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August 12, 2017

Cage Titans 35 Live Updates 8/12/2017

145 AM Kenny Champion (2-2, Golden Falcon) vs Antoine Caparotta (3-2, SSSF)

Caparotta wins via unanimous decision.

145 AM Stavros Batsinelas (1-1, Redline) vs Blaine Waterman (0-1, NEC)

Stavros wins via unanimous decision

170 AM Ryan Dunn (0-2, Independent) vs Rondel Clark (1-0, Integrated Martial Arts)

Dunn wins tko to strikes in Rd 3.

205 AM Ron Marshall (1-5, Nostos) vs Jideofor Ojukwu (0-0, Boston Combat)

Jideofor Ojukwu wins unanimous decision

130 AM John Lessard (2-2, Redline) vs Carlos Vespaziano (1-1, Juniko)

Lessard wins rear naked choke Rd 2.

150 AM Rich Szeligowski (0-1, Forge Martial Arts) vs Pat Gilbride (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Gilbride wins armbar Round 1.

205 AM Rob Knight (0-0, Independent) vs Brian Harrington (0-0, SSSF)

Harrington wins tapout to rear naked choke Rd 1.

125 AM Nick Amendola (1-0, Golden Falcon) vs Mitch Raposo (1-0, Regiment)

Rapaso wins via unanimous decision

120 AM Taylor Thompson (0-0, Team BST) vs Stephanie McTighe (0-0, Sityodtong)

Taylor Thompson doctor stoppage eye.

155 AM Quentin Harris (1-1, Independent) vs Chris O’Brien (2-0, SSSF)

O’Brien wins arm triangle Round 1.

Amateur Awards
Thompson/McTighe  Fotn
Gilbride sub of the night
Ryan Dunn ko

HVY AM TITLE Rob Brown (Santos) 2-1 vs. Jeff Soivilien (SSSF) 4-3

Soivilien wins split decision.  Jeff sets up his next fight and wants a rematch with Rob Brown.  Jeff states “I am not winning this belt by split decision”

170 AM TITLE Angelo Richardson (Golden Falcon) 2-2 vs. Bobby Gasdia (SSSF) 4-1

Gasdia wins unanimous decision

155 PRO Fernando Perez (Redline) 7-15 vs. Jimmy Manning (SSSF) 4-0

Manning wins verbal submission (foot injury)

140 PRO Shawn Rall (Evolve) 1-0 vs. Jeff Perez (SBG East) 1-0

Perez wins by rear naked choke Round 1

120 PRO Brianna Smith (Champions) 0-0 vs. Danielle Hindley (SSSF) 0-0

Hindley wins side choke 15 seconds! New Cage Titans record!

125 PRO Dan Cormier (Triforce) 5-7 vs. Johnny Campbell (SSSF) 14-9

Campbell wins unanimous decision

155 PRO Keenan Raymond (Judo Club) 3-3 vs. Joe Giannetti (SSSF) 5-0

Giannetti wins by d’arce choke round 2

185 PRO Avery McPhatter (Shift MMA) 9-8 vs Sean Lally (Juniko) 6-2

Lally wins unanimous decision! Stunning decision as even Lally shakes his head that he didnt win.

150 PRO Jeff Anderson (B&F Boxing) 11-15 vs. Frank Sforza (SSSF) 7-0

Sforza wins tapout rear naked choke

135 PRO Bendy Casimir (Drysdale BJJ) 20-14 vs. Manny Bermudez (SSSF) 9-0

Bermudez wins triangle Round 1

FOTN: McPhatter and Lally
KO/TKO of the Night: Dunn 
SUB of the Night:  Hindley 

November 4 Cage Titans is back!!  Lally was a class act tonight in his victory.  Dana White, let’s get Manny Bermudez onto a Contender episode.  I had a fun time watching this on  Congrats to all the fighters as you all brought it. Awesome job Cage Titans and shoutout to the commentators on an excellent job.