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August 11, 2017

CES 45: Coutinho v. Gooch Live Review

CES 45: Gooch v. Coutinho Live Review

Travis Lizotte

We pulled into the Casino parking lot at 5:30 local time with 30 minutes to spare before the doors open we grabbed a couple slices of pizza and we are waiting to grab our credentials currently. Show should kick off at 7:00 pm and we will be live with you shortly after. Continue to refresh this page throughout the night to stay up to date on all the happenings here at Twin River Casino at CES 45: Coutinho v. Gooch!

We have been informed that we are down two fights on the night, Lockard v. Abdullah and Allen v. Bedard have been scrapped. This is a little disappointing to me considering is spend about 8 hours on the phone yesterday trying to find an opponent for Dylan, I really wanted to see Lockard do his thing tonight but it wasn't in the cards. Also because of the undercard losing two fights looks like the fights will start closer to 8:00pm rather than 7:00pm stay tuned

Undercard: Non Televised

John Douma (Pro Debut) vs. Jason Rine (0-2)


Round 1: Rine starts with a jab, Douma clinches and puts Rine on the cage and works the takedown. Douma is on the top landing strikes that force Rine to give up his back and Douma works for the Rear Naked Choke. Rine starts fighting the hands and Douma grabs the Armbar and it looks deep but somehow Rine gets out and Douma looks to lock up the Triangle. Rine scrambles and gets to his feet. Fighters trade some strikes and Douma goes for the double leg and gets it. Rine holds on to a guillotine but Douma gets out and takes Rine's back again and sinks in a deep Rear Naked Choke that gets the tap with just :12 seconds left in the first round.

Decision: John Douma defeats Jason Rine via Rear Naked Choke at 4:48 of the very first round.

Leon “Dynamite” Davis (10-3) v. Andrew “Ozzy” Osbourne (7-10-1)


Round 1: Davis starts the action with a couple high kicks that Andrew blocks. Davis uses an overhand right to set up a takedown attempt which he eventually lands, but Andrew gets back to his feet and Leon lands a clean headkick that drops Obsourne, Davis follows with the hands for the finish.

Decision: Leon Davis Knocksout Andrew Osbourne with a Headkick followed by strikes at 1:31 in the very first round.

Main Card: Televised Live on AXS TV.

Richie Santiago (4-0) v. Miguel “Magic City Mauler” Restrepo (4-3-1)

Catchweight (130)

Round 1: Richie starts the contest with strikes that back up Miguel as Richie establishes the center of the cage. Richie lands a sharp kick to the body and looks to be getting the better of the early striking. Miguel clinches and has Richie against the cage but Santiago circles out. There appears to already be blood coming from Restrepo’s eye as Richie is landing at will. Richie lands a nice 1-2 followed by a leg kick and an overhand elbow. Miguel counters with a strike to the groin that stops the action. Richie come out of the stoppage still striking and moving forward and puts Miguel to the canvas but Richie lets him return to his feet. Restrepo gets away some of his best strikes of the night to Richie’s body but Santiago counters as Restrepo gets in his face as the round ends the fighters trade blows. 10-9 Santiago

Round 2: Richie comes out with a spinning kick that does not land and Miguel unleashes his most high volume strikes of the contest so far. Miguel lands a right hand that rocks Richie a little and follows with a knee and Richie looks hurt and goes for the takedown but comes up empty. Both fighters are standing in front of each other with Restrepo getting the best of the exchange. Richie is keeping Restrepo away with jabs but the shots are finding their mark. Miguel lands a left hand that hurts Santiago and Richie lands a knee that crumbles Miguel and sends him back to the cage where Richie tosses Miguel to the canvas and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Richie Santiago Submits Miguel Restrepo by Rear Naked Choke at 3:41 of the second round.

Gary “Batman” Balletto Jr. (3-1) v. Nick “JC” Alley (3-1)


Round 1: Gary takes the center of the cage and lands to open the round. Nick lands a right that gets through and Gary returns and knocks Nick to the Mat where Gary goes for the heel hook and Nick escapes. The fighters return to their feet where Gary continues to land at will, Nick goes for the takedown and scrambles to gain top position. Gary is working the submissions from the ground but Nick is landing some strikes from the top. Gary gets up and they again strike standing.  Alley starts to land some kicks and Gary mixes in some counter strikes of his own. Nick lands a knee in the clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Balletto.

Round 2: Nick opens the round with a right hand followed by a leg kick. Gary lands a right hand that puts Nick on the Mat and Gary follows up with some brutal strikes to gain the finish.

Decision: Gary Balletto Jr. defeats Nick Alley at 58 seconds of the second round by TKO.

Kris Moutinho (4-0) v. Branden “Soku” Seyler (6-5-1)


Round 1: Seyler lands the fights strike of the fight countering Kris to the jaw. Seyler lands a big takedown but Kris grabs the Guillotine and doesn’t allow Branden to get any distance.  Moutinho gets out through the back door.  Fighters stand again, and again Seyler goes for the takedown against the cage and gets it,  Kris returns to his feet but is taken back down quick and Seyler has the deep Guillotine and forces Kris to tap.

