabs Kris’ leg and goes for a heel hook, Kris escapes but ends up pressed against the cage as they stand. Kris rolls to get Mike’s back but ends up on top and lands a Hammer fist to the face. Kris lands to solid short elbows from the top and then a couple to the body as the round ends. Good round for Moutinho 10-9.  

Round3: Round 3 starts slow then both fighters land and Kris backs Mike down and they go to the ground and Kris works the Guillotine position and then an inverted triangle. Kris stands and invites Mike to do the same but Mike wants to stay on the mat and Kris lands a downward punch and goes back to top position. Kris works from side control and lands some short fists. Kris postures up again and stands, this time the ref lets them stand up. Kris works Mike on the feet landing head shots until Mike goes for the takedown and Kris grabs his neck and attempts a choke and ends up in half guard. The fight ends with Kris on top landing short elbows. 10-9 Moutinho.

Official Decision: Kris Moutinho defeats Mike Karam by Unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.
JUST ANNOUNCED:  The CES Fans have spoken and the favorite fighter in CES history is current Featherweight Champion Matt " The Mangler" Bessette.

Gary Balletto Jr. (1-1) v. Montoyia Swilling (0-6)


Round 1: Swilling comes out with the jab and Gary counters and takes him down and lands ground and pound from the top. Balletto continues to land shots from the top. Swilling gives up his back, Swilling rolls and Gary mounts him. Swilling again gives up his back Balletto flattens him out and Gary rains down some serious ground strikes. Ref Dan Miragliotta has seen enough and stops the fight.

Official Decision: Gary Balletto Jr. defeats Montoyia Swilling by TKO at 2:33 of round 1.

Joe Pingitore (6-2-1) v. Spencer Higa (5-6)


Round 1: Spencer throws a front kick that isn’t close. Joe lands a nasty overhand that puts Spencer to the mat. Joe runs in and attempts a choke but Spencer stands and pushes Joe to the cage and they are standing again. Spencer lands two high kicks and then a kick to the leg. Spencer is landing kicks and getting the better of Joe on the feet now. Joe is bleeding from his nose now. Spencer’s kicks back Joe to the fence but Joe starts to throw some heavy overhand rights that connect with Spencer’s chin. Joe lands an upper cut that knocks Spencer to the canvas and Joe rushes in for the Guillotine Choke and finishes Spencer. This was an awesome round of action with a flurry of kicks and punches landing for both fighters!

Official Decision: Joe Pingitore defeats Spencer Higa by Guillotine Choke at 4:54 of round 1.

Zane Behrend (2-1) v. Dinis Paiva (7-6)


Round 1: Dinis lands a leg kick and Zane responds with a combo. Dinis lands to Zane’s chin and he goes down and Dinis lands a flurry of punches but is able to get back to his feet and they stand again. Dinis again knocks Zane to the mat again but he returns to his feet only to be greeted by another left handed power shot by Paiva which puts him back to the mat where Dinis lands a barrage of punches and Ref Dan Miragliotta has seen enough and stops the contest.

Official Decision: Dinis Paiva wins by TKO about 2 minutes into round 1. Official time was not announced.

Nate Andrews (9-1) v. George Sheppard (15-11)


Round 1: George lands a leg kick and Nate returns the favor. Nate lands a high body kick as they feel each other out. Sheppard lands a doubles leg and has Nate in side control. Nate scrambles to his feet and presses George to the cage. Nate just misses a head kick. They clinch and Nate lands a knee and George pushes him to the cage. They break. George comes in for a takedown but Nate stuffs it. Andrews comes at Sheppard with a combo and Sheppard wraps him up and has his back standing as the round ends. 10-9 Sheppard.  

Round 2: George lands a kick to start round 2. Nate lands a nifty flying knee but George isn’t fazed. Another Andrews body kick lands. Sheppard comes forward with his hands down. Nate lands a couple knees that back George up. Nate misses an overhand left and Georges takes him down. George gets Nate’s back but its Nate who is landing punches as George looks for the choke. Nate is doing a great job fighting George’s hands and keeping away from the choke. 10-9 Sheppard.

Round 3: Nate comes out looking to land some leather, George goes for the take down and Andrews stuffs it. Nate lands some shots against the cage and drops levels for a takedown of his own. Nate has Sheppard pushed up against the cage and continues to go for the takedown which he eventually gets. Nate gets Georges neck and sinks in a Guillotine. Ref Kevin MacDonald stops the contest and George immediately disputes the decision to stop the fight. I’ll have to see a replay because I did not see Sheppard tap.

Official Decision: Nate Andrews defeats George Sheppard by tap out via Guillotine Choke at 2:03 of round 3.
 It was a very quick night of fights with the local guys coming out on top in 6 out of the 7 fights. The CES crowd should leave happy after an exciting night of action. Travis Lizotte signing out!