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November 25, 2016


Combat Zone 60 Written by Ken Rooney and James Suchy

145lbs John Paul(B) vs Dan Ward(R)

Dan eats a quick first right to the chin as they immediately start to grapple, ends up going too high and gets slammed hard on his back, gets mounted, eats 6 shots as his back gets taken, eating shot after shot, the ref stands by, eating shot after shot virtually no attempt to defend, manages to turn on to his back……

Dan gets tapped via armbar RD1

175lb Eric Mora(R) vs John Dupree(B)

John eats a hard right and is taken down immediately, they are up fast ,eats another right ,they get up and right back down, Deupree gets on top and starts raining punches down on Mora's head,

Deupree wins tko rd 1 52 seconds #cz60

125lb James Palmer(B) vs Corey Palmer(R)

Feeling each other out with short punches and kicks, circling the cage. James  finds his range shoots for the takedown, James takes Corey’s back, James looks for the RNC, sinks it in deep.  Its over fast…..

James Palmer wins 1st rd rnc @ 1:26 #cz60

165lb Damon Pinks(B) vs Nate Mihelis(R)

Damon lands a jab, Nate shoots for a single leg and gets stuffed pretty hard, they scramble on the ground and are back up, a few rangy punches get thrown and Nate puts Damon against the cage, Nate eats a few punches as he shoots for a takedown again, Nate gets side control and looks for a submission, as the round comes to a close Nate submits Damon with a kimura from his back RD1 2:58

Mihelis wins kimura rd 1 at 2:58

135lb Rachel Joyce vs. Rachel Reinheimer

Round 1: Feeling out process. Joyce is circling, sticking and moving well. Joyce initiates the clinch landing series of knees.  Joyce attempts a single and gets Reinheimer down moving to side control. Joyce grounds and pounds Reinheimer till the round ends.

10-9 Joyce

Round 2: Joyce lands body kick then a leg kick. Reinheimer answers back with her own body kick and two leg kicks. Joyce tosses another body kick however Reinheimer catches it and attempts a trip. Joyce defends the trip and the two battled it out in the clinch with Joyce landing several knees to the body. The Ref separates the two in the clinch and round ends with Joyce attempting a single

10-9 Joyce

Round 3: Joyce goes for single switching it to double back then back to the single while Reinheimer defends every attempt. The two battle in the clinch again with Joyce landing several knees. Ref separates the two and Reinheimer starts to let her hands go. Joyce is able to trip Reinheimer and lands in her half guard. Round ends with Joyce able to take the back and attempts a RNC.

10-9 Joyce

Winner by UD Rachel Joyce 30-27 (x3)

175lb Lorezeno Fitzgerald (B)vs Isiah Ocasio(R)

Ocasio throws a wild spinning back kick ends up in an epic slam by Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald gets side control grabs Isiah's arm and cranks a kimura, Fitzgerald by submission RD1

Fitzgerald won Americana Rd 1 1:12

150lb Taylor Costantino(B) vs Nick Fiore(R)

Fiore with a leg kick leads to takedown by Taylor,  Fiore looks for a triangle from his back.  Fiore looks for an armbar and gets slammed to the mat, in guard, Fiore puts Taylo against the cage and lands a few knees, gets taken down and Taylor throws a high kick as the round ends..RD1

Quick touch of the gloves and a rabbit punch, hip throw leads to a hard slam that knocks Fiore clean out KO win Constantino..

Costatino wins ko slam 22 seconds in Rd 2.

Chad Kelly(B) vs Jay Perrin(R)

Both fighters throw jabs to gauge range, Kelly throws a body kick and its caught. They grapple against the cage and go to the ground. Perrin on top as Kelly looks for various subs, Kelly works his way to the cage and tries to get up and Perrin brings him back down to the ground, Kelly tries to work the triangle, Perrin avoids any danger, and is still on top, lands a few punches and they are up again, Kelly is cut above his right eye as they exchange punches, Perrin charges forward and eats a hard left and goes down hard…..yikes KO Perrin

Jay Perrin wins ko rd 1 4:40

Vovka Clay B vs Lewis Corapi R

Round 1: Round starts with Clay landing two inside kicks. Corapi answers back 1,2,3. Clay goes in for takedown and gets it, Corapi has active guard attempts armbar ,to kneebar , scramble stand, clinch, clay gets takedown, scramble, Corapi gives up back Clay attempts rnc, Corapi defends, stands, Clay lands several uppercuts and knees, Clay shoots in double, slams Corapi, takes his back… attempts RNC

10-9 Clay

Round 2: Corapi lands right hand, lands 1 2.. Clay goes in for failed takedown Corapi lands in Clay's guard, scramble and stand, Corapi catches kick pushes Clay to ground, another failed takedown by Clay. Corapi is in Clay's guard, stand, Corapi lands 1 2 3 , 3 to body makes Clay fly back, clinch, Corapi goes for guillotine, Clay slams Corapi to ground, scramble Corapi in a guillotine , slams out, lands some vicious ground and pound, stand, Clay goes for takedown as round ends

10-9 Corapi

Round 3: Corapi mixing up the strikes, landing at will, Clay goes in for double, gets it, lands in side control, scramble.. lots of transitions w Corapi on top… stand, Corapi w a super man 1 2 combo and Clay goes for a failed takedown, Corapi man handles in half guard, lands several strikes , takes Clay back… goes for RNC Clay defends,,, Corapi mounts lands strikes…Clay able to escape…and attempts a choke of his own

10-9 Corapi

Winner: Lewis Corapi by UD 29-28