Decision: Branden Seyler defeats Kris Moutinho at 3:08 of the very first round by Guillotine Choke.

Nate “The Snake” Andrews (10-1) v. Bruce “Pretty Boy” Boyington (14-10)


Round 1: Both fighters are respecting one another as they start out slow. Bruce uncorks a spinning back kick that is partially blocked. Bruce lands a right hand as Andrews comes in, Andrews is yet to engage. Bruce attempts another spinning kick and trips and Nate jumps on top but Bruce gets back up and has Andrews against the cage. Nate gets space again and Bruce slips again and Andrews goes for Bruce’s back. Bruce is doing a good job defending the submission attempts from Andrews continuing to turn out. Bruce fights the hands and escapes the choke as the round ends. 10-9 Andrews.

Round 2:  Round 2 starts off slow as round 1 did. Bruce lands a nice kick to the body and again uncorks a spinning technique kick and slips. Bruce now takes Andrews to the mat and has top position. Bruce works the ground and pound as Andrews locks in the Triangle that gets Bruce to tap.

Decision: Nate Andrews defeats Bruce Boyington by Triangle choke at 2:14 of round number 2.

Saul “The Spider” Almeida (19-8) v. Pedro “The Beast” Gonzalez (12-5)

Interim Featherweight Title

Round 1: Pedro starts with a high kick that doesn’t land and their title fight is underway. Saul lands some strikes of his own that back Pedro up. Pedro looks happy to trade some shots with Saul as both fighters are aggressive in the opening minute. Saul continues to work on the legs of Pedro with some low leg kicks. Pedro lands a leg kick now as both fighters attempt to chop down the other. Both fighters are showing good movement early on to stay away from the hands. Saul catches a kick from Pedro and gets the take down but Gonzalez lands an uppercut from inside on the way up as the round ends. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 2: Fighters continue to trade leg kicks with Almeida taking the center of the cage and stalking Pedro. Pedro lands a couple right hands as Saul looks for a level change but Saul maintains the center of the cage. Ref Keith Peterson stops the action for an eye poke that gets Saul some attention from the doctors. Fighters touch gloves and smile at each other as the action resumes. Pedro lands some overhand rights but none get through cleanly. We are again trading leg kicks and Saul mixes in some jabs and an attempt at an ankle pick but cannot get it and the round ends. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 3: Saul takes the center of the cage again to begin the round as it is again more of the same. Saul goes for the take down against the fence and Pedro stuffs and they return to the feet where Saul takes the center of the cage again. Saul again goes for the take down and Pedro stuffs again but Saul is all over Pedro on the cage wall. They again return to the center of the cage and Saul stands in the middle again. Pedro lands a lower leg kick and Saul comes forward with a superman punch as the round ends. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 4: Saul is back in the center backing up Pedro as he has done for three round so far using his length to neutralize the grappling of Pedro. Pedro lands but Saul continues to apply pressure to Gonzalez. Pedro connects to Saul’s body and the crowd gets a little louder, now Saul connects and sends Pedro back to the fence. Almeida 10-9.

Round 5: Pedro lands to the midsection of Almeida and hurts Saul, Saul looks for the Double leg and Pedro grabs the fence a couple times but Saul still gets the fight to the ground. Almeida has Pedro’s back now with one hook in, both fighters looks to be resting a little here. Pedro continues to fight the hands to avoid the submission as the round ends. 10-9 Almeida.

Decision: Pedro Gonzales defeats Saul Almeida by Unanimous Decision….I am sure I’ll get torn apart on this one as I had all 5 rounds going to Saul!
Ashley “Gio” Gooch (Champion 10-5) v. Juliano “Banana” Coutinho (Challenger 7-3)

Heavyweight Title

Round 1: Here we Go! Both fighters start out tentative respecting one another. Coutinho tries to initiate but gets pushed away by Gooch. Coutinho once again tries to close the distance and is again sent away by the champion. They finally have a hold of each other and the challenger has the champion against the cage. Gooch gets loose and the fighters return to striking distance and Coutinho lands a left to the head of Gooch. Both men trade jabs and Coutinho tries to clinch again. Gooch back Coutinho to the fence as the round ends. 10-9 Coutinho.

Round 2: Coutinho comes forward with the left hand but Gooch is backing Coutinho down. Coutinho gets a double leg that gets a roar from the CES crowd. Gooch gets back to his feet but is taken down once again and Coutinho has side control and is working a Kimura. Coutinho lands some elbows to the head from half guard and Gooch gives up his back but Gooch stands on the fence with Coutinho applying heavy pressure and looking for another single leg and gets it. Coutinho mounts and Gooch gives up his back and finishes the Champ with some ground and pound!

Decision: Juliano Coutinho defeats Ashley Gooch by ground and pound TKO Stoppage at 4:18 of round number 2. AND NEW Heavyweight Champion Juliano “ Banana” Coutinho.

Fight of the Night: Gary Balletto Jr vs. Nick Alley
Knockout of the Night: Leon Davis Headkick of Andrew Osbourne
Submission of the Night: Richie Santiago Rear Naked Choke of Miguel Restrepo

*Fight Card and bout lineup are subject to change.*