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March 16, 2018

AMMO 4 TEASER 3/17/2018

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Ammo is ready to kick off the start of their year with their 4th show.  Each show they have been having they have been getting better and better.  This one will be a hybrid show of mixed martial arts and grappling in typical Ammo fashion.  Bill Idol and his crew have been working very hard round the clock to keep this card intact and it really shows.  As usual I will just be breaking down the mma portion but the fight card in its entirety will be below.  For the mma part, there will be a total of 12 fights along with 5 grappling matches.  The show will be taking place at the Big E/Mallory Complex and the show starts at 5pm.  Please follow along as I break down the fight card for you all.

145 AM MMA Jose Hercules 0-0 vs.  Jacob Strohman 0-0

At 145 lbs Jose Hercules will be facing off against Jacob Strohman.  Both of these fighters will be making their amateur debut so we will have to wait and see how this one plays out.

170 AM MMA Joao Da Silva  0-0 vs.  Jordan Butler 0-0

Next up at 170 lbs Joao Da Silva will be squaring off against Jordan Butler.  Again, both of these fights have never fought before so we will have to see what happens when these two meet.

170 AM MMA Demetrius Plaza 1-0 (Blackhole Jiu Jitsu)  vs.  Jonathon Colon 0-0 (Plus One Defense0

Demetrius Plaza will be taking on Jonathon Colon at 170lbs.  Plaza trains with Black Hole Jiu Jitsu and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He won in his fight by ko/tko in a first round victory against Chris Buckley.  His opponent is Jonathon Colon and he trains with Plus One Defense.   He will be making his amateur debut.  This should be another good battle.                                                                                     
125 AM MMA Casey Norton 1-0 (Thunder) vs.  Broderick Matticks 0-0

At 125 lbs Casey Norton will be taking on Broderick Matticks.  Norton trains with Team Thunder and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  Norton won his first fight by unanimous decision against Blaze Robinson.  His opponent is Broderick Matticks and he will be making his amateur debut.

265 AM MMA Jon Gruber 2-1 (Borges Karate Jiu-Jitsu Academy) vs.  Jeremy Woolfolk 0-0

Next up is a heavyweight battle between Jon Gruber and Jeremy Woolfolk.  Gruber trains with Borges Karate Jiu-Jitsu Academy and comes into this fight with a 2-1 record.  He has both of his wins by way of ko/tko.  His one loss came by way of decision at a previous MMA Platinum Gloves event.  Gruber here has the fight experience and as we all know the heavier the punch the harder they fall.  I don't see this one going to a decision!

125 AM MMA David Michael Durao 0-1 (Underdog)  vs.  Matt Franco 0-0

Then at 125 lbs David Durao will be taking on Matt Franco.  Durao trains with Underdog MMA and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  He lost his first battle by decision against Mitch Raposo at a previous Ammo event.  His opponent is Matt Franco and he will be making his amateur debut.  As you can see on this card there are many new fighters on the card which is great because you never know what to expect when they fight for the first time.

155 AM MMA Steve Romano  0-2 (Thunder) vs.  Shawn Rego 0-0 (Regiment Training Center)

At 155 lbs Steve Romano will face off against Shawn Rego.  Romano comes into this fight with an 0-2 record and trains with Team Thunder.  He lost 1 fight by submission and the other one by ko/tko to strikes.  His opponent is Shawn Rego and he will be making his amateur debut.  Rego trains with Regiment Training Center. Both fighters are looking to get that first W so you know they are going to fight their hearts out for it!

148 AM MMA Brando Rose 0-0 vs.  Sam Ayers 1-1 (FAA)

Then at a catch weight of 148 lbs Brando Rose will be taking on Sam Ayers.  Rose will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent is Sam Ayers and he trains with Fighting Arts Academy.  He comes into this fight with a 1-1 record with 1 win by split decision and his one loss by submission.  Ayers has the fight experience in this one so we will have to see how it plays out.

185 AM  MMA Jason Francisco 1-1 (Plus One Defense) vs.  Meylis Charyyew 2-0 (Black Hole Jiu-Jitsu)

Next up at 185 lbs Jason Francisco will be taking on Meylis Charyyew.    Jason trains with Plus One Defense and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He has 1 win by ko/tko against Ray Johns and one loss by submission against Sean Stone.  His opponent is Meylis Charyyew and he trains with Black Hole Jiu-Jitsu.  He steps into this fight with a 2-0 record with both wins by ko/tko that were ended in the first round!  Both fights have 2 fights under their belts so this should be a good back and forth battle.

170 AM MMA Elias Morales Jr. 2-1 (Plus One Defense) vs.  Angelo Richardson 2-3 (Golden Falcon)

In the last amateur fight of the night Elias Morales Jr will be facing off against Angelo Richardson.  Morales trains with Plus One Defense and he comes into this fight with a 2-1.  In the win column, he has 1 win by ko/tko and 1 win by submission.  For his one loss he lost 1 by decision so we know he can definitely go the distance.  His opponent is Angelo Richardson  and he trains with Golden Falcon.  He comes into this fight with a 2-3 record with both wins by submission.  For his losses, he lost all 3 by decision.  This is going to be an awesome back and forth battle and definitely has potential to be fight of the night!

205 PRO MMA William Knight  0-0 (Thorton Martial Arts) vs.  Wes Hall 0-0

William Knight will be taking on Wes Hall at 205 lbs in the first professional fight of the night.  Knight went 8-1 as an amateur and is more than ready for his pro debut.  7 out of the 8 wins were finishes by either ko/tko to strikes or submissions.  His opponent is Wes Hall and he will be making his pro debut.  As far as I can tell he hasn't fought any amateur fights so not much that I can go on in this one.  I see William Knight taking this one in the first round easily.

170 PRO MMA Jon Manley 10-4 (Manley MMA) vs.  Ryan Sanders 15-8 (Young's MMA)

The main event will be between Jon Manley and Ryan Sanders at 170 lbs.  Manley trains with his school at Manley MMA and comes into this fight with a 10-4 record.  For his wins, he won 5 by submission and 5 by decisions.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko and 3 by decision.  He is of course a UFC veteran and will be the fan favorite in this one.  His opponent is The Ryan Sanders and he trains out of Maine with Young's MMA.  Sanders comes into this fight with a 15-8 record with 2 wins by ko/tko,  10 by submission, and 3 by decision.  For his losses, he lost 1 by ko/tko, 1 by submission and 6 by decision.  This is an awesome battle and is most likely going to be fight of the night.  It is worth the price of admission and I see it being a back and forth absolute war.  

GRAPPLING Ray Shawdee vs. Gabriel Souza
GRAPPLING Kyle Hodgdon vs. Ray Shaugnessy
GRAPPLING Fabio Rivera vs. Nicholas Caggia
GRAPPLING Gianna Ganiele vs. Cadenee Nadal
GRAPPLING Isabella Bruno vs. Liko Rhines

Well that puts a wrap on this teaser.  I hope you all enjoyed it and I apologize for not knowing some of the team names of the fighters.  Todd Result's Selva and The Boss Jeremy Reipold will be covering the event so stay right here as get you all closer to the cage.  Please share this write up with your friends and family on social media!